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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kill of the Week: Who dares, wins

At first, I was going to go with this Vagabond.  You would think that someone living in 0.0 would take the time to Google "Vagabond fit" and at least learn the basics of how to fit this ship.  Hell, there are whole articles on how to fit a Vagabond properly.  Plus some guy named Jester talked about Vagas, too.

In the face of all of these easily-accessible facts, it's hard to understand how someone could gather together this much fail and place it on my beloved Vaga hull.  It's a disgrace.  Happily, this ship is dead, it deserves to be dead, and hopefully, this guy's corp-mates will explain to him why.

So yeah, that was going to be the kill of the week.  But EN24 picked up a really terrific article about a kill that is much less fail:

Here's the related EN24 article.  It includes a great BR on exactly how this kill happened, and it's something I recommend anyone interested in EVE PvP read.  It does a fantastic job of explaining how a small, quick ship can take on a much larger, more expensive one and still win.  The Sentinel used to be one of my favorite PvP ships, but in the age of sniper HACs, EAFs became much too fragile.  Happily, this pilot found a target that one can still take on.  And HACs have fallen out of favor... hmmm...

Anyway, it's a great kill on the part of the Sentinel pilot, but some of the responsibility has to rest on the Mach pilot's head as well.  That's not the best Mach PvP fit I've ever seen... not even close.  Even if you accept the fit as posted, what a solo PvP Mach was doing without Depleted Uranium ammo in cargo and at least one flight of Hornet EC-300 drones, I can't even imagine.  (Note to self, for at least the third time: write and post Projectile Ammo Guide.)

Still, that's how EVE is.  You pays your money and you takes your chances.  Sometimes, you die hysterically.  And other times, taking a chance results in an epic 1.2 billion ISK kill with a frigate.  As the SAS puts it, "Who dares, wins".


  1. I like stories like this. It counters the the stories of supercap and/or blob dominance, and reminds us that there's lots of opportunity for epic wins for those that can think on their feet. I'm confident there are plenty more stories like this, they just don't get told in the right venues.

    I'd like to see the Projectile Ammo guide. I've poured over the info and stats for projectile weapons and their ammo and I think I've got a good understanding of them. A good guide might help me confirm that. Or ... well, never mind ... :)

  2. To the mach pilot: It took at least 5 minutes for the DPS of the gate guns to bring you down, and sentinal didn't get close enough to you to scram you... Since you were sitting on a low/high gate and you couldn't jump through, why not just burn straight off the gate out of range of the gate guns (150KM) and call it good? I mean... Machariels do at least 1.2km/s with MWD active, you could have turned off all of your mods except tank and speed and you would have been outside gun range in 2 minutes. Not to mention the DPS drops off significantly after about 80kms.

    My two cents...


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