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Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote of the Week: Full bitter

This week's quote is full bitter.  But it comes from a really surprising source!  Here's the quote:
Considering all that's happened over the last couple of years, it's amazing CCP doesn't seem to see the shit-storms coming from a mile away nor understand why they even occur.
Before I reveal the source of the quote, see if you can guess who said it.  While you think about that one, I'll also say that the same source linked to a site called despair.com, which (among other things) sells posters which are satires of the motivational posters that you see in a lot of offices.  Called "Demotivators", the posters often feature the same inspiring pictures as the real thing, but the phrases beneath the pictures aren't quite so positive.  ;-)

The same source said it was sad how many demotivators seemed apropos of CCP.  With that in mind, here's my favorite that could have had CCP in mind:

Ready for the source of the quote?  It was Mynxee, CSM5 Chair, writing on FHC.  Caught me by surprise, anyway.  Cheer up, Mynxee!  ;-)


  1. I am surprised you're surprised...most who are familiar with my blog, tweets, and FHC posts probably wouldn't be. Maybe I generally sound less bitter|hopeless than I feel? Well, anyway, it is only one perspective...and more or less only from the outside trying to see in, with just a little more insight than the avg player due to my CSM experience.

  2. It's the way you phrased it that surprised me. Usually, you leave some openings for people not to disappoint you. ;-)

  3. I'm actually still mildly hopeful, because by the time we get real internet in the sticks where I live and I can actually play again, I want FiS EVE to be a whole lot more fun. I hope I live that long. ;)


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