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Monday, September 5, 2011

Quote of the Week: Full Rand

There's a funny early Dilbert cartoon that I'm reminded of this week.  The boss enters Dilbert's cube and declares that he's "seeing signs of productivity."  Therefore, he's ordering Dilbert be moved to another cubicle and all his files lost in the move.  Dilbert cries, "Good Lord!  You've abandoned all pretense of being on our side!"

Helen, an FHC moderator from the DRF bloc, did that this week:
What's wrong with fifty titans and eighty motherships? If people can afford that fleet it must mean they are better than others and deserve an advantage.
This is sort of taking objectivism to its furthest extreme, don't you think?  Henceforth, on this blog, this kind of post will be refered to as going "full Rand."


  1. he has a point.
    if you manage to get the assets together for that, you deserve the reward.

    whats the value of doing something if you dont get rewarded?

    eve is all about getting rewarded for good performance and losing for bad.

  2. If ship balance in eve was.. ahem, balanced then a monofleet of titans and supers wouldn't be the clearcut advantage it currently is. Helen has a point to say that a richer alliance should be able to afford a more powerful fleet. In a balanced eve a super-pimped [/fleet [sic] wouldn't be a monofleet. And it would have a counter (by battle tactics or ships/ship fittings)

  3. And in this case 'good performance' means scripting effective bots.

  4. If the DRF had come by their supercap blob legitimately they might have a point but since they got it from botting they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  5. Rand's philosophy always left me with a big question? Let's assume John Galt won, and then all the janitor's quit because of their low wages. So after it's all said and done who would be left to wipe his ass for him and give him that feeling of superiority he's "earned" ?

    After 0.0 is one big supercap blob controlled space ... who is going to be left to buy up all the RMT'ed isk?

  6. What I'd do for the Supercap problem:

    1- Remove all supercaps from the game
    2- Remove all supercap related skills
    3- Watch as empires crumble hilariously :))

  7. I live in DRF space. I can count just as many bots in Goon Space/Test space as I can in DRF space.

    Botting is not the issue. DRF have been much better at turning their botting into Supers.

    Even then. By my estimate (flying around deklein), GSF has no less than 100 and probably closer to 400 supers & titans.

    Do NOT kid yourself. Goon Super fleet is just as big. They just don't use it.


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