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Monday, September 19, 2011

Quote of the Week: Sit and spin

Only one thing I could pick this week, really:
ship spinning is being implemented, as discussed with the csm in june. there was some code-fu involved in reviving the original code due to architectural changes that we did with CQ, which has to do with where you are physically. well physically in the eve universe.
As posted by torfi on the new EVE Online Forums.

Mittens was quick to crow about this CSM victory, too.  The return of ship spinning was something that the CSM made a big deal about at the Emergency Summit a few months ago.

The real question: is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I'll have a lot to say about that topic later today.  Check back later.


  1. It seems ironic that after all the bitching about dev resources they get them to work on something as pointless as this.

    Ship spinning is something I've always felt was synonymous with "bored". Someone says I spent the whole night spinning my ship, ie our fleet never got started and I was really bored. It's the virtual equivalent of looking out of the window.

    No wonder Goons always whine about Eve being a terrible game if ship spinning is a highlight for them.

  2. Oh for crying out loud...it's not about spinning ships. It's about having an interface that has the same functionality as the old docking window without having to load the horrible incarna environment. There is no way that such a thing would be bad for Eve unless you are so determined to make the CSM look bad that you can't acknowledge when they accomplish something the players are asking for.

  3. Glad "Ship Spinning" is back as it means the entire hanger is back and incarna is optional. Can now dock up without loading incarna and have something besides a door. Also no longer nead to undock and then dock to swap between incarna and no incarna.

    "Ship Spinning" was not actually about spinning the ship but rather having the hanger view and not leaving your ship each time you dock. I hope CCP makes the hanger light wieght and not load intensive as that is the main bonus of not loading incarna.

  4. http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=2402

    Can't wait to see how you turn that into a bad thing Jester.

  5. I think the significance is one of changing CCPs design direction from characters to spaceships.

    Or at least giving the "spaceship" players an option.

    It's a subtle change that may seem unnecessary, but I think it has larger implications.

  6. I think it has MUCH larger implications. Post will be out shortly.

  7. As I have posted on the forums in the comments thread for that devblog, I will actually be using CQ more now* that it's easy to switch between ship-spinning and CQ-walking. This is because right now I have it switched off permanently.

    Sometimes I do actually want to get out of the pod, try out some fancy clothes, say to my reflection, "looking sharp! oh yeah!" then get back in my pod to go stop ships blowing up.

    *"now" being the unknown point in the future where ship-spinning has made it to production and actually works like it says on the tin.

  8. Oh god that font. No!


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