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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tribal knowledge

How in the name of heaven this news didn't get out, I don't know, but here's a protip:

If someone in Goonswarm offers to rent you a system in 0.0, this is a scam.

Man, did it feel silly to type that.  ;-)  Seriously, you think people would know this.  It felt a bit like typing "do not insert food in nose; food goes in mouth."  And yet, today, someone fell for it!  Unbelievable.  Let's go to the tape:
One of the European Goonion guys "rented" a system in Deklein to a small industrial alliance. They gave him 30 billion up front and then brought their freighters and orcas to EC- to meet their escort fleet. We blew up their ships in about two minutes and then spent half an hour screaming about looting logs and horrible jews dropping fleet and looting BPOs.
EDIT (29/Jan/2014): This post is now out of date. Two years after I wrote this, Goonswarm started a legitimate space rental empire.

Here's the full result:

And here's the crown jewel:

One of the funniest things about this set of kills, though, is that after it was over, apparently a lot of Goons dove into the freighter wrecks, then dropped fleet.  This allowed them to loot the good stuff without it showing up in the fleet loot logs.  That resulted in a number of blue-on-blue kills as the aggravated FC ordered anyone not in the fleet destroyed to keep them from profiting by this tactic.  As a result, a number of innocents were apparently also killed.

What was the line from the Dragonlance books?  Evil turns on itself?  Something like that?  ;-)

EDIT (3/Sep/2011): Looks like some or all of this "battle report" might have been faked.  EN24 has the story.  Great, great troll on behalf of the GSF guys, if that's the case.  Lots and lots of people were talking about this today.  I was certainly ready to believe it!

(And the second sentence of this blog post is still doubleplus truefacts.  ;-) )

I went through the names of the various pilots on my own and found that only about half of them are actually in Fuzzy Logec corps.  Definitely some weirdness in the results.  What I dug up (notes are the corp the pilot is actually in and the first-pass value of the kill from eve-kill): 
AnckSuNamun01 (match) (real kill?, 540,967,000)
soul scorch (match) (real kill?, 708,351,000)

Nekumi (match) (real kill?, 2,007,020,000)
Salti Rei (match) (real kill?, 2,357,900,000)

Charon Dupes/Fakes?:
6AHAH (House of Errants) (no account pic) (4,283,330,000)
Aqua'002 (Pointy Sticks R US) (account pic doesn't match) (4,283,330,000)
Jack Valley (EldarRiders) (account pic doesn't match) (4,283,330,000)

Liesi (match) (real kill?, 3,345,180,000)
Tadashi Hiro (match) (real kill?, 2,191,990,000)

Jean Moer (match) (real kill?, 1,920,690,000)

Provi Dupes/Fakes?:
Annah Ataru (Chattsworth Buccaneers) (account pic doesn't match) (7,168,810,000)
Austex (The Inf1dels) (account pic doesn't match) (7,168,810,000)
Bafver Baldir (Aetherial Blade) (account pic doesn't match) (7,168,810,000)
Satan's Slave (Vaikus ja Rahu) (account pic doesn't match) (7,168,810,000)
aew (SpaceStone) (account pic matches) (7,288,320,000)
argonavt888 (Academy xCAPx) (account pic matches) (7,168,810,000)
shady003 (Pointy Sticks R US) (account pic doesn't match) (7,168,810,000)

Tingmar (match) (real kill?)

Cy4nid3 (match) (real kill?)

Larnasira (match) (real kill?)

Power ofRM (match) (real kill?, 46,780,800)

Bestower Dupes/Fakes?:
Aerfyn (The Ankou) (account pic doesn't match) (242,148,000)
Con5tantine (The Phoenix Enclave) (account pic doesn't match) (242,148,000)
Ecu002'2 (Pointy Sticks R Us) (account pic doesn't match) (242,148,000)
Hero Vodka (The Versatile Corp) (account pic doesn't match) (242,148,000)

Vestera Veng (match) (real kill?, 83,919,700)
Guess we'll have to wait a day or two to get the real story of what happened here...


  1. Well, the problem with tribal word-of-mouth knowledge is that it needs constant re-dissemination to newcomers. Especially since recently the Goons have been in the news more for their somewhat disciplined 0-sec warfare than for their general evil-chaotic behaviour.

  2. Oh. My. God. That number hurts to look at.

  3. The kills were real and we're still trying to figure out what happened with the wonky killmails (the guys who got the final blows have all submitted their api keys to eve-kill so we're hoping they get updated soon). Evenews24 never even bothered to check with anybody in Fuzzy Logec to see what happened.


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