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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blogging robot from the future

House-keeping note.

The next two days are going to be busy ones for the blog.  When I started this EVE blog, I did it thinking more of this as a "blog" and less of it as an "EVE blog".  The blogs I admire most and read myself have frequent updates per day during the week, and have themes and features.  This is how I try to run Jester's Trek.  As a result, I tend to write a lot more than a typical EVE blog (with Rixx's excellent EVEOGANDA being a possible exception).  More typical "EVE blogs" might go a couple of days or a couple of weeks between posts.  There's nothing wrong with that at all, but it's not how I operate.

People on Twitter have teased me about how often I post on this blog, with the result that I joked that I was actually a blogging robot from the future.  Rixx has a project where he's creating hats for the EVE character pictures of those of us on Twitter, so he produced a little masterpiece for me that made me laugh.  I don't think the hat itself he included really fits, though, so I masked the hat out for the image at the left.  ;-)

To date, I've been trying to limit myself to three posts per day on busy days, but it's been really hard.  Sometimes, it results in posts that come out a week later than I wanted them to because other, more important stuff has jumped to the front of the queue.  Other times, it's resulted in posts that are longer than they have any right to be because to keep myself to the three posts per day limit, I link two ideas in the same post resulting in a post of gargantuan size.  I'm going to stop doing that.  If I feel like writing an idea as two posts, I'm going to write it as two posts.

So... just... be prepared.  You thought I blogged a lot before?  There's a good chance that there's going to be eight or nine (or more) posts in the 48 hours that started a couple of hours ago.  I make no apologies.  There's a lot going on, and I want to write about it while it's timely and fresh in my mind.

For those that follow me on Twitter, I'll only be linking to the more important tent-pole posts, as I do today.  The less important stuff, you'll have to follow me here either manually or through RSS.

And in the future, I'm no longer going to hold myself to the three posts per day limit if I have more to say.  Does it mean that you'll be getting three or more posts every day around here?  Hell no!  Most days, I'll do one or two.  Lot of Saturdays, I'll do zero (I sometimes spend all day Saturday in EVE  ;-) ).  But some days... yeah.  Some days will be busier.  ;-)


  1. Perhaps a 24 hour cable channel would be a better format for you? ;) Keep em coming. Always a good read.

  2. Eve has had quite a bit of changes in a very short amount of time? Personally I am looking forward to see what happens, I have been out of game a very long Time I am looking forward to the winter changes especially if they impact nullsec the way I think they will.

    It is nice to be able to peruse others opinions on the subject, and see where the game goes from here.

  3. Jester, I want to read your blog, but I have school full time and work full time. How can do?

    You make me cry painful tears.

  4. He doesn't write enough, he's Eliza the chat bot remember?

  5. @Nashh: not nearly as much as a lot of people. I hear that as people get older, they sleep less too, something that scares the crap out of me as I already sleep less than everyone I know.

    More seriously, I travel a fair bit, resulting in a lot of dead time spent on airplanes and in airports. A lot of research for blog posts happens then. A lot more happens in the evenings, which I'll often spend keeping my wife company while she works on something or watches TV. I have no interest in TV these days, so I'll spend that time with a netbook, taking notes.

    @anditburned: Just catch up with me when you can, I guess. ;-)

  6. I'd say quality over quantity but you don't lack in quality. Gasp, you must really be a blogging robot! We're dooooooooomed.

  7. Your just insane at the rate you can pump all these post out daily. Probably a 24hr EVE Newsblog Network would suite your restless pace. I read your blog at work on my IPhone inbetween my work and by the time i get home i already read several post on your blog daily it seems.

    More stuff to read better than less stuff to read so guess keep um coming i guess. Will be reading.

  8. No complaints here either! Now I've run out of your archive to read (and Rixx's, and the Wench with the Wrench!) I need a steady flow. Keep them coming ;-)

  9. The one and only blog I read religiously so I for one will not be daunted by nor complain about your walls of text! Keep writing!

    Your prolific posting does make me wonder what you could do with a good sci-fi storyline and 75K word limit.

  10. Never stop poasting

  11. See that story about the terrorist scare in the air? Flight attendants and passengers were diving for cover at the sound of machine gun fire.

    It was just Jester typing his next blog post.

    And in his spare time he invented the 48 hour day.


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