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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Consistent much?

Just a quickie.

When I ranted about the CSM "emergency summit" minutes, one of the things I went off on was a paragraph in that document in which CCP said:
CCP noted that, while they understand that this is a common thing for players to do, there has not been any official multi-client support for EVE thus far...
I then pointed out:
CCP directly endorses multi-client use every September or October by marketing a promotion called "Power of Two". This marketing promotion strongly encourages EVE players to start an additional account for the express purpose of supporting their existing account. This promotion has been running for the past four years at least.
Power of Two is back this afternoon, and among its advantages:
Many MMO gamers often purchase a second account for their games and the Power of 2 is designed with that playstyle in mind.

CCP doesn't officially support multi-client use... unless there's $49.95 to be made.  ;-)

P.S. When did "playstyle" become a word? This is the third time in the last week that I've seen "playstyle" used as a word by someone associated with CCP. There's a space in there somewhere, please.


  1. Isn't it becoming common to concatonate words which you might normally choose to combine with a hyphen?

  2. We pointed out power of two to them as well during that conversation.

  3. I have similar struggles with "metagame" and "gameplay". "Gameplay" is in the dictionary, but "metagame" isn't and neither is "playstyle". However, if we keep using them eventually those fascists in Oxford will have to give in.

  4. Power of Two encourages "multiple accounts", not "multiple instances of EVE running on the same machine".

    The two are quite obviously different concepts.

    It is quite possible to use two separate accounts one at a time, on the one machine. I can imagine this would be especially useful if one is a spy trying to infiltrate an alliance that insists on "full access" API keys.

    Multiple accounts vs multiple clients. The two could even be plotted as orthogonal axes on a chart. At Y=1, X>1 you'll find the population of multi-boxers who literally use multiple boxes, along X=Y are the people who play all their active accounts on the one computer.

    CCP is being entirely consistent, Mr Arty Tornado.

  5. @Mara,
    How do you use a hauling alt for your mining character? CCP promotes people creating that hauler alt they always wanted or needed. If that alt is not ran on a second machine then it has to be ran as a second instance on ONE machine. CCP is not being consistent.

  6. Mara, if you actually read the email with the PoT offer in you'd find that they explicitly mention examples if using an alt account simultaneously. So your statement if incorrect and the offer does in fact enourages mutiple instances of eve. You can't claim that they obviously intend for these types of accounts to be run on a separate computer, because that would be you guessing their intention since they don't say either way.

  7. Their other messaging is that running multiple instances of EVE Online on the one computer is not officially supported. There are pages on the EVElopedia dealing with running multiple accounts. This is not inconsistent.

    So on the one hand you are encouraged to have multiple accounts. On the other hand you are not officially encouraged to run multiple instances of the game on one computer. On the gripping hand, they aren't saying that you're not allowed to run multiple instances of EVE on the one computer (should you really want to), they're just saying that if it breaks, don't go crying to them about it.

    There is nothing inconsistent here, except to the rabid foaming at the mouth types who insist that there must be something to get upset about.

    Players looking to train up a new pilot to strap into the upcoming battlecruisers and new gear arriving in the Winter 2011 expansion can get their headstart going for a fraction of the price with the Power of 2! Get soaring with six months of EVE Online at a fraction of the monthly price and be all set for the latest in T2 modules, electronic warfare drones and great new ship changes as they arrive on Tranquility this winter.

    Many MMO gamers often purchase a second account for their games and the Power of 2 is designed with that playstyle in mind.


    Having that extra pilot at your disposal can often turn the tides on a difficult mission or shift a taxing task into a more efficient venture. A second account also means more places you can be at once, which makes monitoring the markets easier, gathering intel faster, and mining ops more productive.

    Nothing there about running multiple instances on one computer, only a passing mention of running both accounts at the same time.

    So it's back to basics: multiple clients on one computer is not officially supported. Multiple accounts is officially encouraged. There is no inconsistency in these statements. The only inconsistency is the assumption that one must run multiple accounts on the same computer, since no sane person would ever buy multiple computers to run multiple clients (like, say, 14 caracals in a single-player roaming gang).

    Now I'll just wait for someone to suggest that because there are instructions on running multiple clients under Windows and a CCP-dev provided script for running multiple clients on Mac OS X, it must be officially supported (even though it isn't).

    Bunch rabid trolls, the lot of you :P

  8. Lol "Playstyle." Let's drop the space to simplify the language. While we are at it, we should drop words that are complete opposites, like "bad" and "good" and just make "ungood" the opposite of good, and instead of modifiers like "very" we can just say "plus" and if we REALLY mean it, we can say things like "double-plus ungood."

  9. @Mara +1 for gripping hand reference.

  10. Well on the forums, many a Dev has talked about himself multi boxing in this or other games, as well as encouraging some people to do so.

    I kind of took it as support = like creating software to enable it or patches to fix bugs from multi or something. Like I dont think CCP makes any software to help multiboxing.

    So they endorse it since its fun, but they dont support it like work on multi boxing shit.

  11. @Serp, be careful your use of newspeak in this context may be considered thought crime by miniluv

  12. +1 Gripping Hand reference. Those books got me into science fiction.


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