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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Damage Control II

Really interesting forum post from CCP Navigator, which I reproduce here in full.  Is it damage control?  Sure it's damage control.  But it's really good damage control.
#20 Posted: 2011.10.20 18:12
Let me give you guys a little more information on what is coming. Starting next week we will be producing a series of 'In Development' video blogs which will look at what the various teams are planning for Winter 2011. I want to stress that these videos will not contain release dates as we are aiming to provide a lot of stuff and do not want to commit to a date we cannot keep. These will include:

Engine trails - Yes, that's right we are adding engine trails to EVE and we will show the work in progress so far.

New ships - Recently we featured a shot of the Tornado, the Deviant Art contest winner, on the EVE Facebook page. We were not happy with just giving out one ship so we will be showcasing all four new ships.

New nebulae - These new background sin the EVE universe are stunningly beautiful and will add to the immersion and feeling of being in deep space.

Team BFF - This team should be Best Features Fullstop and CCP Soundwave will give an overview of what his team has in store. Capital ship balancing, balancing hybrids, assault ships bonuses and much more will be added during winter.

Customer Relations - The Lead GM's will talk about changes to how petitions are handled, more options for Stuck petitions and how we aim to deal with your issues as fast as possible.

We are not just going to stop there. We will bring you more video blogs about what is in development for EVE Online.
Oh, hell yes.  And this is on top of all the stuff we already know about that isn't mentioned, notably TiDi, new T2 mods, EWAR drones, new CQs, the new font, et cetera.  And we're going to see videos of a lot of it.

Winter 2011 is sizing up to be a pretty damn big expansion, putting lie to my prior prediction that it wouldn't be all that impressive.

You know, if it weren't for yesterday, I'd say that this was the best month in EVE's history.


  1. I am really very happy at the 180 that CCP has done over the last month, it's truly unfortunate that it came at the expense of some of their employees.

  2. Eve seems pretty healthy and it does seem that they're in a good position to continue to grow.

    Let's hope the Winter Expansion is a good one, brings in lots of people and that DUST is at least moderately successful (ie covers its costs).

  3. Engine trails?

    I just jizzed in my pants.

  4. I said I would come back for engine trails...
    just hope the game is more playable in a 2h play period.

  5. @Cipreh

    I would assert that CCP's attempt to multitask development on multiple projects came at the expense of their employees, and had they maintained a sustainable course as per Jester's description in "Burn Rate," they wouldn't be in the mess of layoffs.

    If anything, the 180 came at the expense of some pride, perhaps specifically some of Hilmar's.

  6. Am I missing something about engine trails? Surely it's not all that exciting? Don't you guys ever fly with structure damage?

  7. very fitting article title. i like it.

  8. @ Stabs

    Flying with structure damage is the best thing ever!

  9. Why is it so hard to work on fixes that customers have requested vs. content or graphics that don't fix the problems?


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