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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drama withdrawing

Apparently, I'm causing some discussion amongst the TDF/BTL leadership.  Go me.  ;-)

On Wednesday, I posted a comment on this blog from carmelos53, a well-known TDF leader and FC.  carmelos53 had questioned some things that I wrote in a previous blog entry about the conflict on-going between TDF/BTL and 3rd party incursion-runners about recruiting TDF/BTL personnel for "premature" closings of Incursion mom sites(1).  I asked four questions in that blog entry:
  1. Are the BTL/TDF leadership frustrated about channel member unwillingness to enter low-sec?
  2. Are BTL/TDF leaders considering occasionally prematurely closing mom sites to encourage more channel members to join low-sec incursion fleets?
  3. Were Raver and starfire two of the FCs that had expressed frustration about this issue before they were black-listed?
  4. If they continue to prematurely complete mom sites in high-sec, will the BTL/TDF leadership black-list additional members of their fleets that help them?
carmelos53 invited me to catch him in TDF to talk about those questions.  I've been trying, but was traveling on business for most of this past week(2), and said I'd try to catch him this weekend (and I am).  In the meantime, apparently the BTL/TDF leadership got together and discussed at least some of those questions, because question #4 now has an answer.  This was posted to the BTL/TDF public mailing list 12 or so hours after I posted those questions:
A notice to the public #2
From: carmelos53
Sent: 2011.09.28 16:11
To: Public incursion blacklist, 

As of today TDF/BTL leadership have decided that anyone who kills a mom before withdrawing will be added to both channel's ban list.

If any pilot participates in outside of agreement (kill a high sec mom before it withdraws) they will be removed. To be clear NO ONE will be banned for killing a mom after withdrawing. It is every player's right to participate in mom outside of tdf/btl and there will be NO form of banning for this.

Due to the great degree of co-operation between btl and tdf - we will once again be going back to a joint ban list. More details will follow after btl decides on their representatives.
The message was confirmed in a second mail sent to the public mailing list about eight hours later, saying (among other things):
After the community was made aware of future repreconssions relating to mom early mom kills btl/tdf waited to see what the would happen. Sure enough some of raver's supporters made another mom fleet and took down a mom site on 09/28/2011. TDF/BTL leadership reacted and all of the invovles parties are now banned from ALL tdf/btl related channels. This was done to show the community that if you would like to fly with BTL/TDF you need to follow the channel rules/agreements. DO NOT KILL A MOM BEFORE IT WITHDRAWS or you will be banned from flying with the btl/tdf community.
So there you are.  The answer to question #4 is "yes".  I'm still gonna see about having a chat with carmelos53 about questions 1-3.

(1) Where "premature" in this context means "closing the mom site before that incursion enters a withdrawing state."
(2) I have now visited 40 of the 50 United States, heh.  40 down, 10 to go.

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  1. They need to hire an editor for their press releases.


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