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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fair and balanced

One other thing about the GSF oxytope thing, then I'll leave it alone unless something interesting happens.

Mittens posted both on FHC and on Kugu, claiming that the oxytope thing was 100% strictly about griefing and had nothing at all -- whatsoever -- to do with making ISK:
it astounds me and fills me with rage whenever i encounter the blind hiseccer view that everything comes down to isk. it's like they don't want to accept the idea that there are people who want to hurt them just for the sheer joy of causing them pain or something :(

I pointed out that the "some men just want to watch the world burn" thing would have been a lot more convincing had there not been the massive oxytope purchases days before the jihad began.  He responded thus:
you can lead a horse to water, but you can't keep him from writing a shitty blog about how the water is actually mercury and it's a conspiracy involving csm leaks
So believe what you like, I guess.  You've now heard both sides.  ;-)


  1. I never believe Mittens, not even when he tells the truth. As Michael Moorcock once wrote "The truth can be the subtlest lie of all."

  2. Which is amusing, since it might end up being 'a conspiracy involving csm leaks' after all.

  3. Mittens is a Goon, and Goons should never be trusted.

  4. Well, he's going out of his way to attack people who make any mention of the Oxytope thing being about the ISK. He got cranky at me personally for suggesting that Goons were running their own bots in the ice fields while blowing up everyone else.

    When Mittens calls you a terrible poster, that's tacit agreement with what you're posting about. You know the old, "I can't tell you that you're right because that would compromise my position" deal.

  5. @Mara: I didn't quote the appropriate line from Hamlet, but... yeah. p.much

  6. The crap you pubbies come up with when talking about Goons is hilarious

  7. I love that he says 'shitty blog' about the guy whose graphing work he's been flogging for a month.

  8. Alternatively, if it's really not about the ISK, we now know how to break through Mittani's reserved shell and drive him into a rage?

    Wouldn't that be nice :)

  9. Mittani is so proud he can gank miners in high sec like it hasn't been going on everyday for the last few years. Mittani=Bush jnr

  10. @Doyce: you're absolutely right. I didn't bring it up in this context, because all this hurf-durf that Mittens is spewing is just plain silly.

    Let's say, for two seconds, that I believed that this was strictly for griefing, and GSF never intended to make ISK from it on the side.


    It's STUPID not to exploit something like this for financial gain, and Mittens isn't stupid. Therefore, sure, this is for griefing potential, but it's about making ISK too.

  11. Actually it might be about making money...real money. Go check the goon application requirements. Essentially you must join, at the cost of $10US a site called something awful.com - growing membership through free publicity or coercion results in profit for someone. I find it hard to fathom that mittens is driving thousands of dollars to that site without personal benefit. Not sure if the fee is one time or annual. It's still a lot of cabbage.

    1. You think someone would join Something Awful just to get into GSF?

      And I thought people were stupid before...

  12. My favorite thing about EVE-as-sandbox is that you get to see all the same complex social behaviors as the outside world, right down to market manipulation, political corruption, conspiracy and ass-covering, except in EVE it's done by people who lack the experience to be adept at it. The resulting clumsy, flailing attempts at spin leave the underlying scheme plain as day.

    Mittens has now erred in two ways: first, he underestimated the intelligence of folks like Jester, who saw and interpreted the pattern all too easily; and second, he failed to establish a plausible cover story, making his "for the lulz" excuses ring so hollow they actually confirm the accusations rather than deflect them.

    My other favorite thing about EVE-as-sandbox is that nobody's life is at stake, so when they're suitably outraged, folks are more willing to actually take up arms against the perceived wrongdoers. If suspicions of a CSM leak spread, and if CCP fails to either punish or disprove those suspicions, well.. Goons may have some interesting days ahead.

  13. @ smg77 I know a handful of Goonwaffe pilots are active on Something Awful. Vile Rat and Weaselior have thousands of posts and are moderators. But most of your members wouldn't know a real Goon if they feel over one.

    It's supposed to be people who are active on Something Awful. That describes about 5% of your alliance.

    It's pretty laughable Goonwaffe members sneering at people for not being Goons.


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