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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Find a post, win a PLEX

Want to win a PLEX?  Warning: it'll probably be really hard.  As a matter of fact, it might be impossible.

This is probably a forlorn hope, but hey, I'll give it a shot.  In mid-December 2010, I made a long series of predictions about how EVE would go in 2011.  I made those predictions in a thread about such predictions on Scrapheap Challenge, the precursor to Failheap Challenge.  The post itself was made on SHC before I started this blog, and when I did start the blog, I pointed to one of those predictions in an early blog post here.

Were I making such predictions today, I'd obviously blog about them.  But it never occurred to me that SHC would go down.  I just made a copy of the link where my predictions were there and figured I'd come back to them in January 2012 and see how I did.  Of course I can't do that now, because SHC is gone.  And when I blogged about the predictions, I didn't pull a full copy of them into the blog.  I can remember a lot of the predictions I made, but certainly not all of them.  But now that the year is coming to an end, I'd like to see how I did.

So, that's the contest: find and produce a copy of my EVE 2011 predictions before 2012 January 15, and I'll give the person who does it either a PLEX, or ISK equivalent to a PLEX, their choice.  First person to put a link to the predictions in the comments for this blog post wins.  Who knows, maybe someone reading this just has a copy and was waiting to throw it in my face.  If that's the case, pastebin links are just fine and not only can you throw my predictions in my face, I'll pay you to do it.  ;-)

For everyone else, here are some clues that might help.

First, the post was made to the old Scrapheap Challenge forums.  Were they still up, you could go right to the post here:

You can't do that, so here's the surviving archive that I know about for the SHC forums:

My user ID on SHC was "Jester".  I'm almost positive the thread I made the post into was in the "EVE General" section, and I'm almost positive that the thread was called "2011 Predictions" or something very close to that.  I'm also pretty sure that I made my post sometime between December 10 and December 15 of last year.  My post wasn't on the first page.  It was on page five or so of that thread.  Unfortunately, you can't search that archive as far as I can tell, and even worse, I can't seem to go more than 5 pages back in the "EVE General" section.  But even that seems fairly random.  Try clicking the "117" to go 117 pages back, for instance.  That works.

You can get the full text of one of my predictions in the first link of this blog post, but don't bother Googling it.  Wayback Machine also appears to be of no help.  It looks like they did their last actual pull of the database in October, before my post was made.

Finally, you can't seem to pull all the posts made by an individual member, either, but if you want to try going that route, here's my user profile on the SHC archive:

Anybody think they have the solution to this?


  1. It gives me a critical database error trying to access page 5 of anything.

  2. I can only find you posting in 0.0 predictions http://assets.talkunafraid.co.uk/shc/viewtopic.php%3Ft=38981&highlight=.html

  3. Some quick fiddling with the archive there reveals that you can't go more then five pages in, nor more then five pages back from the last page, and you can't manually enter a value for where to look, and you can't search.

    I don't think anyone can help you here, except for whoever it is that's hosting the archive and has the raws.

  4. PM Calmdown on FHC, ask nicely, he still has the SHC database...

  5. So, half the job is done. The other half would be proposing to CCP that this team be made perpetual.
    Ripard Teg


  6. the "database error" is part of the mirror, i.e. shc returned the database error when it was mirrored.

    the owner of the mirror will probably not be able to help

  7. Two step is correct, you will need to get the database that viewtopic.php pulled from. Your posts were never really on the Scrapheap web site but were pulled up dynamically when needed (and you probably already know this so apologies for being CDO.) There is no cache or backup site in the world that will give you the posts as displayed. However, you should be able to pull the text out of the database by their index "p=1456945#1456945." Good luck!


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