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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I want The Door back

I'm kidding. ;-)

Ship spinning is back and it looks great! Looks a bit better than the old ship-spinning, in fact: I can see my entire Archon. ;-) The button to enter the CQ is fine; I'd make it slightly more prominent or merge it into the UI a bit better. It looks a little clunky. But The Door did have one advantage: it only utilized one of my graphics cards about 20%. While the ship spinning environment looks great, it uses double that:

My graphics cards are twin MSI Lightning III Nvidia 480GTXs with 1.5GB of memory each. These aren't out-of-date cards: far from it. I bought them six months ago when they were very near top of the line. And ship spinning, at Interval One, is driving them at 40% utilization.

The good news is that when not in use, but loaded, GPU utilization doesn't go up. The bad news is that something has been done to the CQ environment. Prior to this patch, a single CQ was driving my card at 68% utilization. Now it's pushing 80%, with the resulting impact on graphics card temperatures (see #5 in the graphic above)...

Is there some known issue with the 480GTX that I'm not aware of?

In other news, it'd be really, really cool if there could be additional Interval settings for multi-boxers. Right now, if I have two clients set at Interval One, both run at 30 FPS each. Increase to three and they drop to 15 FPS each.


  1. I wonder if they'll ever admit they erred in trying to build their own graphics engine. I'm guessing no.

  2. Why no usage on card #2? Are they not arranged in SLI ?

  3. Correct. I use 3-4 monitors (the 4th is the TV in my office). For this test, I stuck to a single EVE client running on one monitor.

  4. I use a GTS 250 and I have no problems O.o

  5. Autonomous MonsterOctober 18, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    "I wonder if they'll ever admit they erred in trying to build their own graphics engine. I'm guessing no."

    Eh. CCP started making EVE in, what, 1997? Back then there was no established tradition for licensing third-party engines for games. I'm not going to say it was unheard of, but the assumption was, either you used something you already had or you built one from scratch.

    And, IIRC, the engines themselves were not as easily repurposable. I remember EPIC was making a big fuss over how flexible Unreal tech was not too many years ago.

    So, the point: in the context of the time, it was a perfectly reasonable decision (and possibly even the optimal one). I can't really fault them on results, either; EVE has always been a very pretty game- especially when compared to other MMOs.

    Problem is, this meant that when they needed an engine for Incarna they couldn't easily go out and just buy one. They needed something that would integrate with the tech they already have; you don't want to be faffing about changing renderers if you don't have to, and they are probably going to prefer that both sides can use the same art assets.

    @Jester: I have a 480GTX myself. I've not checked the telemetry, but I haven't noticed any great strain on it.


    Guess I should go check.

  6. You should be using interval immediate.

  7. A week or so ago I raised this issue with CCP. I suggested that they permit players to set a max FPS for FiS and Incarna, and/or having a setting that put the client into a minimal FPS setting when it wasn't frontmost.

  8. @Khalia: yep, I normally do. But Interval One is better for understanding the actual GPU utilization of the client. On Interval Immediate, the client immediately uses 100% of the GPU and the only metric I have for measuring utilization is frame-rate, which isn't as useful of a metric. This also doesn't allow me to use temperature as a metric, since the system immediately jumps to its heavy load temp.


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