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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm detecting a leak

Warning: what's below might just be a troll.

However, if it is a troll, it's a remarkably well-written and -conceived one.

From what I understand, there was a database update affecting the Singularity test server in the last couple of days.  The database update was only in place for a few hours, but EVE players being what they are, someone did a pull of the database.  I've saved a copy for my own use.  I myself was pointed to it on Twitter at Pastebin.

Again, there's nothing saying that the changes listed in this pull are anything approaching accurate.  Still, this has the feeling of being legit.  All of the changes we were told to expect are included, there's nothing particularly outrageous included, and the format and structure look correct.  So, feel free to go through the list at your leisure.  I certainly will, and I'll have more to say about it.

EDIT: OK, looks like it's not a troll!  CCP Konflikt has confirmed that these numbers are legit, but they haven't been balanced and they'll change before these changes hit TQ.  Still, the gist of what's here is probably accurate.

The good news: these changes represent, in my opinion, some well thought-out and deliberated rebalances to a large number of ships and modules in the game.  With any luck at all, these changes are just the first iteration of what will hopefully be repeated and frequent ship rebalancing going into 2012.

In the meantime, here's what appears to be changing, from a quick read through:
  • Most Caldari and Gallente ships (i.e., naturally hybrid-using ships) are getting slight agility buffs.
  • Many ships are getting slight speed increases (5-10m/s, mostly).
  • The Logistics warp speed bump is included.
  • The Dramiel nerf is included: increased mass, decreased speed, decreased scan res, decreased grid and CPU.
  • The capital and super-capital changes previously advertised are included, including the Siege Module I change.
  • All destroyers are getting buffed: greatly decreased sig, more buffer, more cap.
  • It also looks like the destroyer ROF nerf might be getting removed.
  • The Oneiros is being almost completely reworked, with +200 grid(!), +1 low slot, -1 mid slot, higher speed, and slightly lower sig.
  • Hybrids in general are getting greatly decreased cap needs, plus slightly lower CPU needs.
  • Railguns are getting +10% more damage.  Most will need less grid.
  • Blasters are getting +20%(!) tracking.  Many will need less grid.  No additional range.
  • Some T2 ammo types are being further tweaked.  For instance, Javelin is getting a tracking bonus and Hail is getting a fall-off bonus.
  • The Naga, Oracle, Talos, and Tornado are included (more about these in my next post).
  • There are Tech 2... gang links included, in all four types.
  • MAPC, Core Probe Launcher, Expanded Probe Launcher, Siege Module, Triage Module, and Remote Hull Reppers are getting T2 versions.
  • All of the above modules need Level V in their respective skills.
  • There's a new mod included called a "Process-Interruptive Warp Disruptor", whatever that means.  Might just be a test mod, or might be a new meta mod.
  • There are also new mods included that are "5-player" versions of the current T2 Remote Reppers.  Again, might just be test mods.
  • But there's also a "Data Subverter I" mod, which might not be a test mod.  It's a mid-slot module.
  • Drone Navigation Computer, Omnidirectional Tracking Link, and Drone Link Augmentor are getting T2 versions, requiring Level V skills.
  • Capital and Small Tractor Beams are getting T2 versions, requiring... you guessed it... Level V skills.
  • Bomb Launcher and Warp Disruption Field Generator are getting T2 versions.  More Level V skills needed.
  • Various meta modules are being renamed to remove their Roman numeral Is.
  • A few officer fitting mods are getting buffed.
  • Something is happening to the Rook, Falcon, and Onyx (but not the Eagle), but I'm not sure what: "gfxBoosterID: 397.0 => 395.0".
  • Something might be happening to the Deimos.  There's a DB entry here marked "Deimos Old" but no corresponding "Deimos New" (yet).

As I said, all very good changes!  I could wish for the blaster range buff that I advocated for last week, but the increased ship speeds and agility are a good first step.  I'm worried a bit about that +20% tracking being used to one-shot small ships that stray too close to a large blaster boat... but hell, maybe that's what should happen to them.

What do you think?


  1. Note that it's only hybrid ships which are getting the agility buff (both gallente and caldari).

    Oh and going out on the limb, gfxBoosterID looks to be like the attribute governing which engine effects the ship has.

  2. Yep, you're absolutely right about the agility buff. Good catch!

  3. Hmm - I'm not seeing a falloff inc. to null?

  4. Whoops, fall-off bonus to Hail, not Null. Post corrected.

  5. Yeah - that's why my corp is moaning - not a great buff to Gal on first analysis as most other race ammo is getting slightly improved

  6. I was remembering the post you made a little while ago about fleet doctrine. Destroyers in real fleets were designed to chase down torpedo-laden vessels that were the scourge of large battleships before they could get into effective range.

    With these changes to destroyers, can you detect an actual use for them? Or is it more of a buff "because no one flies destroyers".

  7. Data Subverter I had a interesting [+|n] hackOrbital could be for hacking orbital structures aka pos?

  8. @Anon1141: it's just a general buff. No real role set for them that I can see.

    Want my gut instinct, though? It's a new player/PvE buff. L1 missions are tough or impossible in T1 frigs, and many are difficult in T1 destroyers as they are today with lower skills. This buff will make them viable L1 platforms for newbies.

  9. Jester,

    Would you consider doing a post addressing the "state of affairs" for each ship type with these changes (or maybe just those which are most balanced/unbalanced that don't get talked about much). Would be interesting if you thought any of these changes added significant value to a currently under-played ship.

    I've been lurking your blog for a long time now and am also interested specifically in the state of destroyers. I have always loved the historical aspect of Destroyers, but it seemed to me destroyer escorts were not needed in fleet ops. Then again most of this is based on reading about Eve, not playing it. I played Eve long enough to enjoy some mining and PvE salvage ... Got to Caldari destroyers (was so psyched, my fav ship type!) and two or three days later was killed by someone in a frigate; quit Eve when i realized i didnt even know WHY i lost the fight and couldnt find a community much interested in new players(and everything i had spent the last month or so working towards was gone anyway) =). I've always remained interested in the game, and would love to know if my fav ship class has seen any significant usefulness improvements.

  10. I dunno I got one shotted by large arty fire the other day in an interceptor, didn't think that could happen tbh, but I do recall doing that to a crow with megapulses back in the day.

    Will make tackling a battleship or these new battlecruisers more of a cruiser or above necessity. Though I always did have an issue that something with frigate mass should not be able to prevent a battleship from warping or webbing it. Ideally a frigate webbing a battleship should get pulled around by said battleship with little effect other to agility to the battleship.

  11. Is it an agility buff or nerf? If you look at the Evasive Maneuvering skill, it provides a bonus of "-5% agility per level", suggesting a lower value is better.

  12. @Domitian: I might let Azual take the first swing at what this will mean for destroyers in PvP. I'm really conflicted about it.

    In particular, though, I used to have a love-hate relationship with Blasterlysts, and this might go a LONG way toward making that relationship love-love. OTOH, a tiny Thrasher is still going to be damned tough to beat.

  13. I used a destroyer when I was first noobing around doing missions. It was quickly replaced by a BC. I can kinda understand why you'd skip it for PVP, but I wonder if, eventually, we might see destroyers work their way into PVP gangs. That would be interesting.

  14. Just imagining how much more fun my Thorax is going to be now; and it was already pretty fun.

  15. Could they be pulling destroyers into an anti-sb role? They'll likely survive a bomb now.

    Off hand, a bit bummed about my Dramiel because it's just so fun to fly. I'd rather have seen other frigates buffed heavier, but I admit something had to be done.

    Pretty excited for my blaster 'ranis though. Added agility and tracking is pretty huge.

    Also, as someone who still flies Rifters regularly (despite 1500 kills and 50+ mil sp) I'm wondering if the Thrasher might now be a viable alternative with it's increased buffer and drastically reduced sig. I've made good use of it in it's current state - but it takes care and planning and specializing. So honestly, whether CCP has a role in mind for it or not I certainly will.

  16. The solo - arty fit - kiting thrasher of low sec is getting a buff =D.

  17. Seemed odd to me that they decided to go for +damage for rails and +tracking for blasters. I'd go for exactly the opposite. Well, so long they stay true about iterating on ships/mods balancing further if necessary, I don't see a problem at checking how this goes.

    Granted, I see a piece of wisdom in not giving blasters an increase in raw dps in the sense that it would make ganks easier. Some people out there are already quite on the edge about it.

    Also, confirming that gfx stands for graphical effect, so it is unlikely that "gfxBoosterID: 397.0 => 395.0" is making any game mechanic change.

  18. Hybrid buff is more or less exactly what I had in mind. So it's probably going to be a horrific disaster. People on fire, lots of screaming, etc.

    Would call 10 m/s a "slight" buff, at least not for battleships: it's nearly a 10% increase.

    Happy to hear that the Deimos may be getting special attention. (fattaranisfattaranisfattaranis)

    Thinking more about tracking, there's a reason why this is such a large problem for blasters, and it's not something that you can easily solve with a numerical tweak. The important number is not tracking per se, it's tracking at range. A ship in motion is going to be twice as hard to hit at half the range, and with blasters "half the range" may only be a few kilometers. A slight slip in piloting might transform face-melting damage into nothing in the space of a few seconds. You just can't fuck up like that with lasers.

    Survivability buff to dessies is probably exactly what they need. People have been asking for that for years. DPS buff not necessary in my mind, but it might be interesting.

    Going to comment on the Pocket Battleships or waiting for more details? :P

  19. Just a lil word about the process interuptive warp disrupt : This stuff is already ingame, Cosmos missions allows you to get BPC of this, but for now, it does just the same as the regular warp disrupt (while being in a different category).

  20. I am blind, you already mentioned the new BCs and they're in the leak :P

  21. The 'Process Interruptive Warp Disruptor' already exists. It's a storyline module that did not get included in the variations list for warp disruptors; it's a T1.5, 22km point.

  22. CCP has confirmed this is legit, though they're saying that the numbers are preliminary and will change almost certainly once they hit the test server and are tested.

  23. The increase to the figure actually results in an agility nerf, according to FHC. The top speed boost still results in an increased acceleration, but the align speed goes down.

  24. I spent an entire day on SiSi during an all level 5 weekend trying to get blasters to work a while back. To me tracking seemed to be the only problem. You have to be so close up with them that you need crazy tracking and even with tracking mods I could not get good hits and if I slowed down my tansversal then my oponent would just melt me. So I say tracking bonus is good.

    Also for both Caldari and Galente hybrids are not their primary weapon system and to me should be inferior to Projectiles and lazers. Caldari are missile throwers and Galente have drones.

  25. Autonomous MonsterOctober 26, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    >Also for both Caldari and Galente hybrids are not their primary weapon system and to me should be inferior to Projectiles and lazers. Caldari are missile throwers and Galente have drones.

    Nnnnope. Of the entire Gallente sub-cap lineup, there are only eight ships that could be considered drone boats (and I'm being generous here, counting the Eos and the Helios). Of those eight, the only ship that does not also have a hybrid bonus is the Myrmidon- though in fairness the Ishtar's not going to be doing a lot of pew pew with only three hardpoints. There are twenty-two blaster boats.

    Gallente doctrine is blasters primary, drones secondary and rails a distant tertiary. Can't speak to Caldari.

  26. "I'm worried a bit about that +20% tracking being used to one-shot small ships that stray too close to a large blaster boat... but hell, maybe that's what should happen to them."

    Yes, yes that is in fact exactly what should happen to people deciding to close on a blasterboat. Even though I mostly fly the smaller stuff myself, I adore the idea that you have to be considerably more careful about closing with shivboats.


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