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Friday, October 28, 2011

Kill of the Week: Use it or lose it

Man, picking a KOTW for this week has been really hard.

At first, I was gonna go with this:

"Theme roams" are always fun.  Encountering them can be even more fun.  I've never been on a "noobship" roam myself, but I feel like I've been on just about every other type of theme roam there is.  And certainly, I've encountered them.  I think my favorite theme roam to fight was a big group of Ospreys that came into Pure Blind about a year ago, escorting a combat-fit Orca.  Basically, it was a "fake miners" theme roam.  The combination did surprisingly well before it was caught and killed to pretty much the last ship.  ;-)

But I can't go with this theme roam kill for KOTW, because it happened eight days ago.

So, I was gonna go with this:

Now that's a Mackinaw kill, don't you agree?  If ice-mining were like L4 missionining, you'd expect to find something this expensive in high-sec, not in null.  I've been hearing from acquaintances living in DRF space that they're making serious bank bringing in and compressing null-sec thick blue ice from drone region space.  However, this guy apparently didn't get the memo, or maybe dark glitter is still worth more?  It's hard for me to believe, but I haven't run the numbers lately.  Either way, though, it's gonna take him some 60-80 hours of non-stop ice-mining to recoup this particular loss.

It's also an interesting kill because the old NC didn't bother roaming through DRF or IRC space very much at all.  But apparently NC Reloaded feels somewhat differently, which is nice.  Still, Mackinaw kill?  For KOTW?  Meh.

"Shuttlecraft Dramiel" and "PvE Vagabond" were also worth a few laughs, but I decided against both of those, too.(1)

No, I think I'm gonna go with this:

Now that's a nice kill.  Dramiels are pretty tough to fit and to fly properly today, but in a couple of months with reduced CPU and grid, increased mass, and reduced speed, they're going to become really tough to fit and fly.  When CCP gets out the nerf bat, they really don't mess around, do they?  Drams stand a good chance of going from the most-used faction frigate to the least-used one in the blink of an eye.  Expect the Daredevil to take up the mantle.  It was a pretty good boat before the coming hybrid buff, and fitting them is going to become easier.

In the meantime, if you have a much-loved Dram fit, now's probably a good time to go out and get some last kills in it.  Use it before you lose it.

(1) Though if you're out there using my beloved Vaga hull for PvE, shame on you.


  1. I laughed at the though of that osprey/orca roam.

    Want to do this so badly now...

  2. How about this for a failfit of the week:

    What widow doesn't have at least for Jams fitted???

    It's not like the thing had a good tank to begin with...

  3. I wish all macks were fit like that...

  4. Just cus it needs to be said....

    Holy Mackinaw!

  5. Heh, don't you be hating on my PvE vaga.
    Active shield/speed tanked for missions actually works quite well. And it is a lot more fun than an AFK domi.

    Then again I used to do L4s in an ishkur too :)

    There was a long period where I refused to fly BS, so I used hurricane, myrmidon, vagabond and eventually sleipnir for missions. IMO the sleip makes a better mission boat than just about all non-faction BS. The DPS and tank are impressive and it is fast enough that the shortish range is not a huge issue.

    Ironicly I eventually got a proper mission ship, a machariel, and it is faster then my old sleip ;-/


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