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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pharoh's heart was hardened

As you're probably aware, every five or six weeks, I actually have to step away from my keyboard to sleep, and my nefarious evil twin Garth has the opportunity to take the controls of Jester's Trek.  Unavoidably, this happened yesterday.  But happily, I'm now good for another five or six weeks of uninterrupted blogging and gaming.  Which I'm sure Garth thinks is a shame, because now he can't weigh in on a new issue happening on the EVE-O forums, as much as I'm sure he'd like to.

Here's a protip: never embarrass CCP too badly.  Programmer Vikings are tough, hardy souls used to hardship, and used to being treated badly.  Beat them, curse them, set them on fire if you must... but do not embarrass them, for this they cannot abide and cannot forgive.

We know this because almost five years ago now, an EVE player known as Kugutsumen badly embarrassed CCP by revealing the real name of an EVE Online developer known as t20.  In the process, he also revealed that t20 had undermined the Tech2 BPO auctions that existed at that time to provide the alliance that he was a member of with ten of them.  The fallout from that incident is still ringing through the game five years later, with broad results from the creation of the CSM to the fact that CCP devs who play EVE almost invariably keep their RL jobs a secret.

And there's another bit of fallout that can be detected to this day: the EVE-O forums will censor any attempt to even use the word kugutsumen, in any context.  That includes linking to the website kugutsumen.com, created as a clearinghouse for EVE news, discussion, and meta-gaming.  If you include the word kugutsumen in a post, it's replaced by asterisks, as if the word itself were profane.

When the new EVE-O forums were brought on-line, players were quick to test if this restriction was in place, and sure enough, it was.

Now, I'm not much of a kugu poster myself.  I think I've posted there twice.  The community there is as tightly sealed (and as dangerous) as a wind tunnel, and has a bias in a particular direction that's extremely easy to spot.  Still, it's a valuable website for the EVE community and I lurk there pretty extensively.  Often, if I'm in the midst of a blog post, I'll visit kugu to get insights and information for the post that would otherwise be unavailable to me.

For CCP to treat its very existence as profane is silly.

One of the admins of kugu, Xutech, posted a plea about a week ago on the Assembly Hall (as a formal proposal) for CCP to stop this practice.  As you can imagine, it got a fair bit of traction, both from true kugu supporters and from those trying to stir up a little bit of e-drama.  Still, the likelihood of it going anywhere was pretty much zero.  CSM alt Two step said that he had asked when the new EVE-O forums were put on-line why the restriction was still in place and was told that "CCP was afraid that kugu.com would be hosting some sort of browser exploits to hack into people's computers."

Two step said he'd ask someone from CCP to respond directly.

I'm afraid I had a bit of a laugh about this.  There was no way anyone from CCP was going to directly address this.  Why should they?  It's a lose-lose situation for anyone that does.  Who in their right mind at CCP would directly inject themselves into this discus-- oh.  All right, then.

The thread isn't locked yet, but look for that to happen in the next 24 hours or so, if it takes that long.  CCP isn't going to budge on this one, even if kugu (by its advertising standards) weren't daily giving them an excuse.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't include this little bit of fun:
K is for Kneejerk reactions
U is for Uncensored (requires mod approval)
G is for Greenbars
U is for Useless attempts at whitewash
T is for Techno viking
S is for Small-minded feuds
U is for U mad bro will get you infracted
M is for Mulla
E is for Exponentially more Entertaining than Eve-o
N is for Never stop posting
CCP: free kugu!


  1. CCP is thickheaded, no doubt, but let's try this angle on for size:

    Let's say they lift the ban and free kugu. It's been 5 yrs, right?

    Let's say that some time down the road, two alliance play a little dirty and someone's forum gets hacked. Just for fun, let's say that hacking event ends in litigation between the ISP and the offender? What happens if some ambitious lawyer names CCP Games in the suit, since they obviously "support" the meta-game, including hacking an enemy's real-life server. They can point to kugu.com as evidence that they "knew" and "supported" such behavior.

    It'd be without merit, but the costs and bad press involved are not what CCP needs.

    Again, CCP is thickheaded and I agree they'd like us all to forget cheater t20. But I don't think blocking the site-that-shall-not-be-named is about a vendetta against kugu. I think it's conservative lawyer or two playing CYA.

    (I have no doubt someone is reading this and has found a million flaws with my logic. Fine. I'm just tossing it out there as an alternative interpretation into CCP's behavior.)

  2. The funny thing is that you can see the word Kugutsumen when members of the KUGUTSUMEN. [.COM] alliance post on the forums. And apparently the name is not on the banned list in-game since the alliance was formed in June 2011.

    I guess the fact that Sreegs defending why Kugutsumen is banned is more ironic than funny given his in-game history. Perhaps that was a troll?

  3. CCP is still p. mad about it. Faggots, the lot of them. (CCP that is)

  4. Thread is locked now!

  5. My view, which was posted in the internal CSM forums, is that it is petty and spiteful of CCP to keep blocking kugu. I told them they need to get over it, but I got basically the same response the Sreegs posted in that public thread. I don't really care, I just thought now was the time that CCP might consider a little fence mending with their fans.

  6. Topic is locked indefinitely.

  7. Kugu posters should stop being butt-hurt and STFU, HTFU or GTFO....

  8. CCP is not crazy to ban Kugu, they probably don't give a rats ass about t20 any more. Shit happens.

    However, Kugu is where you'd find the leaked PL forums and then wet yourself at Shadoo pausing before saying 'moon gold' on camera at Alliance Tourney IX. He was about to say 'Jew gold' of course. Good catch Shadoo.

    Kugu is rife with that shit. It seethes with racism, homophobia, x, y and z form of casual hatred.

    Yup. Tis sure a fine place to associate your brand with.

    Shame about it really because there so much great content on Kugu but no cameras to make posters think twice and nobody who cares too much about what is said.

  9. Sounds like a great place to lift scoops from and blog about, then.


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