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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pic of the Week: Swords

One of the truths of EVE (click to embiggen):

Yup.  In other news, after a month of searching and deciding, I have chosen a new corp.  :-)  Stay tuned...


  1. Interesting PvE? What about Incursions?

    Or does this person mean "interesting" in terms of "spoon fed a story and told who to talk to next while I level up my character"?

  2. @Mara: At the end of the day, all PvE in EVE just comes down to making three little grey bars turn red. It's not particularly heart-pounding. ;-)

  3. The interest in this game is the people who you join in the grey-to-red transition with.

    Best wishes with your hero serpents :)

  4. I think its a personal taste thing.

    Yeah they are a VERY repetitive but I really enjoy the management of multiple systems, checking armor for another pulse of a repper, checking cap, looking at the next target on my list, locking up new targets making sure that the mission is going well or making a decsion to warp out if needed.

    From what I've heard of PvP its about an hour sitting around and hoping for something to happen and then 30 seconds of terror following by either immense joy (victory) or dissapointment (defeat).

    Personally I enjoy the consistancy of being able to get the most out of my play sessions, even if the PvE content is far from thrilling and I would imagine that the higher SP pilots its something that you can literally run AFK and it becomes nothing more than a ISK grind.

    Personally I would like to see some iteration on the PvE content to allow more flexibility and control over missions. They become boring because they are too easy, but they don't have any other options. Surely your heart is more likely to pound if you had a difficult encounter and could lose your ship? So why can't we have a sliding scale of difficulty to allow of elite solo players or small groups access to harder PvE content (that are not 'raid' content like Incursions) with better rewards.

    Its a real shame because the PvE content is the fuel to the EVE PvP fire. Players will only engage in PvP once they've fully understood PvE and are looking for new challenges and many mission bears will use the generated cash to either fund a PvP alt or take a break from the grind an dip into PvP knowing that the PvE can support any losses.

  5. That looks like the Something Awful boards. Good luck with your new corp!


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