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Monday, October 17, 2011

Quote of the Week: Emphasis

It's been kind of amusing reading the bittervet whining on Failheap about the upcoming supercap nerf.  These are the harshest people imaginable when someone else's sacred cow is being thrown on the barbeque.  For instance, I'm reminded of the jump bridge change earlier in the year.  When it was announced, the celebration across Failheap could probably be seen from space.  That much :smug: in one place was probably bad for the space-time continuum.

Now that it's their sacred cow being cut up for hamburger, though, they don't seem to like it so well.  The comments are varying shades of "but... but... mah Nyx... mah poor Nyx" with alternate suggestions on how CCP can be less harsh.  A typical comment suggested that Nyxes lose their massive drone bay, sure, but they really should get a "small" drone bay, "only" 500m3 or so.  This prompted whispous to finally say:





Bring some support you faggot
::grins::  Gotta emphasize every word for the slow people.  And I apologize for reproducing the slur.  I almost redacted it, but it's so EVE, isn't it?


  1. My hat off to whispous, the most apposite comment on the entire Cap rebalance I've read.

  2. Just imagine him saying it like this guy:

  3. The one change I would make is adding in a siege mode fighter, to allow SuperCarriers (sov grinding ships) the ability to still do damage to a POS. As it is, the nerf will make them useless in attacking a POS.


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