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Monday, October 3, 2011

Quote of the Week: Important feature

This week's QOTW just made me laugh:
"Incarna is basically a test system for the World of Darkness engine.  Not appearing in mirrors is a very important feature for a vampire game."
Scott Manley was playing with the Singularity test server over the weekend, and had his adorable-sounding daughter providing alternative commentary.  He produced a video of his test, which mostly covers the appearance of the three new Captain's Quarters.  During his walk through the Amarr CQ, he encountered a graphical glitch that caused his character model to become invisible... and then he walked in front of a mirror and said what's above.

It was just so wonderfully meta.  ;-)  But go watch the rest of the video, too.  It's a treat.

Not much more to say about that one, so I'll provide two bonus QOTWs:
i love ganking miners on mittens too because it's like the president of a country running out into a crowd and gunning people down willy-nilly
That one's The Mittani, commenting about the GSF Mackinaw gank-fest.  Apparently, Mittens ran out of viable targets in Gallente space and so moved on to Amarr space.(1)  In its second day, Goonswarm Shrugged produced 78 Exhumer kills, less than half of its first day total.  Guess word about what GSF is doing has gotten out, and not everyone is upset or impressed:
Mate, stop acting like you're the first person to discover high sec ganking, and your the only guys doing it atm.

Protip; You're not and You're not.

Also I'm pretty sure you want more people to gank maks so you can make more jewgold, so nope. I'm just going to sit on my multimillion Oxy pile and laugh as you make me money while I'm logged out.

(1) Note to self: one of these days, if I'm lacking for material, I really must do a post about the differences between "The Mittani" and "Mittens", in terms of demeanor, grammar, and attitude.


  1. The Mittani: CSM Chairman
    Mittens: just an average Goon


  2. It's quite amazing watching Skye grow up from Scott's occasional videos. How long since the first one when she was 4? About 2-3 years?

    Both her and Scott are wonderful.


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