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Monday, October 24, 2011

Quote of the Week: Spaceship business

There's really only one quote that I can pick:
Hilmar P├ętursson: We are back in the spaceship business.
This, of course, from the interview that Hilmar gave Eurogamer late last week.  And in any other context, this single statement would have been cause for wild, raucous celebration.  Except...

...dear God, has this been a schizophrenic week for CCP.  When I was in school, I studied Communications because I was really interested in it as a topic.  But I quickly realized I didn't want to get into it as a career.  This past week illustrated a lot of good reasons why.  Every single day last week was full of good news for EVE Online.

Every single day except one, that is.

And that one day ended up setting the tone for CCP's week.

Hell, until that day happened, I was going to go with this for the QOTW:
More importantly it feels like CCP has finally started to gain the upper hand again on the news front, and that is good news for everyone.
That one is from Rixx Javix at EVOGANDA five days ago.  I not only agreed with Rixx, I said something very similar myself last week, stating that if it hadn't been for the lay-offs, we'd all look back on this week as the week that CCP finally turned it around.  Man, how the news cycle changed in such a short time.

Communications is such a subjective topic when it comes to mixing good news and bad news.  Even when the good news was delivered with the bad, as it was in the Eurogamer interview, a lot of players didn't want to hear it.  I've heard from so many people this past week telling me variants of "I'm so pissed at CCP's actions right now that I'm thinking about unsubbing again."  Not only does that render the 20% sacrifice worthless (and might even hurt those who were forced to make it), but it shows off in stark contrast how much one piece of horribly bad news can overshadow any amount of good news.

Fortunately, people seem to have calmed down some over the weekend, so we'll see how things go heading into the winter expansion.


  1. Does anyone else out there feel like a little patience is necessary here? You can't turn a ship like CCP around at full speed.

    I feel like the tactic of unsubbing as a form of protest is becoming an empty one if people just start unzipping their subscription and waving it around whenever they get upset at CCP. Furthermore, wouldn't we want our voice of change to come from people invested in the game who listen to the players directly (*coughs*CSM*coughs)?

  2. @Llamabin Llama we've been waiting 4 whole years, try again.

  3. It's *a little bit* similar to how people these days tend to rage at government for only being interested in short-term effects and gains, while not accepting anything that takes longer than a year or so to accomplish.

  4. I'm obviously out of the loop — what are people pissed about this time?

  5. The lay-offs in and of themselves, or more specifically, people want to show solidarity with people they knew that were laid off.

  6. Oh come on.. i am thinking of quiting EVE because of the retards we have in the community.. i thought EVE was different but the level of stupid stuff i have heard during this year is making me sick of it.

    I'm so fucking tired of all the hate and all the whining. EVE community are on a power trip and so is the current CSM and a number of high profile eve players. This not about the game anymore. It doesn't matter what CCP does its still wrong and the rage goes on. Everyone that sounds a different voice gets shouted at.

    Let CCP work in peace with this expansion. Give them a chance to show if they changed or not.

  7. From reading various blogs, comments, forum threads and responses, it seems like a lot of players are feeling guilty about the layoffs. Some are expressing sympathy to the affected CCP employees, and that's ok.

    Unfortunately, many others are irrationally responding by ranting at CCP. This is the typical "it is *never* my fault; it is always someone else's fault" syndrome, which is certainly prevalent with us Americans (watch/read any of the 2012 presidential pre-election nonsense, if you don't believe me).

    Well, suck it up folks and take responsibility.

    The player base and its elected reps (CSM) got all upset and angry about Incarna. "We don't want it" and "CCP is wasting resources" and "We're all going to quit and play Perpetuum or WoT" (oops, sorry Jester!). Players rioted in game and unsubbed en masse over a single weekend. Nasty blogs posts, forum posts, and email messages sent to - and targeted at - CCP representatives. A few players took it a bit too far, touched the edges of the EULA and got banned (you know who you are). And, according to many of the "voices" of the players, the Community Team just made things worse, never better.

    So, now, CCP responded and gave the players what they demanded. Back to FIS. WIS gone. NeX gone. WoD gone. Community Team absorbed into Customer Support (and, all excuses aside, the Community Team *did* drop the ball, catastrophically so).

    All in all, a massive scaleback of CCP's expansion plans - all because the players have spoken, voted with their sub fees, and they say they don't want it.

    And, no one expected layoffs? Boy, talk about bunch of noobs. Welcome to RL, folks. You (we) forced CCP's hand and this is how it has to go.

    Kick yourself, or pray for forgiveness, if that's what will help get you over the guilt of being a part of the cause of the layoffs, but please stop wasting bandwidth by trying to shift all of the blame to CCP.

    Let CCP get back to building the game you (we) want, and support them - publicly and loudly - in this renewed effort, so that these series of events are all the less likely to happen again.

  8. "Good week, except..." Except what? What happened?

  9. What is pissing them off? The layoffs? The establishments sounding as if totally cancelled in the interview?

  10. Just silencing the fact of 20% layoffs would be much worse in this case. :) And though I feel sorry for the guys who had to go, I don't see it as a bad EVE news.

  11. I don't see the lay offs as bad for EvE.
    Bad yes, but not for EvE.

  12. @ Reply #7 - Here, here! While I think we've seen there was more depth to the Summer of Rage than just WiS/NeX ... there was no doubt that when you took in the ENTIRE picture, this - or something like it - was gonna be part of the result. Not to diminish what happened to those who lost positions - not in the least; I have been there, personally, and know EXACTLY what it feels like to be let go by a struggling company (not once, but twice), and it flat-out sucks.

    But in terms of the game we're here to play, there simply was not going to be a way to get things back on track, refocusing on FiS, without some sort of pain. And look at it this way - the more successful we help EVE be from this point, the better the chance some of those jobs lost might actually be returned to play going forward. Having got what people have said they really wanted, here, I rather think _that_'s the more appropriate response rather than "solidarity" rage-unsubs. Think about it.


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