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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Source code

Here's a blog post you won't see syndicated to EVE News 24.  ;-)  Also, I'm going to try to stick just to the facts, and keep my opinion of this to myself.  Gonna try, but you've been warned.  ;-)

You might have heard that there's a bit of a scandal brewing with a member of CSM6.  Here's the story.

Yesterday, around 11am Pacific U.S. time, riverini -- the editor of EVE News 24 -- made this post to kugu.  The post included this little snippet of text:
[11:24:02 AM] mittani: we're about to leak a bunch of stuff to evenews24, fair warning
[11:24:12 AM] mittani: riverini is so hilariously gullible-----
[11:25:28 AM] mittani: riverini has a pet theory that 1. we're taking over everything (true) 2. we're riven with internal factions like the kremlin (false)
It turns out that little snippet of text was a copy/paste from the text sub-channel attached to the Skype voice chat channel that the CSM uses to talk to CCP devs, and to each other. The other CSM members also have copies of that text, with their own timestamps in their own TZs. However, the TZ on the text that riverini posted corresponds to the text being received in the Pacific U.S. TZ.

The only CSM in the Pacific U.S. TZ is Darius III, who holds the #5 alt seat on CSM6 (and was, incidentally, the only person between me and that alt seat, heh).

By some interpretations, the Skype voice chat channel and the text sub-channel that goes with it could technically be construed as information under a CCP non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  According to Mittens, CSM6 suspected that someone was leaking information to riverini, strongly suspected Darius (because Darius is the CEO of riverini's corp), but Darius denied it.  Still, the CSM apparently felt that there was sufficient cause to kick Darius out of the CSM/CCP Skype channel a few days ago.

But the CSM didn't have evidence or proof: just strong suspicions.  The riverini leak provides more direct -- though still circumstantial -- evidence.

So, the evidence points circumstantially to the fact that Darius III sent riverini a copy of that text to warn him that mittens was going to troll him. If true, then Darius III unwittingly provided information that is technically under NDA to riverini.  riverini provided the evidence that he did it by posting the snippet to kugu. riverini, so far, has made no claim that the timestamps were altered.

Yesterday afternoon, Two step (another CSM alt) posted to FHC that CSM6 sent this information to their representative in CCP, to ask for a judgment.  This is almost certainly CCP Xhagen.  CCP Xhagen could decide that the Skype text chat sub-channel does count as NDAed material, and could then decide that there's enough proof that Darius III provided this NDAed material to riverini.

Or he could decide that there's not enough information to take action.  Or anything in between.

That's it.  You're caught up.


  1. FYI, we don't do voice chats on skype very often, other than the special Arnar meetings we posted about a few weeks ago. So it isn't from the text portion of the chat, it is the chat.

  2. You, sir, have the most entertaining blog about EvE I have ever read. Keep it up, please.

  3. Fantastic. Can't stand EN24 or riverini

  4. Why would you post stuff unrelated to CSM but directly related to inter-alliance politics in the CSM chat and expect it to be covered by NDA?

    Just that fact itself could be used for serious metagaming, such as an alliance leader posting their entire battle plans on CSM where the enemy can read it, then claiming that any action to counter those plans violates NDA.

    Stupid. stupid, stupid.

    If this gets Darius III kicked out, there should be a blanket ban on CSM members being part of any alliances.

  5. Agree with Anonymous above, your blog is certainly entertaining about EVE on a daily basis.

  6. Or someone should just know when they can't leak information from an NDA'd source (even if the spirit of the NDA wouldn't necessarily cover the info) in such a way they it gives EVIDENCE that they have done so.

    It seems fairly obvious that the CSM chat was suspected as leaky by the goons on the CSM, and so tempting info was 'planted'. D3 was erroneously careless with how he leaked the info.

    He is an idiot.

    Why would you want to ban ALLIANCE players from the CSM? It's cause a lot more harm to the purpose of the CSM than any supposed benefit you hope it would bring.

  7. Looks like a small matter to me.

    I mean, someone out there leaked the CEOs letter to EN24 (and I don't think Darius could). What could have him leaked of that magnitude?

    If Xhagen or any other CCP rep decides to take action against Darius it could only be about that snippet above, since all else is just suspicions.

    I'm not trying to lift the shadow of doubt from Darius. Could it be that he was helping his corpie run his meta-gaming activities? quite so. Could it be those leaks came from any other possible sources? Yes, that too.

    Anyway, Riverini (and possibly Darius) will be more careful in furute.

  8. Darius III won't have to be careful, since the rest of the CSM won't be letting him in on their chats in future.

  9. All the above comments are, of course, ignoring the obvious possibility that the leak to EVE News 24 was doctored to make it look like it came from Darius III.

    After all, wouldn't it make Mittens happy to get a contrary voice kicked from the CSM?

    So perhaps the Ice Interdiction isn't about the ice, or the ganks, or the ISK. Perhaps the ice interdiction is just a smoke screen or decoy to distract people's attention from this issue so folks don't ask the sensible questions such as: what evidence do we have that the leak came from D3?

    Another classic political ploy is to claim that someone is leaking confidential information, set up a witch hunt, and plant evidence in order to distract people from the fact that it's *you* doing the leaking for the purpose of having a witch hunt in order to get the evidence that you are going to plant to be accepted at face value, and have drastic action taken before anyone has a chance to sit back and think things over rationally.

  10. @Mara Rinn : That seems pretty farfetched, since Darius III and Riverini are in the same alliance so they can easily check whether it was a legit source.

  11. Riverni admitted that it came from D3 in his next post in the thread, tho he downplays the content: http://www.kugutsumen.com/showthread.php?11617-Goonswarm-Shrugged-The-Gallente-Ice-Interdiction&p=307987&viewfull=1#post307987

    Any other convoluted conspiracy theories where mittens/goons are the evil guys?, Mara? You're 0 for 2 so far.

  12. I'm sorry, can you point to the post in question where Riverini outs the sources of previous leaks as being D3?

    Can you point me at the post where Riverini states that he got the three lines of text from D3? The "nothing really" response reads like it is referring to the lines that the scandal is about, not confirmation of who leaked it.


    The rest of the discussion on K is "herp", "derp" and troll face. Applying Hanlon's Razor to anything on K is to ignore the fact that the entire community is based on malice (or at least mischief). On K, you have to apply Hanlon's Razor in reverse or not at all (the latter being the wisest option, since applying Hanlon's in either direction indicates that you're taking K community too seriously). Of course in the real world we make decisions based on evidence, of which there is none in this case.

    If the three "leaked" lines match up to three lines in the official Skype logs, there's still the issue of doctoring timestamps to frame someone. Granted, the court of popular opinion doesn't need evidence in order to leap to conclusions. Mittens' work has been done, regardless of whether CCP takes this seriously or not.

    I don't think Mittens is *evil*, just crafty and manipulative. I admire his work, though I wouldn't trust him to hold my car keys.

    As a dedicated sycophant to The Mittani/mittens, you should take pride in the fact that I devote so much time to my amateur-hour reverse engineering of his political stunts.

  13. I think the CSM itself breaks the game. Providing access to CCP development plans to a select few alliance leaders creates unfair game advantage. The fact that many of these alliances are so large "stuffing the ballot box" is also a problem.

    I don't think it's reasonable to expect people ignore that information while running their alliance.

    It would be interesting to see how many CSM represented alliances bought "a little extra" in the way of O2 Isotopes in the hopes that Riv would bite on the troll.

  14. Perhaps there needs to be some restriction in place as to how many representatives can come from one alliance. But then you'll get alliances splitting up in order to win more friendly seats.

    We (the whole community, not individually) got the candidates we voted for. If you don't like the outcome, encourage your non-voting friends to vote next time around.

  15. Yes, a dedicated sycophant to mittens. That's me. Totally blown me out the water there with that well aimed ad hominem :rolls:.


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