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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten months late

Just a quickie.  At some point today or tomorrow, I'm going to start blogging about my new corp and alliance.  Before I do that, it'd probably be useful to show you who I'll be talking about.  Ten months ago, I created group shots of both my mains (all men) and my alts (all women).  I posted the group shot of the women on this blog soon after I completed the pictures.

I mentioned that I'd post the men in a day or two, then completely forgot about it and moved on to other things.  Here are the men... ten months late.  ;-)  I'm really pleased at how this picture came out.  Even moreso than the women, really.

Background image comes from the same source as the one I used for the ladies.  What do you think?


  1. Gay threesome?

  2. I wonder if Incarna stations will look like that. I would like that. So far the quarters have felt very small. I wouldn't mind some more embelished establishments.

  3. I think it's a very Caldari aesthetic, even though in CCP's view, the Caldari don't believe in investing in light bulbs. ;-)

  4. Is that like a star trek engineering room or something?

  5. That background comes from Halo: Reach eh?

  6. Since you asked ... Why do you have everyone pushed so far right. It allows the background to intrude - gives it too much presence. That structure on the left tends to dominate and distract - it steals the eye from the subject matter. Your toon on the right is slightly cut off on his arm which makes it seem very cramped on that side.

    The relative perspective is odd. The background looks like it was taken with a wide-angle lens, hence the leaning-in of that structure on the left. Your toons appear as if taken with more of a portrait lens, which is incongruous enough to make them look a bit out of place.

    The grouping of the three avatars and the reative lighting between them is good. It's just fitting them in with the background that isn't quite working.

  7. @Anon1955: Yep, that's the source.

    @Luccul: I had a vauge idea of using the white space on the left for character names, specialties, etc. Check the post with the ladies, then follow the link to the others that were being done at that time.

    And yeah, now that you mention it about the focus change, I see the same thing. Hm.

  8. Or not. Looks like Keith Neilson deleted his. But yeah, that was what the white space was for: character profiles and such.

  9. OK, space for text, etc in that area makes sense. Once you do, it'll change the dynamic of the image. The edge of the text box will give a new frame edge and change the balance.

    I looked at the ladies earlier. I wondered about the placement there too, but it works better than for the guys. The ladies are in the bright area, while the space on the left is darker in tone and doesn't intrude the same. The stair is interesting - often a stair will lead the eye away, but here it's curve seems to direct you towards the ladies.

    I think the ladies' background will support what you'd like to do better. The tonal balance is better as is the perspective.

    Watch the lighting with the guys. They are strongly lit from the front left, but they seem to be in a room that is much more evenly lit, or more back lit from the bright ceiling. The ladies are strongly lit too, but they are standing in a shaft of bright light that matches, so they fit right in.


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