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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bonus Pic of the Week: Oracle

There's another set of new updates on Sisi this morning.  Good Heaven, CCP is working fast lately.  TGL3 has done a great job of documenting most of the new changes, and he included a good bit of art.  Go have a look.

Oh, there are four other things in today's update that might interest you.  Here's one of them:

Go have a look at TGL3's blog for the rest. Or... Sisi Launcher awaits you.


  1. XD I like how they put the update as "STUNNING NEW NEBULAE ARE ON SISI!" and then after the break they're all "oh yeah, and the new BC's and t2 mods as well. But NEW NEBULAE"

  2. Lots of screenshots of the new nebulae have been posted here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/m0a8a/the_new_nebulaes_are_on_the_test_server_post_your/

  3. haha i couldn't give a rat's ass about the new nebulae, because tier3 bc's

  4. We are getting moar fitting slots in Fitting Management: 100 personal and 200 corporate :)


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