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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hit completely

Just a quickie.  A few months ago, I was pointing out a cool feature of Perpetuum was that you could see turrets visibly miss when it happened.  Wasn't much in the way of useful mechanics going on.  It was just visually visceral.  CCP apparently figured out how to do it, because it's now on SiSi, and it looks every bit as freakin' cool in EVE as it does with giant robots:

Not much more I can say about this one, except that it's a lot of fun to watch the bittervets on FHC continue to try to be bitter about it.  Well done, CCP!


  1. Awesome, yet another fix from CCP, at this rate they'll be caught up by next winter! But hey, at least they stopped digging. Keep up the good work!

  2. If you want to be bitter about it, simply point out that as per your predictions, this one is being hastily slapped together: misses are only depicted for shots that involve your ship as giver or receiver (or in this case, non-receiver). Thus it is merely cheap eye candy, not implemented properly. We'll get tired of it about five minutes into our first firefight.

  3. You know, about all those whiners about the missile turrets in FHC...I've always wondered why they don't just make missile turrets that fire a "shot" (aka FighterBomber "missile") out toward a designated, static point on the front of the ship, which converges and turns into a regular missile to fly away.

  4. you can also auto pilot to stations now

  5. Yeah, the time limit for "bittervets" who were protesting CCP, to have a change of heart expired about 2 weeks ago... players that "still aren't sure" are just going to come back and complain about everything, which is a bigger detriment to the game than having a bunch of klodgy and unfinished content is.

    It's perfectly clear now that CCP did not take the summer off as some have said, but instead has been working hard on many of the things they have shown lately ever since Incarna came out....mostly in silence while a very vocal element of the player populace browbeat them and ran their name into the dirt seven ways to Sunday.

    Right now, I wonder how many more rabbits CCP is going to pull out of their hat with still at least a month to go before launch.

  6. @Anon1715: At least one more would be nice: there hasn't been a word said yet about AF 4th bonuses.

  7. I'm also expecting something about downtime. Well, hoping for. Praying for?

    There was a devblog about downtime not too long ago. The last week of downtimes have been around 8 minutes long. According to the documentation, that's about enough time to reboot the server cleanly.

    Exhibit A: "Death to Downtimes" http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=817

    Exhibit B: "Making Our Backside Bigger" (they were making purchasing decisions based on this plan back in 2009) http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=663

    Yet another of the things that CCP has been working on for a long, long time, has received very little press, and will be forgotten within a few weeks of going live.

    Of course, I'm probably leaping to conclusions from a single assumption, but I'm sitting here with my pom-poms being a secret one-capsuleer cheersquad for the Virtual World Operations team :)

  8. I dunno if it will make it into the game, but right now on SiSi there is a "Ship Spinning Counter".... it appears at the bottom of the screen after you spin repeatedly for a little bit, and keeps a running count of your spins in dock during your current login session. When I logged right now, a player said they were at 26,000 spins.

    Kind of a silly looking rabbit, but a rabbit none the less:)

  9. Funny isn't it. CCP should do well to realise for a moment, that they created the "bitter". Yes, you did ... not only did CCP make decisions which were commercially dependant on an assumed continuity for several core user group types without providing the requirements for that continuity .. but as a company it also created the theme where connotations were applied to any nose not pointing the same way.

    You'd have to be pretty dumb to not realise the dangers in that. CCP is not the only company to crash that wall though, some people may remember how Adobe at a point structurally neglected its evangelist users (resulting several years later into course changes and various kneefalls), it is not something very uncommon tbh.

    I remember Torfi at one point stating "we don't need bitter players". I also remember him stating at a fanfest "people whining just don't get us, these bitter people should just quit". At the time not many people gave much thought to such statements, after all the show was great on stage. But once people realised that it was just a show, one that they had seen so many times, too many times even, the very mindset became clear and people engaged against it.

    Which resulted in a struggle during CSM5. Where CCP was half right (see Nathan's comments about the data of sales) and half wrong (missing both the relation between retention and sales as well as the retention challenge as being taken for granted). Which resulted in a few pants dropping, and a few people getting aspirations to take shelter from CSM while ensuring that the next CSM would better serve their aspirations.

    Thing is, CCP is more than just those few stone tablets. Things became very clear to customers, and they acted on it. Now things have become somewhat clear to CCP, and people there are acting on it. At a high cost, an unnecessary cost even, but so be it. Maybe one day those responsible will be dealt with.

    Either way, it is absolutely hilarious to see CCP staff confused on that thread on Failheap concerning the "bitter".

    Think for a moment guys. The "bitter" stamp was created by CCP early on, yes it was, the people (not simply Failheap btw, plenty communities with same or similar circumstances and patterns exist) that were made "bitter", are very often the same types of users that grew EVE commercially. It is worth doing a bit of study on. And yes, it is worth figuring out how it got to be that for years such communities were written off as "bitter". It is the same group behaviour that creates the stamp of "terrorists" applied to a CSM that created the stamp of "bitter".

  10. @Jester Just FYI, CCP announced that the changes for AFs would not be in the initial release for the winter expansion. They are apparently still planning to fix this later in the winter though.

    Link: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=301776#post301776

  11. This is a nice change. Anything that increases immersion is a good thing.

    Kind of unrelated, but it's only in videos like these that I realize how psychologically jarring those "screeches" are as damage breaches your ship. You must only hear those sort of subliminally when you're PVPing because you're so focused on getting range, overheating hardeners, saving your pod, etc. But wow, they are jarring :-)

  12. Yes! the ship spinning counter has to make it in.
    my life will then have meaning

  13. @Anon 01:22

    I think if the video game is causing this much drama for you, you should quit... and you should quit blaming other people for your bitterness.

    EVE is a video game bro, let it go.

  14. @Anon 1:22: Bitter medicine is often the best medicine. Even the most self-deluded of companies could not ignore the loss of so many tens of thousands of subscriptions at the heart-stopping rate that CCP experienced over the summer. That bitter elixir is directly responsible for the healing regrouping and refocus now underway. The CSM merely tipped the spoon to help the medicine go down.


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