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Friday, November 4, 2011

Junk drawer

There are an absolute ton of little things happening today, none of them big enough to have a blog post all to themselves, but all worthy of mention.

First, rulesaremyenemy on Twitter was nice enough to produce an absolutely lovely 360 degree panoramic shot on Sisi of the new nebula, though he didn't say in what region this picture was taken:

Looking at it, I think this is going to be the perfect mix of the deep black of open space, the grey-brown of the galactic ecliptic, and just enough color to let you know you're definitely in New Eden.  TGL3 also produced a very impressive three-picture series showing off Cloud Ring that is -- if anything -- even more impressive.  As I said on Twitter myself:
@TG_3 Holy crap, is that nice work! The nebula team should be REALLY proud of themselves. @CCPGames #tweetfleet
And to that I hold.

Second, please go read what I suspect will be one of Mynxee's last blog posts related to EVE Online.  Mynxee, I am very sorry to see you leave this game, and I hope to cross paths with you again, perhaps in another future MMO if not this one.  o7

Next, after saying that the CSM6 communication strategy needed work, I'm gonna go ahead and take credit for this thread on the EVE-O forums.  ;-)  In it, Mittens will apparently be answering direct questions from EVE players.  If you have one for him, go ahead and post it.  It's a great idea, and should have been done long ago, but now that it's up, I hope that it will stay active and that other CSM members will contribute to it as well.

A week or so ago, I started asking for additional blogs or websites for my list of links.  I've started watching most of the blogs in the comments to see if they'll hit the posting rate that I'm looking for.  One, by PoeticStanziel, is succeeding so far, so I'm going to go ahead and link to this blog.  Go give it a read.  Right now, it's mixing very interesting new player-oriented posts with posts about a circumnavigation of New Eden.  I'll be adding at least three or four more blogs links.  I was also pointed to a wonderful tool called the ICSC Jump Planner, which I had somehow never heard of.  I normally use dotlan to plan jumps in my capital ships, but this tool is much superior!  Go check it out.  Also check out the "Jump Range" link on the left, which is also quite useful.

Iam Widdershins put together an excellent list of the summary of upcoming changes in the winter expansion on the EVE-O forums.  Go give it a look.  There's nothing new there if you've been keeping up, but it's a great single-stop shop for seeing the entire list of what we can expect on TQ before Christmas.

And finally, there is yet another video blog today:

As you can probably see, it features the best visual ever showing why CCP Tallest has that name.  ;-)  That said, if you've been keeping up the last four or five days, there isn't a lot of new information in this video, either.

It does feature an extremely tired-but-happy looking CCP Soundwave.  Someone's clearly working hard.  There's also two new drop-ins: first, CCP is planning on a POS "fuel pellet" which will be "made", strongly implying that there's going to be another new BPO out there.  My money is on that BPO manufacturing a fuel pellet by combining the current five PI POS fuels (and probably Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone as well).  When you anchor your POS, drop in POS fuel pellets, drop in the appropriate isotope, and you're done.  This will go a long way to reduce or eliminate the annoying math associated with keeping POSes fueled.  It's also briefly mentioned that POS anchoring timers might be going away!

Second, Soundwave also mentions that "we've upped the value of anomalies", not collectively, but individually.  Individual anomalies will be worth more.  This is a good step toward backing off the April Sanctum/Haven nerf, but probably doesn't go far enough yet to address the imbalance between high-sec, wormhole, and null-sec PvE incomes.  Those living in worthless space will still be living in worthless space.  But hey, it's a start.

Other than Mynxee's announcement, good stuff all around!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Mr. Rip.

  2. I fired up SiSi just to look for the few minutes I could spare over my morning coffee.... I checked out the new BCs briefly, then undocked to look at the Nebulae (or at least what I could see from where I was). The ship I was docked in was a Gila, which has a new skin with Guristas decals that were not there before....

    All I can really say to sum up my short trip through SiSi is: OMG VINTER EXPANSION FAP FAP FAP FAP!!1!

  3. Autonomous MonsterNovember 4, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    "And how has the feedback been?"

    "The feedback has been... voluminous."

    HA HA HA.

    Yeah, true. ;)

  4. Soundwave looks like I feel after a 3 day binge... Get him a shower and some coffee STAT! Seriously, I know the playerbase is pissed at him to some extent, but who did he piss off at CCP that they threw him under the bus by sticking a camera in his face like that?

  5. Its also very possible that they will introduce four flavors of fuel pellets, that include the isotopes.

    Logic behind this is simple, the isotopes are used at the same flat rate that the PI materials are. Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone both adjust to the way the POS is fitted. In short, combining all the flat rate items into the pellets just seems a lot more logical, isotope or not. Tying up the isotopes in pellets will also increase cost and demand for isotopes for jump fuels.

    Now what do I personally hope for? Everything but strontium to be included into racial flavored pellets. Simple is just plain better in this case. Buy, fill fuel bay, done.

  6. @madhaberdashers

    Why is the player base pissed at Soundwave? I considered him to be one of the guys on our side at CCP. I enjoyed him on Alliance Tournament also.

  7. The image seems to be taken in the Amarr area. The two nebulae are the ones from Domain and Tash-Murkon as far as I can tell.
    Also the graphics improvements to the Caldari and Gallente ships are great

  8. I believe the 360┬║ sceenshot is in Esoteria :)

  9. @WarmAmmplePie

    His article in Fearless supporting selling game altering items for money.

  10. 360 panorama is from the left edge of the khanid region. The nebula to the right of the planet is located in aridia.
    uki aka rules

  11. @madhaberdashers

    Have you ever debated in favor of something you don't support to show how ridiculous it sounds?


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