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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kill of the Week: Attack of the clones

There are two tempting choices to go with for Kill of the Week this week.  In the end, though, I'm going to go with this one:

We all knew this day was coming, right?  Why yes, that is eighteen essentially identical Apocalypses, being piloted by eighteen essentially identical pilots.(1)  The player involved, who I know as Zhek Kromtor, has his own 28 pilot corp in Goonswarm.  As far as I know, all 28 pilots are active in separate accounts, and as far as I know, the same human controls all 28 of them.

Often at the same time.

Here's the guy's home set-up, if you want to have a look.  It's an impressive engineering accomplishment.  He's proven his ability to multi-box PvP... well, sort of, anyway.  Oh, I didn't mention that kill is part of a larger fight?  Here's the larger fight:

Yes, go ahead and start giggling, if you haven't already.  That would be eighteen essentially identical Apocalypses, and it turns out that all of them were -- yes! -- shield tanked.  And they were all supported by four identically fit Basilisks.  They came up against a roughly equal-sized Flying Dangerous fleet.  One hopes that the latter fleet had more than one pilot.  ;-)

Anyway, unlike the old-school Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer", this time The Ultimate Computer basically got its ass kicked, losing all four Basis and 11 out of the 18 Apocs.  Still, Zzek took on an entire fleet and got seven kills, including five Maelstroms including the one I chose as the KOTW.

On his website, Zzek says he's going to try running incursions solo next, but hey, he might have already done that and gotten bored with it.  There's no date on that website entry.  ;-)

Finally, what's above is my KOTW, but it's worth mentioning one other kill that happened this week:

Ouch.  Hope you wormhole residents have enough Sisters Core probes to last you a while.  I can't even begin to imagine what possesses someone to put 16 billion ISK into a tech 1 hauler.  But even more than this, I actually feel sorry for the ganker.  Talk about being hated on by the loot gods.  ;-)

(1) Though if you look closely enough at the various Zzeks, you'll see subtle differences in expression.  ;-)


  1. I thought that adding a second side monitor would be mad.
    Step 2 for that man is to buy supers

  2. Begun the Clone Wars have.

    Winter expansion is here.


  3. The Zhek fleet has definitely been spotted a few times in some high sec incursions. I think he started on vanguard sites, but the increased competition and high turnover pushed him to soloing assault sites now.

  4. I hope zhez get's robbed.

  5. wow now that's something to think about... if I wanted to be single and have no life...

    hey Jester o7 from Jarzen Frosted (EvE from SG days)


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