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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kill of the Week: Gas tank

This week's Kill of the Week is just gloriously, unbelievably fail:

Ah, kill, how do you fail me?  Let me count the ways.
  • If you're not gas mining with five T2 gas miners... seriously, don't bother.  It's just painful.  Gas Harvesting V or nothing at all, please.
  • If you're gas mining in a ship that doesn't even have five turrets, that's not painful, that's just dumb.
  • If you need to gas mine for approximately two continuous years in order to pay for your gas mining ship, that's not dumb, that's functionally retarded.
  • In my not so humble opinion, anyone who buys Large Core Defence Field Purgers for any reason whatsoever is a bad person and should feel bad.
  • But if you insist on fitting purgers, fit more than one damned LSE.  Passive recharge works by having shield HP to recharge with.
  • If you're going to omni-tank, please omni-tank.  80% EM resist and 93% kinetic resist is not omni-tanking.
  • All that said, why are you bothering with tanking a gas-mining ship, of all things?
  • Any ship in a wormhole that doesn't have a prop mod is just begging to die.
  • But this is doubly true for gas-mining ships, which should be dual-propped.  Those Gas Cloud Harvesters use only 5 grid for a reason.
  • I know I've covered this before, but if there is a fitting mod on your ship, make sure it's freakin' necessary, please.
  • In general, there's only two types of ships that should be fitting Inertia Stabilizers: high-sec haulers, and high-sec Orcas.
  • Gas mining ships should have some cargo hold space so that they can -- you know -- hold gas.

Using Core Defence Field Purgers is usually the fairly exclusive province of the Drake or the Ferox, which have the shield resists and buffer to pull these rigs off.  A Drake can passive recharge at around 300 DPS or so with a typical L3 or L4 mission Drake fit, and you're really defensively minded or have a good shield pilot aboard, you can push that number higher.  If you held me down and tickled me, I would be forced to admit that if you were going to put large Purgers on anything, then the SNI would be the ship to put them on.  Playing around with an SNI for about two minutes, I found a fit that got its passive recharge into the low 400s.

Still, this is not at all ideal.  SNI are buffer ships, intended to either have Logistics nearby or a local shield repper.  Even if you insist on cap-stability, a LSB2 SNI can get to a 500 DPS local rep omni-tank with no difficulty at all.  And it goes well above 600 if you buy yourself a faction LSB... higher still if you tank against specific mission rats.  SNIs are really really good at defense.

This passive-fit SNI had a recharge of around 200 DPS.

But honestly, why are you tanking a gas-mining ship at all?

Wormhole gas-mining is one of the many, many EVE careers that I've tried out.  I personally did it in a Myrmidon, and later in a Moa.  I'll post my fit for the Moa as the FOTW next week.  There's nothing particularly wrong with gas mining, other than it being deathly dull, like all mining is.  It's the sort of thing that I'd do because I lived in California, everyone else was asleep, and the Sleepers in wormhole gas sites are pretty easy to clear out solo in cheaper ships.  The guy building T3s in our wormhole would pay me a premium for my gas because its volume made it a pain to go to Jita for.  That made it worth doing.

But as I'll cover when I talk about the Moa, you learn fast that a gas-mining ship should be cheap, fast, agile, cloaky, and have a good amount of cargo room.  This Scorpion Navy Issue had none of these things.  Its death by fire was practically assured.

Finally, what is a Shadow of xXDEATHXx member doing in a class 5 wormhole?  Don't those guys have enough PvE options for ISK without hole-diving, too?  ;-)


  1. Gas mining can make sure decent amount of ISK via reactions. Looking at my last spreadsheet about it which is old information in it, it can make you about 1 Billion a month or so. That being said, something cheaper then this would have worked just as well.

  2. 1. Why would do you "need" a prop mod on a gas harvester? With the clouds over 80 klicks away, it's far faster to warp out and warp back in to the clouds. It's not as though you're in an asteroid field with kilometers of rocks to shoot -- you have two clouds, and they are quite spread out.

    2. Why "Cloaky"? You have to be well inside cloak-disruption range to actually use a harvester, and it takes a solid minute or more to get away from the bloody thing -- you stay effectively at 0 for ages.

    3. You're doing that thing where you make annoying blanket statements. Drake and Ferox have nice resists, but ANY teir2 BC can be fit with a solid passive shield fit. As far as large purger rigs go, I submit the rattlesnake. Hell, for that matter, you can fit a Dominix up with a decent passive PvE tank; it's not as though you need to the lows for damage mods.

    Now, to be fair, I gas mine in a Thorax, which pays for itself in about an hour, so I still think this kill is ridiculous, but there *are* other things to do with the mids besides dual props or a tank. A trio of ECCM, for example, so probes easily lock the Ladar anomaly 50km away from you long before they can resolve your ship.

  3. Shadow of xxDeathxx were actually among the first I started to see with 12-24 tower reaction chains in w-space. For a while there were quite a few such systems. I have been on a hiatus from w-space adventures as of late, so I have no idea if this is still the case.

  4. watching people waste isk like this on these kind of fits really makes me wish they'd just send it to my character instead.

    this is ...horrifying to say the least.

  5. The Nighthawk is also awesome for passive tank. Also, on the SNI you can get over 740 DPS omni-tanked, cap stable, with no faction other than a Caldari Navy Shield Boost Amplifer. LOVE the SNI for tanking.

  6. Read the first bullet, clicked the killmail link and the first thing to load was the ship image...saw the camo and just about messed my pants thinking it was a Rattlesnake.

    I had a "friend" who convinced a few of us to fit up cloaky-nulli gas harvesting T3s in order to ninja around and mine enemy gas pockets...biggest waste of a Loki I've ever seen. I ended up repackaging and selling the thing without using it once, thank heavens.

  7. Large Field Purgers are very good on a Rattlesnake, for example. Mine can get to 1.1k omni-tank with T2 mods. I think I had a Navy Scorp fitting somewhere that went to 700 passive omni-tank as well.
    As Doyce pointed out, a couple of ECCM modules would probably be much more effective than dual prop for this role.

  8. I'm interested to see your fit. IMHO, the only worthwhile fit is making yourself near unprobable. It should be easier to scan down your gas site than to scan down the ship. That way, you should have enough time to notice the probes on d-scan.


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