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Monday, November 21, 2011

Quote of the Week: Bonnie and Clyde

EVE players are in a good mood these days.  For the second time in a row, the QOTW just made me laugh:
At the end of Act 2, they are on the run from Concord; a famous criminal couple, The Bonnie and Clyde of New Eden, yet they are happy as never before. An artificial, booster-induced happiness, but happiness still.
It's one of the last lines from a post on the EVE-O forums by Krios Ahzek, and references the soon-to-be "Unholy Union" between Helicity Boson and The Mittani when Hulkageddon V starts early next year.  There's not going to be a mining ship safe anywhere, heh.  Traditionally, Hulkageddon starts in February, but of course, the Goon Blue Ice interdiction has been going on for about two months now.(1)

I've seen good evidence to show that large scale Blue Ice mining is moving out to "safer" systems in low- and null-sec, though, which is interesting.

The post itself is funny, a little "story-time" response to Helicity's announcement of the coming Hulkageddon on the EVE-O forums.  It's cute and not very long, so it's worth your time.  Go give it a read.

I don't have much more to say about this quote, so I'm going to wrap this post by nominating myself for a quote of the week credit for last week.  Like many EVE players, I've been spending far too much time in Skyrim.  My friends will tell you that I've been an Elder Scrolls fan-boy since the beginning.  While I don't currently think Skyrim is going to be the best in the series (that honor stays with ES3: Morrowind unless Skyrim's end-game really blows me away), it's definitely a lot of fun and I'm enjoying it immensely.  The #tweetfleet on Twitter has been full of Skyrim talk, which led me to comment:
The secret reason EVE players love Skyrim: they think they're saving EVE devs from dragons. It's the voice actors.
For those who haven't played it, Skyrim's voice actors have taken on Nordic accents of greater or lesser quality.  ;-)

Finally, expect the post count this week to be somewhat less than average.  In the U.S., this is Thanksgiving week, an annual holiday around here (and throughout the New World in different parts of autumn) in which we celebrate the fact that we're not Europeans.  ;-)

(1) Yes, I continue to track this.  No, it hasn't shown any signs of slacking off.


  1. Man alive, exactly how boring is it up there in Deklein? Someone needs to throw them a war or something ;)

    I know they like tears, but you'd think it'd get old eventually.

  2. Yay Skyrim! Personally I think Oblivion is the best so far but this new installment has been taking a drastic cut into my Eve time as well.

  3. Nah, best TES is Morrowind, actually Oblivion was the worst received TES game as far as I can remember. Heared rumors that some of the Morrowind devs came back for Skyrim.

  4. Daggerfall and Arena were both pretty much unplayable if you were gaming that long ago... Arena makes it so you pretty much can't get out of the first dungeon w/o cheating.

  5. Just popping in to comment: Skyrim has killed my Eve time lately as well. I will say the combat system leaves something to be desired regarding usefulness of certain "careers", but the overall game world is awesome.


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