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Monday, November 14, 2011

Under construction

A few of you might find this of interest.  At any given moment, I have four or five blog posts being written, or that are finished and going through editing.  Writing is often less about writing and more about re-writing.  In my experience, good writing can be summed up as "write once, re-write three times".  Particularly on my "tent-pole" posts, I'll write them two or three days before I actually publish them.  Then I'll review them every morning, tightening language, looking at the flow, looking for grammar and spelling mistakes, et cetera.

I can't do this with "breaking news" style posts -- those obviously have to be more timely. But my more analytical posts always follow this pattern.

Over the course of writing longer posts, I'll make notes in a little text file I have called "In process" that covers points I want to make.  Most blog posts start their lives in the "In process" file as an outline of points for that post.  However, if I find those points don't quite fit into the blog post I'm writing, I'll file them away deeper into "In process" on the off-chance that they'll fit better with a later blog post.

I've been going through and cleaning up my "In process" file this weekend, clearing out a lot of junk that is no longer relevant.  Still, one piece of junk glitters prettily, so I thought I'd share.  This is part of my notes regarding the CSM May Summit Minutes, which were released in July.  I was going to write a whole tent-pole post about those minutes, but over time, most of the points got folded out into smaller blog posts, leaving what's below that I never got around to writing about.  And by the time I started writing the longer post, these points became... well, just read them.  Trust me, in August, everything below made total sense.  ;-)
CCP doesn't see Team BFF/Little Things as a continuous improvement effort, but as a team that can be applied to their own work streams like any other team.  This is a bad thing.

Winter expansion will actually be handled as Incursions expansion was, with several moderately-sized expansions leading to a bigger implementation expansion.  This is a good thing.  Topics will be:
  • Incarna "Establishments"
  • Sovereignty iteration
  • Tweaks to super-caps
That is not so good.  There should be room for a lot of ship balancing between now and then.  And if we go a whole year without new in-space features, players are going to freak out.

The link between EVE and DUST 514 is clearly still in the very early planning stages.  This surprises me quite a bit.  I thought it was further along.

Everyone agrees that low-sec is broken.  So let's go fix null-sec.  >.<
Like I said, in August, these notes made total sense.  Other than the EVE/DUST link (which is clearly still in the early planning stages), it's funny how far we've come in only three months, isn't it?


  1. Lolsex/FW still broken. Nullsec revamp still a priority.
    IRL equivalents: Car dies, you take it to a mechanic, he says: "Well, ya blew a headgasket...lemme replace that transmission for ya."


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