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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I disbelieve

Just a quickie.

Anybody ever play old school Dungeons and Dragons?  If you did, you'll get this post.  If you didn't, I'm not going to bother to explain what D&D was or how it worked.  Sorry.  ;-)

The game had a terrible mechanic in which if the player believed what his character was seeing was an illusion, he could state "I disbelieve", then roll a dice.  If the number rolled was high enough based on the strength and believability of the illusion, the will of the character, and the evidence that character had that what they were seeing wasn't real, the GM would tell the player that yes, what they were seeing was in fact an illusion.

The mechanic led to players saying "I disbelieve" when presented with everything from a dragon eating townspeople to unfortunate infected hangnails.

Still, I feel the need to get this mechanic out for a bit, based on something in the Crucible 1.02 patch notes:
The jamming progress bar disappears correctly after jamming NPCs were killed.
I DISBELIEVE.  That bug has been in New Eden for as long as I have.  >:-P


  1. I have confirmed this bug about 15 times in the last 4 days doing some fleet mission running.

    Oh and theres a bug with belt rats in high sec giving an aggression countdown when you *return* fire.

  2. Odd, because I remember it wasn't showing up when I started back in May. I believe it was Incarna when I saw that bug.

    I do look forward to testing it tomorrow.

  3. hmm... I'd say I disbelieve it too, but tell me something first.

    When you are playing D&D with many people and they all say that they disbelieve what the GM is telling, what happens if some pass the test and some don't?

    I ask because if a considerable portion of Eve players decide to take this course of action, statistics tell us that some are going to pass the test and some won't, and I'm not entirelly certain I want to see the results of this in the Eve context =)

  4. As a DM, I usually had the players roll their own saving throws, etc., but the illusion roll was always made by me, behind my screen.

    Occasionally, I looked at the dice before letting the player know the outcome. As stated quite often in the Dungeon Masters Guide - it is part of the DM's role to ignore an inappropriate die roll.

  5. If someone successfully disbelieved something and told their party it was an illusion, I would sometimes give the believers a re-roll.

    What was great fun was when I would tell them they had successfully disbelieved something only to later find out it was real. He'll, you want to go around disbelieving everything I think you should once in a while succeed in convincing yourself that the real is not real.

  6. I am a bit superstitious actually, I think that jam screen bug keep other ships from succesfully jamming me. So I kind of dont want to see it go away.

  7. The jamming bug has been there for at least 3 years.

    And no, it doesn't block new jammers :(

    But I'll side with our host on this, I will it believe when I see it.

    Or rather don't see it ;)

  8. I got rid of I Disbelieve by rolling the dice myself, as a DM, and hiding the result. If the player rolls low, I would tell her that the very real danger is an illusion. After a while, people stopped asking.

  9. Damn, that mention of D&D and "disbelieve" caused some serious flashbacks!

  10. oddly enuf i didnt see the bug today i still disbelieve it tho


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