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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wrap-up and Kick-off

Welcome to the last two weeks of 2011!  Well, almost.  ;-)  It's also coming up on the end of the first full year of Jester's Trek.  I'd like to celebrate this little milestone in two ways.

First, over the next four days, I'm going to list what I think were the 25 most important, most influential, or favorite posts I wrote this year.  Consider it a sort of "Best of Jester's Trek, 2011".  I'm not a big one for clip shows typically, but I think it'll be fun to look back at some of the more interesting posts this year.  That definitely does not mean that this is all I'm going to post this week, though!  Other posts you can expect this week:
  • The Overheating Guide Errata;
  • The standard weekly features;
  • A short one about the EVE New Eden setting that amuses me;
  • Follow-up posts about meta mods and mission-runners and how these two topics are connected; and,
  • Garth has let slip that he will be hacking my blogging account one more time this year.  ;-)
There's also a couple of tent-pole posts coming before the year ends, one of which I think is really going to shake up people's view of the EVE new player experience.

Second... I'm going to try a little experiment.

One thing you're never going to read about me participating in on this blog are the dark side topics of EVE.  I'm not a corp thief, a scammer, a suicide ganker, or otherwise involved in EVE's more nefarious activities.  If you want to read about these topics, there's lots and lots of other blogs out there that will give you your fix.  I tried a little bit of suicide ganking for profit once, but I just didn't find it much fun.  I prefer targets that shoot back.  ;-)  Call it e-honor if you must, but I think I've spent too much time training and coaching EVE's newbies to prey on them.(1)  And I take my responsibilities as a RL leader too seriously to apply those skills to manipulate and steal from corps and alliances I join.(2)

But as a result, I'm generally pretty space-poor.  ;-)

Problem is, I have a couple of projects coming up in 2012 that are likely to be expensive.(3)  So I'm going to try a good old-fashioned pledge drive.

If anything you've read on this blog this year has made you smile, made you laugh, made you some ISK, or otherwise gotten you through a boring work day, gate camp, tower bash, or fleet op, I'm here asking that you throw a little ISK my way.  It doesn't have to be a lot; just whatever you can afford.  Alternately, if you have assets scattered around that you have been too lazy to get rid of, those are just as valuable to me.  Contract them over and I'll figure out a way to find new owners for them, or I'll put them to work myself.

Either way, send your contributions to Ripard Teg.  And let me know in an EVE mail if you want the fact that you contributed to be public or not.  Two of you out there have already been good enough to send me pretty sizable contributions already this year; please send me an EVE mail and let me know if you want those contributions to be public.

I'll be shaking the tin cup over the next four days in the "Best Of" posts, concluding with what I thought was my best post of 2011 on Friday.

And if you don't want to contribute, that's perfectly fine, too.  I blog because I get a great deal of enjoyment out of blogging, not for profit.  If you just want to stop by and read, and maybe comment, that's certainly good too!  Thanks for reading my stuff in 2011, and I look forward to writing a lot more for you in 2012!

(1) Unless they come out to null or deep low-sec, of course, in which case they're fair game.  ;-)
(2) Though God knows, I've been given ample opportunity to do so over the years had I been so inclined.
(3) If you can't guess, you haven't been paying attention.  ;-)


  1. I have been entertained with your blog for some time now and will shoot some isk your way, I have always wondered if your characters name is some form of anagram, unscrambling it I always come up with Pirate RDG which could be initials I guess but it is an interesting name.

    I used to be very active in the Tradewars community and this was a popular thing to do with screen names at the time. I have always felt that eve is the greatest direct port of tradewars ever, and one can never go back to a text only game after experiencing it in 3d


  2. "I'm going to list what I think were the 25 most important, most influential, or favorite posts I wrote this year."

    Umm. Really? That's a tad odd, no?

  3. @Zandramus: thanks.

    @Poetic: is it odd? OK, it's odd. I've made a business of being different from other EVE bloggers. ;-) But lots of non-EVE blogs I follow have "best ofs" at the end of the year.

  4. It seems more than a little self-congratulatory and, perhaps, overestimating one's impact on the environment in which the posts live.

    I'll still read them. ;) It's cool if your readers want to pat you on the back, but to be doing it yourself ...

    I like your blog. I like lots of what you say. Just don't get a big ol' head about it. You do, it will all go downhill. And I won't have you to read anymore.

  5. Eh, I get what you're saying, but it's a few posts out of 500+ this year. They'll be buried by this week's new content alone.

  6. I've been reading since day one and I'm so happy you're still going strong. Hands down, your blog is not only the best of all the Eve blogs, it's also one of the best blogs on the web PERIOD....and I read a lot of them. Your writing is so richly detailed and engaging and it's one of the blogs I get a jolt of excitement about every single time my RSS feed sends me an update.

    So, not only will I be sending you some ISK in support, but I think I have another goodie or two I can send your way as well.

    I've been un-subbed for some time now (time and money constraints, not because I don't still love New Eden and CCP!) and I'm going to re-sub in a few days for two reasons: 1) as a show of support for CCP and their awesome, clear-headed new direction in hopes that it continues and 2) to donate to you, one of my all time favorite bloggers!

    One more thing though: please don't ever go to work for CCP, as that would likely spell the end of this beautiful blog...one that tells it like it is, uncensored.

  7. I don't mind Jester doing a recap. I've only discovered Jester in autumn, so I missed most of the posts. It's also nice to see how things evolved in the last year.

  8. Poetic Stanziel: you're an asshat. Jester SHOULD have a bit of a big head (only for a short time though, k Jester?) about this amazing blog he's created. So scurry on back to the hole you came from now...

  9. I'd through you isk but I have 10k isk on both characters and am currently struggling to l4 mission run with hybrid turret gallente pilot, so until I get my hac or a navy mega all isk must be saved :P.

  10. I think Stanziel may be mis-reading Jester's "best of" as meaning the "best of EVE Blogs"... not the best of HIS blogs. I sure hope that's the case anyways, otherwise I gotta agree with the guy who called him an asshat. ;-)
    Jester is perfectly within his right to pick out his favorite posts, his "best work" and set it out in a "portfolio" post if he so chooses.

    I don't have a whole lot of liquid ISK at the moment but I'll be more than glad to part with some faction/deadspace stuff I have and that you may be able to put to good use. :-) Will send an in-game EVEmail soon.

  11. If I'm not mistaken, the Teg part of Jester's name comes from Miles Teg, the Burseg in the last Frank Herbert-authored Dune novel. I might be totally off base here. >.>

    Ripard... no idea. Google tells me it's not an uncommon last name though.

  12. Yeah, I was likely being an asshat. Reading his best of list, it's pretty good. A nice compendium.

    Rip has every right to be proud of this blog. It's the best EVE Online blog available, and chock full of great tutorials and insight. He writes very well.

    His recent Overheating tutorial came at the perfect time. Just as I was getting into overheating. And it convinced me to train some of those skills up a little higher immediately.

    One thing I'd like to see before year-end, a compendium of links to all the FotW posts. So I can STAR it in Google Reader and refer back to it later. There are ships in there I'm going to eventually get into, and I'd like a nice quick back-reference to them. An index of sorts.

  13. Agreed with Stanziel. FOTW reference chart ftw.
    Not to say you should mimic anyone else but Azual has a great "quick reference" page of his important "how-to" guides accessible from the the header of his blog. Just somethin to think about. :-)


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