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Friday, February 3, 2012

KOTW: Circumstantial evidence

This week's KOTW is just one I found really interesting.  Not particularly expensive or anything, just interesting:

First things first: Rooks and Kings are pro.  I might bitch about them from time to time, but these guys know what they're doing.  And in a extremely tough alliance, Guillotine Therapy is one of their best corps.  They have a 90% efficiency rating measured over almost three years.  I might bemoan R&K's over-reliance on reps and Logistics to put risk aversion onto a pedestal and worship it, but hey... if that's what you're going to do, this corp does it better than almost anyone else in New Eden.

So the first thing you have to assume when you're looking at a R&K loss-mail is that they knew what they were doing when they fit it that way.

Because on paper, even the idea of a shield-fit Moros is remarkably bad.  And the idea of two of them is even worse.  Clearly these are fail-fits.  Clearly.  And if you were looking at anything but an R&K ship, you could just assume that and go on with your life.

There's only one tiny tiny, baby-sized problem with this assumption.  These Moroses, two just like them, and one carrier ripped the living crap out of an enemy fleet with twice their caps, a tower, and a strong defense fleet.  How does that happen exactly?

The trick is where this fight happened: J151909, a class 5 Pulsar wormhole.

One of the things that null-sec and low-sec PvPers tend to forget is that a lot of the wormhole systems have environmental effects that greatly adjust the characteristics of ships that fly there.  Pulsars have the following effects:

Signature Radius+85%
Armor EM Damage Resistance-34%
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance-34%
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance-34%
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance     -34%
Shield Capacity+85%
Capacitor Recharge Cycle+41%
Targeting Range+85%

Suddenly, the idea of bringing an armor-tanking fleet doesn't seem like such a hot idea, does it?  ;-)  That means you're bringing a shield fleet into this wormhole.  And as long as you're bringing shield dreads, why not bring Moroses?  Few people can fly Naglfars or Phoenixes, and the only real disadvantage to the Moros is how cap-hungry its guns are.  With a large cap recharge bonus, suddenly that becomes quite a bit less of a problem.  The shield capacity bonus, meanwhile, gives the Moros that was killed a million more effective hit-points.  Yeah... a million.  So I suspect it took the defense fleet a while to get that kill...

One thing that R&K do so very right is theory-craft the hell out of their setups.  A nice and often-overlooked feature of EFT is that it can simulate wormhole environmental effects with no problem.  Look in the upper left-hand corner of the tool with the other ship modules, right under "Gang Assist Modules" and you'll find "Environmental Effects".  Click on the "Projected Effects" button at the bottom of your ship fitting and a small window will open up below the ship's modules.  Drag the appropriate wormhole effect into that box and you'll be able to see how that type of wormhole affects your favorite ship fitting.

Keeping an eye out for wormhole environmental effects is something that null-sec and low-sec corps looking for a little w-space pew need to keep in mind.  If you decide to go hunting in a hole, make sure your FC or your scout is using Static Mapper or another trusted mapping site to keep an eye out for these kinds of effects!  Static Mapper has the advantage that it works quite well in EVE's in-game browser.

Though this fitting looks fail at first glance, the circumstances made the ship a lot more impressive than it might otherwise appear...


  1. Full battle. Would love to see a video of this:

  2. I suppose I'm not seeing why a shield Moros would be a bad idea, filling the low slots with mag stabs and tracking Enhancers gives it some serious dakka dakka.

    1. True, but the buffer just isn't there to make this workable without spending a ton on it. And spending a ton on it makes you extremely unhappy if a super-carrier or Titan ends you.

      This isn't a problem in a wormhole, which is why these two Moroses were so shiny.

  3. i also would love to see that video

  4. You know, the funniest thing about this is that on both R&K losses, there are lots of haters saying R&K is bad, but yet R&K did nothing different then the Exiled corp members. Every one of their capitals is shield tanked.

    In fact, R&K's moros only use more resists/damage mods. But yet you don't see anything about the exiled Moros pilots using cap shield boosters.

    R&K didn't have a strategy advantage in the fight, both capital fleets had Shield resists and local/remote rep. Also it wasn't like Exiled never re-shipped, bringing in more capitals.

    The only real difference would be strategy of FC, and all out experience. It's always good to see that numbers/blobs aren't everything, and that is how w-space works.

  5. One thing that battle report won't reveal is how many ships in the Unseen Nomads fleet were on grid at any given time. It also doesn't show how many of those ships were unpiloted when they died.

    Guillotine Therapy is without a doubt frighteningly efficient at what they do. I still feel that battle report is misleading however. The true fleet composition for Exiled can probably be summed up by the number of pod kills.

  6. Well also the element of suprise R&K would have. As well as R&K having their good fits on before they attacked. Exiled might have already had pvp fits on or might not have or might need small changes to it, but it would be too late for that or awkward to at leas.

  7. Let me see if I understand, a Naglfar would still be better in this situation, it's just that it's hard to find a skilled pilot for one so they had to adapt from what they had.

  8. o/
    Some details :
    We were on the pos RF'ing the tower. We expected they were forming to fight here after two days of cat-and-mouse game.
    They warped into the tower to be positioned outside, the result is the br.
    We have not caught so much pod because they were returning into the FF for reshipping.
    Also thanks to Exiled for Giving us an awesome tense fight, they play well, with some success (I lost my Sleipnir .. :)).

    For the Moros, he is awesome, particularly in WH where you not see SuperCapitals and blob of 150+. With a shield fit, you can give to him an insane dps.

    Mrblop - Guillotine Therapy


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