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Monday, February 27, 2012

Quote of the Week: Cutting edge

Hilmar Pétursson and David Reid, CEO and CMO of CCP respectively, have been busy doing interviews lately.  This week's QOTW comes from one they did with Rock Paper Shotgun over the weekend:
RPS: Every time you’ve updated the game, you’ve kept it cutting edge.
Pétursson: Exactly. Some could argue that we’ve brought it too close to the cutting edge. (laughs)
Having a sense of humor about your company's mis-steps in the last year?  Who are you and what have you done with the real Hilmar?  ;-)

I don't have too much more to say about this interview -- it mostly covers business topics -- except to point to a section in which Hilmar points out some of the technical aspects of the DUST servers.  That made me wonder if we've been told anything specific about how DUST 514's back-end would operate.  We were told way back in June (and we're told here again) that DUST and EVE will essentially run on the same server (the Tranquility cluster in London).  But in June, we were told that more regional clusters would handle the actual DUST ground combat.  It'll be interesting to see more details on these technical elements when CCP feels comfortable releasing them.

The other thing that caught my attention: at one point, Hilmar -- while talking about multi-platform support and multiple "gateways" into the EVE Online universe -- says this:
Just to show the desire to access Eve through multiple devices, the Android applications have as many as 500,000 downloads on the Android app store.
Uhhh... OK.  What EVE-related app has 500,000 downloads?  Aura has "100,000+", which appears to be far and away the most popular EVE-related Android app (if you have an Android device and you're not using Aura, you are a bad person and should feel bad).  No other EVE-related app that I could find came close to that, much less had five times as many downloads.  Even Vendetta Online only has 100,000...  ;-)  Am I missing one?

Oh, and when the question of subscriptions versus micro-transactions comes up, Reid brings up that hoary old golf analogy!  Gee, I wonder where he heard that analogy?  Hilmar, please stop using that golf analogy and please stop sharing it with people.  We don't like it...

Huh.  I guess I did have a few things to say about the interview.  ;-)  Anyway, if you're interested in the technical aspects of the MMO business and market-place, go give it a read.  If you play EVE to play EVE, you can skip it.


  1. "the Android applications have as many as 500,000 downloads on the Android app store."

    Total. It isn't saying an android application. It says all the eve related apps together have "as many as 500,000 downloads"

    You are really nit-picking minor stuff lately. Just tired of the same old big issue that haven't been fixed?

    1. Even if that's true, it's still quite a stretch.

  2. It's not lying; it's marketing!

    I'm quite interested in the comments that the Eve API will be expanded on and repackaged into a suite (whatever that means). I'm keen to see what this increased functionality will provide, and what its funding model will be.

    1. There is a tweeting of this topic on a CCP tweet site. He asks what things the players want API info access to and what from the game they could do, while not logged into the game. Mostly was market and skill access and control, with some people worried about bots.

      Sadly forgot the CCP devs name.

  3. He's probably counting downloads of updates as well as the original download. *evil grin* But seriously, you know CCP and numbers don't always have an evidence-based relationship...

  4. I would have thought you'd have found the following (on PLEX) interesting too:

    "... we run a pretty tight control of the economy, with our chief Economist who monitors this and a team of people who act as our Statistics Bureau, and we try to stay ahead of it if someone’s speculating on the market to corner it and drive up prices."

    1. I didn't find that comment interesting because CCP makes that comment all of the time.

      Yet, I cannot place my finger on anything that that economist has done to influence the Eve economy other than to make quarterly economic reports - and he doesn't even do that anymore.

    2. I've always heard of CCP saying "if there were problems we would step in" but I didn't think I'd seen a "we have stepped in"/"we step in regularly" comment from them, which this sounds like.

      I'm probably just not paying attention so forgive me!

  5. "regional clusters" would mean no shared universe for Dust - American, Russian and Chinese can no longer be on one team on any server.

    On the other hand, having shared universe requires the shooter to be playable at 100ms ping. Quake just isn't; Planetside barely is through clever predictive algorithms in client, and through game design. This is a major major issue for a shooter, if they do not solve it, they can forget about shared universe, and meaningful Eve link

  6. downloads do not equal installations. the android market sais between 100k and 500k for the app.
    there are a shit load of more apps out there, and several of them have quite good user numbers, so its not totally off to make an estimate of 500k downloads for all apps.


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