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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

End(?) of an era

I'm not one of those guys that throws the word "ancestral" around lightly, but if there's any system in New Eden that deserves the moniker, it was until today C-J6MT, the ancestral home of Red Alliance.

This system has been Red Alliance's capital since before systems were referred to as "capitals".  ;-)  They've held the system on and off (mostly on) since there was a C-J6MT.  Sure, they've lost it a time or two.  Atlas pushed them out twice in 2009, for instance, and Atlas held it until their collapse in late summer 2010.

The thing about "See Tack Jay", though, is that even if you push Red out, they always come back, and they come back twice as big, twice as mean, and twice as pissed off.  Russia has never lost Moscow to an invader for more than a few days, but I like to think that if they ever did, their reaction to that calamity would be roughly the same as Red Alliance's reaction to losing C-J when it happens.

It's kind of funny because the system itself isn't that good.  It's difficult to defend, sitting as it does on a major crossroads between Etherium Reach, Scalding Pass, and Wicked Creek.  The true-sec is terrible, the planets are terrible, and the mining is worse.  Maybe if you could use the system as a staging hub for PvP, it'd be nice, but you can't because it's such a bad system that it's soon surrounded by a mass of friendly territory, taken more as an afterthought (or later, for psychological reasons) than as a true base.  If it wasn't for the NPC station it supported, there would be nothing whatsoever to recommend the system.

But today, as of 0118 EVE time 7 March, that station is in the hands of Against ALL Authorities.

I find myself having somewhat mixed emotions about it.

I've been on the receiving end of three Red Alliance invasions, most notably alongside that very same destruction of Atlas.  Red has never ever been shy about invading other people's territory, and they're good at it (Delve residents, take note).  And I know -A- has been on the receiving end of this, and was dying for some payback.  So, in that sense, I'm glad.  Someone finally and forcefully shoved a whole lot of Red's own medicine down their throat.  I'd be lying if I didn't say I hope they choke on it.

On the other hand, a bit of EVE's history has ended today, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently.  And I can't help feeling a little wistful about that, too.

There's also a bit of a warning here.  Against ALL Authorities (and your allies), great job today.  You worked hard, and definitely earned your victory from what I heard.  But keep in mind what happened to the last alliance that captured Red's ancestral home system...


  1. RA fleet numbers have been dropping ever since the invasion began. I think they're going to Delve to die. They might have some initial victories against Nulli renters, but if Nulli feels threatened, they'll head home and stomp the last few breaths of life out of RA.

    Additionally, keep in mind that most of RA's fleet numbers were in fact brought by renters, and without space to rent, they will soon find themselves alone and without allies.

    Also of note is the fact that The Mittani sought to polish people's view on Goons' e-honoure by brining a large Drake fleet to the fight. (He personally claims he only wanted Blue status to get a Thorax out of station, though. vOv )

  2. uh... you do know that Napoleon entered an undefended and largely abandoned Moscow, don't you?

  3. Yeah, you're technically correct. I'll make that correction. I tend to disregard it because Napoleon held Moscow for about ten days, during most of which it was on fire. ;-)

    1. The russiand didnt worry about their vodka, cuase they knew the french like wine? Why no defense?

  4. Oh snap. And I missed the CTA, because of technical problems. I KNEW I would regret that. Epic.

  5. Solar Fleet has it now....

  6. Also, you do realize that C-J changed from russians to... russians!
    Its not like getting invaded by a diferent country but more like changing the political party in Moscow :p

  7. This system is indeed often regarded as a kind of holy cow. Hell, Goons even gathered as much as 360 people to travel manually across half the map to defend it yesterday. Everyone joined the fun. But if you look at the related you won't see much RA itself there. This Moscow was really already abandoned.

    Still the battle was truly intense and had RA gathered a fleet themselves I firmly believe the battle would end very differently. Not that I think it would change things in the long run, but exactly what could be expected given the history you mentioned. Yet RA today is not the same as RA of 2006 and AAA is not Lotka Volterra.

    Instead RA wanted a payback of their own: the enormity of the structure grind to claim territories RA abandoned would put southern allies, especially AAA, in the same shoes RA and WN were in when AAA retreated to NPC space during DRF invasion. All timers are properly set for US time zone, and cynical comments ensue.

    1. Goons jumped through a wormhole, thats why they bothered to come!

      And structure grinding... AAA did it in providence before where almost every system had a station and timers were set to US TZ too! I remember the FC complaining about CVA dropping a station in almost every single system :p

  8. Heh, "I Was There..." for about 5 mins while Tye-Dye was kicking in as local hit 1800...once Tye-Dye actually set in, I was in a pod. lol. Oh well, it was cool to be "involved" in something that big, I guess.
    Now back to small gang shit and roams for me.


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