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Friday, March 2, 2012

Kill of the Week: Bat phone

First, let's go with what I planned as my KOTW this week:

There's a really funny story behind this Aeon kill.  It's detailed in this coverage from EN24 (which includes a video), but it deserves to be explored in some detail.

Short version: a Helios was scouting around low-sec when it spotted an Aeon on directional scan.  The pilot -- I think the Helios pilot in question was Wolodymyr -- launches some combat probes and scans it down, to his surprise, finding the Aeon at a Customs Office.  The Aeon is attacking the structure with fighter-bombers.  Already, we have three very smart things happening here:
  • Helios pilot practicing moving around non-high-sec systems.
  • Helios pilot using directional scan while doing so.
  • Helios pilot practicing using combat scanner probes on things he finds on directional.
But the Helios pilot is about to go from "smart" to "pure genius".  He engages the Aeon pilot in a bit of conversation in Local.  The Aeon pilot, Cyber God, points out that shooting a POCO with a super-cap is:
faster than doing it in a battleship, and a kill mail is a kill mail.
Uhhh... OK.  First dumb mistake by the Aeon pilot.  But Cyber God gets nervous, warps to a safe, and logs out.

And in the process, he completely forgets that he was aggressed the instant the first fighter-bomber missile hit that POCO.  He's going to stay logged into EVE for 15 minutes.  Had the Aeon pilot remained cloaked in his safe-spot for those 15 minutes, all would have been well.  Second dumb mistake.  The Helios rescans the Aeon pilot, warps to him, and here's where the genius comes in: he realizes that if he aggresses on the Aeon, it will remain logged in.  He doesn't have any combat mods fitted initially, but it's low-sec, so he scrambles to a neighboring system, buys a combat drone, loads it in the Helios's drone bay, returns to the scanned-out Aeon, and opens fire.  Genius!

The Aeon pilot, meanwhile, neither logs in his ship nor even sends an alt to the system to make sure it's OK and safely logged out.  Third dumb mistake.

The Helios, obviously, can't kill an Aeon, but now he puts out the call.  "Bat-phoning", this is called, after the old Batman comic/TV show.  Former bad relationships, if any, are always put aside for the opportunity to get a super-cap kill.  The call initially goes to Against All Authorities, who can't help, but the call from there goes to CVA, who can... and do.  When this happens, you can expect the word to spread like wildfire through regional intel channels, corp and alliance public channels, even Twitter.  The exact very same thing happened to Pandemic Legion a few days later when they got some of their super-caps tackled: the bat-phone call went out far and wide, and lots of alliances put aside their animosities to kill some supers.

Down-stream effects?  As correctly stated in one of the comments on the EN24 story:
  1. The aggression mechanic is working as intended.  n1 CCP.
  2. Pilot skill > ISK.  The Helios pilot understood the aggression mechanic better than the Aeon pilot did.
  3. A pilot in a small corp inflicted billions in losses against a very large null-sec corp.  Butterfly effect FTW.
  4. An Oracle is second-highest damage on this KM, and were extremely prevalent and effective against the PL supers a few days later.  Tier3s are also working as intended.
These kinds of stories are why a lot of people play EVE.  ;-)

As I was putting the finishing touches on this post, though, I was pointed to an excellent runner-up for KOTW:

Know how I was bitching a few days back that we never see technetium ganks?  Yeah.  This.  We should see this kind of thing happening all the time and we currently don't.  This jump freighter and this Itty V are the only tech ganks anyone's been able to point me at, and both happened in the last 48 hours.  More like this, please.  Thanks to Werit and Zenver for the pointers!


  1. There was a hunge gank of a White Noise tech frieghter by Moar Tears during the Branch campain. If memory servers it was something like ~20 billion. Too much :effort: to look for it now.

    1. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=11976492

      This was it.

  2. From your own comment section.


    Read your comments, ya?

  3. Butterfly effect indeed :)

    And awesome work by that Helios pilot: don't give up just because it's an impossibly huge target, look for ways to kill that thing given the tools you have at your disposal :)

  4. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12643102


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