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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kill of the Week: Focus fire

This week's kill of the week is less about how interesting the ship being killed is and more about the mechanics of killing it:

This kill is one of the ships destroyed in the "Trebor Daehdoow dies!" article in EN24 this week.  While I had intended to use Trebor's KM and tease him a bit about "spending a few days dead for CSM election reasons", as he put it, I thought this Tornado kill was much more interesting.

On paper, it's not the sort of kill-mail that attracts much notice.  Still, in the videos that accompanied the EN24 article, you'll notice some of the most off-hand, dubious tackler flying that I've seen in some time.  The pilot almost never goes within gun range of anything; virtually all of his damage is done with a pair of assigned drones that seem to wander all over the battlefield.  If you watch the damage notifications on the pilot's screen, you can see this happening: the drones move from target to target almost randomly.  It's kill-mail whoring of the worst kind.  The pilot involved ignores the primaries called by the FC and can't even be bothered to assign their drone DPS to someone who could make good use of it.

And a closer look at that kill-mail will show that he wasn't alone.  This single Tornado took enormous amounts of drone damage from a variety of sources.  Only a handful of Oracles ensured that the target actually died.  Most of the time, this Tornado pilot was taking random drone damage which no doubt was applied, then peeled off to whore on someone else, then applied again later after his shields had recharged, repeat.  In the end, if the KM is to be believed, the Tornado took more than 240,000 effective HP of damage, the bulk of it from essentially non-combatant tacklers and logis misapplying their drone damage.

That's enough damage to kill six or eight Tornadoes.

Now, it can be argued that you shouldn't rely on drone damage at all.  But if you're going to use it, it's very important that it be applied correctly.  A humble flight of unbonused Warriors or Hobgoblins can put out between 50 and 75 DPS each, but if that damage if scatter-shot applied to a half-dozen ships, each with their own ideas about what targets the FC should have called instead of the ones that he did call, then you may as well not bring those drones at all, really.

It's KMs like this that make me stress that when an FC calls a target, ALL of the available DPS should be applied to that target.  Four or five ships worth of light drones does 300-375 DPS... that's significant!  Hell, applied continuously, it's enough DPS to kill a Tornado by itself in a minute or so.  But if that DPS is being dissipated across multiple targets all with shield recharge, then again, it may as well not even be there.

Except to whore on KMs, of course.

With that in mind, watch the videos again and this time, focus on the drones friendly to the pilot recording.  Look at how scattered they are.  Watch how often they attack things they have no chance of killing, like capital ships.  Watch how often this pilot just basically sits out the battle instead of doing the tackler's job of tackling things.  Makes you wonder how this battle would have played out if that pilot's FC could have counted on all of his available DPS on the primary...

Anyway, just something that caught my attention this week.  I'm sure there were more expensive KMs, but this was the most interesting to me.


  1. Weren't you complaining about a lack of stupid pilot in the previous post? :P

  2. No, I was complaining about the lack of stupid pilots in large groups. This is sort of this week's exception to the rule. ;-)

  3. If you want an example of a frig "doin' it right" during that fight, check out this Enyo: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12718079
    Almost 26k damage inflicted on a frig, and that's with 3 vindis and a rapier on the mail.

    Also, did you notice the dual prop oneiros fit DNS is using now?

  4. There's a reason logi pilots call them "whoredrones." The whole point in letting us have them in our fits was so less people would skip flying logi under the excuse of never getting killmails.
    As to the tacklers and such...meh.

  5. I was one of the triage pilots, he was primaried by all of the AF's guns AND drones for 3-4 minutes while myself and the other triage kept him alive.


  6. it was 240k actual damage (god only knows how much EHP that would've been), if even 1/4 of their frigs actually had primaried me I wouldve died very early. Also I told the triage carrier to just let me die if I took fire, his response "Challenge Accepted". Admirable job of keeping a shield ship alive in that

  7. The damage on the KM is because of the otherside logistics just like the reason behind the arazu of smokeydapot not getting killed.

    I would sugest more attention to the video's.


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