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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Picture of the Week: Twins

I wasn't going to post this, but it went public, so now I'm going for it.  ;-)

Check out this picture, taken at Fanfest:

The person on the left is Mittens.  The person on the right is one of my alliance leaders, Bacchanalian.  Or is it the other way around?

It's kind of hard to tell.

Needless to say, Rote Kapelle and Veto membership had a lot of fun with this...  So far, Bacch has scammed a third-party transfer of a super-carrier (and pocketed the money), promised docking rights in VFK to Raiden, encouraged Gents and two other alliances to invade Intrepid Crossing space because they'll get Goon help, told 137 pubbies that he'd sponsor their entries into Goonwaffe, and subtly threatened a CCP employee that he was going to get beaten up at the CSM May Summit.

And of course, everyone... everyone in Rote Kapelle and Veto walked up to Mittens and said "Hey Bacch!  How's it going?" or something like it.

Even CCP Punkturis apparently had some fun with it.



  1. As a gay dude, they're both cute, but as a Goon, my vote and my heart are in one place.


  2. CCP Punky had some fun with it? I followed that link and if that's fun then I'm glad I don't give any fscks about twatter.

  3. Spooky resemblance.

    Not terribly sure if this is something that interests you, but on March 22nd, CCP sent out coupons for 75% off Crucible on Steam.

  4. Any chance you will be weighing in on CCP's ideas for Faction Warfare? What they proposed in their fanfest talk sounded terrible to me, both in terms of their stated goals and the ability of the proposed changes to accomplish those goals. It seemed like they wanted to replicate nullsec to a significant degree.

    This topic would certainly benefit from your critical eye directing them to a wiser path.

  5. does Bacchanalian have a good alibi for during the Alliance Panel on Thursday? are we sure he wasnt posing as Mittens

    1. Funny you ask, I actually posted in the original Mittens apology thread that he couldn't remember saying it not because he was too drunk, but because it was me who did it.

      I got a lot of forum likes out of it. No response from him or anyone else really though. :P


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