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Monday, March 19, 2012

QOTW: Win in a few months

With all the chit-chat lately about EVE's end-game possibilities lately (and me thinking about that very same topic myself), I liked this quote:
This game is not for pussies or 14 year? old trolls. It is made for intelligent, mature players and it's difficulty weeds out the weak and the whiners. that is one reason it is such a great game. If you want an easy, pointless game you can win in a few months go back to WOW out one of the dozens of clones just like it. But if to want a challenging game with real risks, tactics, teamwork that you can play for years and years and still get your adrenaline pumping, play EVE.

It's the top-rated comment on one of CCP's latest "introductory" videos, "CDIA Files: Pilot Orientation".  It was a video associated with the latest trailer, "Awakening" (which I pretty much hated from start to finish).  However, there are two CDIA Files so far, this one and "Agent Missions", and these two videos are much superior, in my opinion.  Maybe it's the total lack of wooden acting.  ;-)

Everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion of what EVE's "end-game" is.  That, in itself, is part of the sandbox experience.  What is EVE's end-game?  It's whatever you make it.  Therefore, anyone who points you to anything in EVE and says "X is the end-game of EVE" is simultaneously right and wrong.  Unlike Mass Effect 3, EVE ends when and where you want it to end... if you want it to end.

Anyway, it was kind of funny to me, seeing this proselytizing on EVE's end game on comments on a video which are so squarely aimed at people just starting their EVE careers (if they've even started playing).

This also tickled my fancy this week, though it didn't quite rate QOTW honors:
There's a joke shared within my corp and a few others. Wormhole space is ruled by a mysterious god, named Bob. He controls connections for all of w-space and in his realm, you are at his mercy. It's silly, but you can't deny the inherent chaos of wormhole mechanics. We've got nothing else to blame, why not Bob?
That one's Yashir Wong at FHC.  Yashir, there's some Amarrian cultists here that say they want to have a word with you...

All hail Bob!


  1. Bob... that's a nickname for the "bright orange ball" that I picked up in the desert

  2. I have 3 dogs, does that mean I get 4 opinions? ;-)

    Getting a solo kill-mail (and a LEGIT solo KM, no off-grid boosts or anything like that) on a Draek! would be my PvP endgame. lol Not really.

    I used to think that just living in null would be the "end game", but as a newb just a month or two into the game your goals are pretty vague and "easy" like that.

    Now, I dunno. Gal HACs, Recons, & T3 with good skills on my main? Carrier pilot alt with great skills? That's the current goal.

    Nice thing about EVE -- when you reach one goal, you're always free to set another. :-)

  3. I love the qotw, Jester. I love EVE in that the "end game" really is what you make of it. If you want to be a big alliance leader, its possible (albeit now somewhat difficult), or if you want to sit in high sec and bling out ships. Its possible.

    Right now, my goal is to max out my Vengeance, then Sacrilege, followed by a HAM Legion and finally the Damnation being my "end game". I Have deviated somewhat from it to get PI and some other "non-essential" skills, but I am still focused on that maxed Damnation goal. Hopefully they dont screw my ship line up with the new "balanced roles" coming.

    But thats a whole other conversation and blog post....

  4. "It is made for intelligent, mature players" I'm sorry .....but i LOL'd. A quick browse through EN24 comments and general EVE terminology does seem to confirm this!

  5. It's weird reading your writing published elsewhere...

    As for those cultists, I can defer them to our answering service at VII-4. Ask for Mrs. Multifreq.

  6. BoB hasn't been God for a few years in EvE now, but they had a pretty good run for a while.

  7. You can set your "end-game" and take years to get at it because how the skill system is done, and this is one of the aspects more critized of WOW players. EVE will force you to slowboat toward your goal at its pace, not much you can do about it. What I think is that EVE is much more balanced this way. The game depth will force you to play enough to get the experience on the field needed to handle your goal anyway.

  8. It's funny, but when someone starts their statement off with "This game is not for pussies or trolls", any subsequent attacks on the intelligence of others are rather readily ignored as hypocrisy...

  9. Hey jester, I'm wondering if you're still planning on writing about this Devblog from CCP: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=9129

    I'm very eager to hear your thoughts about it.


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