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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too busy ratting to post a Quote of the Week

A bonus titan post.  The longer one will be published in a few hours.

So, CCP Diagoras is back to posting semi-random statistics now that Fanfest is over, and this morning, he posted this one:
The top killer of NPCs killed 3,472 of them yesterday. #tweetfleet
That, naturally, led me to jokingly ask if that account would be banned today, since that number of rats represents 2.5 NPC kills every minute for 23.5 hours straight.  In short, I assumed that the account might be a bot.  Diagoras stunned me a bit by setting me straight:
The character was also a titan pilot. In fact, several of those in the top 10 killers of NPCs yesterday were titan pilots.

It's quite important to remember that the scan-res nerf doesn't only impact PvP titan pilots.  It affects their ratting brethren as well.  This is particularly true because often, these people are one and the same.  A good portion of the forum rage about this issue almost certainly came from people objecting to losing their titan ratting backbone.

Let's put aside for a second the notion of bot titans (if they're not out there already, they're coming).  Rather nonplussed, I asked Diagoras if he could share the total bounty value of those 3472 rats.  He hasn't, but really, we don't need him to.  Some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations will suffice just fine.  And let's keep in mind an important number: 80 billion ISK.  This is the amount of ISK tossed around lately as the budget for a new titan, including a combat fitting, blap fitting, Slave implants, et cetera.

Let's assume that the titan pilot is doing Angel Sanctums, and just to balance things out a bit, we'll assume that it's the "station sanctums" that are being done.  "Ring sanctums" are more profitable, havens are less profitable, but the station sanctum probably represents a nice compromise between the three.  This sanctum is worth about 35 million ISK in bounties before you take into account the occasional escalation or faction spawn.  A station sanctum also represents about 50 ships or so, not counting frigates, which a titan pilot could either safely ignore or handle with a second support account with a drone-heavy ship.  Either way, it's not going to be the titan shooting the frigs, which means that Diagoras's number almost certainly represents 3472 cruisers and larger rats.

In other words, this titan pilot did about 70 such sanctums yesterday, with a pay-off of 35 million ISK each.

That's just under 2.5 billion ISK, or enough money to rack up the 80 billion ISK for a second titan in about one month.  That's just one titan.  Remember, "several of those in the top 10 killers of NPCs yesterday were titan pilots."  That means that several titan pilots made 2.5 billion ISK or close to it yesterday, each.

Yesterday was Tuesday, putatively a work day.  Just for fun, let's look at it another way.  A PLEX is about $17.50 U.S. for about 500 million ISK.  On those rare occasions I did sanctums myself, last year at this time, at my best, I could finish a sanctum in about seven minutes.  That was with about 3000 DPS at my command.  A titan puts out between two and three times that amount.  Let's be conservative and say those sanctums were done in six minutes each, including scanning and warping time.  That's seven hours to complete 70 of them.  In that time, the titan pilot generated five PLEXes, or $87.50... or put another way, he made $12.50 per hour yesterday.  More if he could do the sites faster.

I think there's a lot of people out there that would sign up for that.

One more post on this topic today, then I'll move on to other things.


  1. So. The players who scream blue murder every time a Super-Cap nerf is proposed and threaten to unsub their 15 accounts are also most likely to be PLEXing most of them anyway. Who knew.

  2. You have a typo.
    Reads "or enough money to rack up the 80 million ISK for a 2nd Titan. "
    Should read" 80 billion ISK"

  3. Jester, are you trying to make us believe you're human by making a few mistakes in your post?
    - paragraph 7 from the top: "if they're not out *there* already"
    - paragraph 4 from the bottom "to rack up the 80 *billion* ISK for a second titan".

    Maybe we should call the IRS to get rid of these ratting titan pilots? :P

  4. I must "be doing it wrong".

    Mind you, The entire concept of a ratting titan is abhorrent to me.

  5. By the way, none of this three plex's are 'profitable' for a titan.

    Forlon's or forsakens, not sure which one but one of these only have BS's! They provide less bounties but since its only BS's, its blap blap blap and are done in a few minutes making more isk in the end.

    Also, these are low tier anomalies, so titans end up ratting in crappy sec systems where no one is expecting them to be. Humm, dead end with crappy security, probably a bot, not worth going there when in reallity its a titan ratting!

    Even SC's prefer this anomalies!!

  6. Dan you beat me to it to write about this stat from CCP. I wanted to ask which nationality the Titans were and expected the response "Russian" of course.

  7. Jester, just out of pure curiosity, what were you using to run anomalies?

    1. Either Tengu/Tengu, or Tengu/Nighthawk, each supported by five assigned fighters from a safed-up carrier.


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