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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Again, I don't often write battle reports, and this blog is not about them.  Still, this battle report that I submitted to FHC was kind of fun, and is instructive on how a small gang can "up-engage" and successfully take on a larger, better-equipped gang.
Late Monday evening USTZ, Rote is bombing around low-sec with eight ships: Mega Navy Issue, Hyp, Tempest, two Lokis, damp Ishtar, and Oneiros.  I'm asked to get into a Sebo'ed Phobos because we're roaming low-sec and to hell with warp core stabs.  So our gang is six DPS and two support.  We reach Arnher when our scout (Pest) reports that S I L E N T. is camping the Egmar gate in Arnher with a mixed group of shield BCs and the like, including Tengu/Falcon/Cynabal, totaling about ten, with about 16 in Local.  Most of their ships are sitting at range from the gate.  We have GCC because of a Brutix we'd killed in that system ten minutes prior.

Their Falcon in Egmar cloaks up and a Crane jumps into us.  We realize that the Crane is their scout pretty quickly, particularly when he starts talking to us in Arnher Local.  We recall our Pest and move to a tac off gate and the negotiations start about who is going to jump into whom and under what conditions.  They say we have logi.  We say they have Falcon.  They say "what Falcon?".  We say we know how to use directional.

Our GCC runs out, so we send the Pest back in, who reports they've picked up two more BCs and are up to 12.  The Pest slow-boats back to gate without them going GCC on him.  The negotiations are going nowhere.  If we want a fight, it's pretty clear that they expect us to jump into them and they expect us to take GCC (and gate guns).  We get on gate and send the Tempest in a third time and the FC asks if there's anything close to the gate.  He reports a few ships are now close, maybe because they're thinking about jumping into us?  But they again do not aggress on our Pest.  We decide what the hell and skip the rest of the negotiations.  FC orders the Pest to point something and in we go.

And it soon turns out their gang isn't ten or 12, but is in fact 15, including three Falcons which decloak at range around us.  At close range to us are two Drakes, a Cane, Cyclone, Ferox, and Rapier.  They also have gate guns on their side because they refuse to go GCC.  Thanks to some smart range script damping from the Ishtar, we neutralize the Falcons for a couple of minutes and in that time kill the Rapier and drive off the Cane (we're too slow to hold him), where he's caught and finished off by our Mega, which warped off because S I L E N T. primaried but didn't point him.

We settle in to burn down the Ferox but now their Falcons close from extremely long range to just long range, get under our damps, and go to work.  Still, despite this, we manage to finish off the Ferox and a Drake despite half our fleet being jammed at any given time.  The Cyclone (flown by FireworkX) deaggresses and jumps out when we primary him.  Meanwhile, they primary our Oneiros, which burns out of range and warps off, then warps back.  They turn on and kill our Tempest while our Logi's gone.  The Cyclone comes back in but misses that KM because he spends that time ignoring his FC's primaries and shooting at me, whom he had no chance of actually killing.  gg FireworkX.

The remaining Drake burns away from gate and the rest stay about 50km off, so we deaggress and jump out with (not too sarcastic) gfs in Local.

Our kills: Rapier, Ferox, Drake, Hurricane
Their kills: Tempest

KB doesn't show our Oneiros, the Cane kill, or their Cyclone who didn't get on their Tempest kill.

Later that evening, they swing close by where we're living with roughly the same fleet comp and accuse of us of leaving "just when it was getting good."  We say we'll run through the same system again Wednesday night (last night), and if they want to fight again, we'll show up.  I myself was late to the party so couldn't participate.  Rote had about the same number of people with the same comp, but figuring that S I L E N T would lay some kind of trap for us, this time we stage a triage carrier instead of an Oneiros, to be brought in if the blob seems to be in effect.

The results were extremely amusing, but I wasn't flying in this battle, so you won't see a battle report from me about this fight...
All in all, the Monday fight was quite fun!  Wish I could have been on time for the Wednesday fight.


  1. Ben Booley burns through cap ships like I burn through Navy 800s.

  2. Jester,

    You should bring rote to come and see Shadow (linky by name) just down the road in Goinard. Silent can be a bit hit and miss as we fight them a fair amount. Sometimes they can be competent and coherent - other times (like yours) not so much :)

  3. Enjoying your stuff. Keep writing!


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