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Friday, March 9, 2012

Week in the Life: Red vs Blue

This one's just fun.

A week ago today, the EVE log-in ad was this:

Red vs. Blue is a pair of linked PvP alliances formed a few years back.  About a year ago now, they really sat down and formalized their structure and codified a short rule-set.  The structure was a pair of alliances: RvB - RED Federation and RvB - BLUE Republic, perpetually at war.  The short rule-set was "No podding allowed" and "No mid-slot jammers allowed."  And since then, the two alliances have been following an extremely "no shits were given" EVE play-style.  They undock in cheap ships (Rifters are favored) and fling those ships at each other en masse.

But there's three other funny things going on while they do it:
  • The pilots involved are actually learning how to be pretty damn good PvPers.  And,
  • They've introduced a working model for playing EVE that is surprisingly close to World of Tanks.  And,
  • The two sides occasionally join forces and launch rather hysterical themed roams into the larger EVE world.

The result has been slow but steady growth thanks to a combination of newer players looking to try out cheap PvP and disgruntled EVE bitter-vets tired of the sovereignty slog and the need to fit their ships just so.  It's definitely not for everyone.  But if you're looking for the ultimate casual PvP corps in New Eden, these are they.

Anyway, as I said a week ago, the EVE log-in screen included an ad for RvB.  After it appeared, I myself joked on Twitter that "Jester's Trek scientists have determined that there is 2.5% more BLUE in the ad image than RED."  Mittens revealed that he'd joined RED Federation with an alt and was addicted.  "Riftering all day long and I can't stop," he said.  And damn if that log-in ad wasn't quite the little recruiting tool.  It does everything a good ad should: it's easy to understand, includes the benefits right out front, and is dynamic without being busy.  Whomever put it together did an excellent job!

The results?  Here's RED this last week:

And here's BLUE:

Both corps are up 30%.  Each.  In one week.  Yow!  Anyway, much fun is being had.  If you want to be a part of it, your journey starts at their recruiting thread on the EVE Online forums.  Keep up the good work, RvB!


  1. I've been an on-and-off member of RvB for about two years. It's by a huge margin the most fun I've had in Eve, and provides a hilarious group of guys to fly with. I'm now a passable PvP pilot thanks to the experience, and I didn't have to lose 50 billion isk in ships to attain that status. (No, I'm not one of their directors.)

  2. I joined RvB last weekend and in two short sessions have seen more PvP than in a long time. I'm going to post next week about it.

  3. RvB is what FW should have been w/ lore and a story line.

    1. From what I've heard and what I've experienced, RvB is nothing like FW. Just lots of mass T1 frigate spam or the space-rich blowing ISK on fancy implants and boats.

      FW is not like that at all, involving actual fleet strategy, etc etc. vOv

    2. Which is why he wrote, "RvB is what FW 'should' have been. . ." emphasis on should.

    3. "FW is not like that at all, involving actual fleet strategy, etc etc."

      You forgot to mention bat phones and hot drops...

  4. I joined RvB about 3 months ago and it's been awesome. I've gotten on more kill mails in those 3 months than I did during my entire 5 years playing eve before that (about 3 years in nullsec and wormholes).

    It's just nice to be able to log on, get in a fleet, and have people to shoot almost instantly and not have to worry about sov grinds or CTA's or anything like that.

  5. Bitter-vet checking in. RVB is awesome. That is all.

  6. Now, we only need to convince Hilmar to create an alt and join them. Y'know, play his game once for a change.

  7. just going to leave this here

  8. Joined recently and it certainly is a blast, got my EVE bug back :)


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