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Monday, April 30, 2012

April junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this month...


The first of several quickies.

This is freakin' cool.  Scroll past the part about the LEGO fighter, which is interesting.  What's really impressive is the paper-craft Tristan this guy has been working on.  I wish I had this kind of artistic ability.  That's all I have to say about it.


Azual Skoll has written a really well-done piece on how to move capital ships around.  If you are just now starting to think about your first carrier or dreadnought, this piece is pretty much required reading.  It's so good that it pretty well trashed my thought about writing such a guide myself.  ;-)

Seriously, if you're thinking about a capital ship, go read it.  It's worth your time.


Mabrick defends the "up with carebears" position.  It's interesting reading!

Despite myself, I've started following his blog because he has a unique way of looking at the EVE world.  If he keeps it up, he might make the Must Read Blogs list.


This made me smile late in the month.  It's the Japanese translation of my "Sons of a bitch" post from last August.  This month, CCP welcomed Japanese players to the game.  A lot of them are now scouring blogs, wikis, and other information sources trying to learn the ins and outs of the game.  As a result, I'm seeing more hits from Japan.

This one came up because it was the top ten read post one week in April... not the English version; the Japanese translation.  Incursion guys, you might want to be ready for more Japanese players in your fleets.  ;-)


If you have a DUST 514 Beta code from Fanfest, here's where you redeem it.  Amusingly, it doesn't allow you to actually download or play the game quite yet.  When you enter a valid code, you are told:
Please enter a valid email address. We will use this address to contact you if you are admitted to the DUST 514™ Closed Beta.
After you do, you get a confirmation e-mail that says:
Your CCP Code has been registered with your verified email address!  We will soon be accepting new testers in the DUST 514™ Closed Beta. We will contact you when we are ready to start the beta.
No DUST 514 for me, yet.  Ah well.


Another ultra-quickie.  Lots of those this month, I guess.  You can now order physical DVDs and Blu-rays of all three Clear Skies movies.  Granted, you can do this yourself if you have the means to.  But if you're looking to support the developers of Clear Skies for their amazing work with a few dollars, this is how.

Clear Skies 2 is still my favorite, though.


Finally, a longer one that almost rated its own post.

Petitions have a variety of uses in game, but most of them come down to the fact that some game bug or mechanic has caused something to happen that you didn't feel was fair.  For instance, the game crashes while you're in an L4 mission, but you are not scrammed or pointed by the rats.  When you return, your find your ship didn't do an emergency warp and been destroyed despite not being scrammed or pointed.  You are sitting in the mission in a pod, next to the wreck of your former ship.  That's potentially a petitionable loss.  If a GM agrees, he will place a replacement ship and the modules that were destroyed into your home station hangar.  Recovering the rest of the modules from the wreck is your responsibility because hey, this IS EVE.

Still, petitions are the source of the meme "the logs show nothing"... in other words, despite your petition, your ship will not be replaced because the GMs can't confirm your version of the story.

This comes up because during one of the interstitial interviews during Fanfest, CCP Guard interviewed a senior GM.  During the interview, the senior GM indicated that CCP will be slowly changing the name of the petition process because the GMs feel that the word "petition" brings up the mental image of a passive supplicant begging for assistance from the local nobility.  And I have to say, the mental image is quite apt.  ;-)


And that's it.  Kind of a light month.  Most everything went into full posts.  ;-)

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  1. Stunned is the best description of my brain when I read this post. Thank you for the mention. Your words are very kind and explain the spike in comments I had. *GRIN* Keep up the good work - you ARE on my must read list.


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