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Monday, April 30, 2012

Butcher's bill

So the family event that I thought would keep me from participating in Burn Jita was delayed.  As a result, I was able to spend a good bit of time in Jita and the surrounding area in a few of my alts.  It was an amusing event to watch!

Fireworks show!

How successful was it?  The Mittani was obviously extremely pleased:
My cup runneth over - Should have sacked Jita /years/ ago. We'll be back. How could we not? http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13201920 #tweetfleet #eveonline

Just how many freighters and jump freighters died?

In this table, "j" is a kill in Jita.  "u" is Urlen, "p" is Perimeter, "s" is Sobaseki, "k" is Kakakela, and the lone "v" and "i" are Veisto and Isanamo, respectively.

Friday:jjuuj jijjj pppps pjjjj
Saturday:         jjspj jpksj jjjsj jjjjj jjvsj
Sunday:jjjjp jjjjs jjsjs jjpjp

So, all in all, I count 20 freighters and JFs on Friday, 25 on Saturday, and 20 on Sunday.  Grand total, 65.  42 of those were in Jita, 11 on Friday, 17 on Saturday, 14 on Sunday.  There were three duplicate kills, an Obelisk on Friday and a Charon and Rhea on Saturday.  I counted each only once.  A few of the kills are not yet API verified, and two outrageous ones jumped out at me: a Charon and an Obelisk, both "killed" in Jita within a minute of each other on Saturday, both carrying ten Hulks and an Orca, both with the same "drop", neither API verified.  I haven't counted them.

12 out of the 65 were jump freighters, divided thus:

Friday JFs:Rhea/Jita, Nomad/Perimeter
Saturday JFs:         Rhea/Jita (x4), Anshar/Jita, Ark/Jita, Anshar/Soba, Nomad/Kakakela, Rhea/Veisto
Sunday JFs:Rhea/Jita

Rheas were popular, as were Pandemic Legion JFs: two of the latter were killed.

Some highlights:
Charon, with GolemTalked about this one on Friday
Ship-hauling Obelisk Two Machs plus dozens of other ships
Drop everything Apparently led the gank fleet a merry chase
Six PLEXes He deserved to lose them
200 Covetor BPCs These get researched into Hulk BPCs
Vargurs Some (re-)assembly required
Plagioclase Definitely worth using your JF for
Building towers Worth ganking when Burn Jita isn't running
Somer Blink prizes? If so, they're gone now
Junkmp freighter Why would anyone need six Bustards?
Crazy good drop Full cans dropped, empty ones didn't
Empty JF Goons aren't bringing Tornadoes home
PL Jump freighter Died within seconds of a PL Rorqual
Junkmp freighter II Source of the image at the top of this post
Moros ammo The CONCORD emblems sell this one
Out of Tornadoes? Doesn't mean you won't die, though... on video
45 Occators They align about as fast as freighters
It's over, right? No, not quite
BPC piles You'd think a Jedi would have seen this coming
Paid for his own kill No, it still isn't over
Many eggs, one basket         Officially after Burn Jita "ended"

However, the crown jewels of Burn Jita were definitely these:

This pair of Charons -- both API verified -- represent a massive investment in T2 manufacturing.  The loss of 35 billion would sting just about anyone more than a little.  Why you wouldn't do the most basic scouting to see if you could make this run safely is beyond me.  These freighters are easily worth ganking even if the Burn Jita event is not going on.  For Burn Jita, they were a no-brainer and an impressive close for the proceedings.

Yeah, I have no doubt Goons will be back.  And next time, they may or may not announce themselves in advance.

There were also some special, unannounced events.  Sunday, a Nyx undocked from the Jita station.  Apparently the product of a reimbursement done incorrectly, not long after undocking, a GM appeared and "persuaded" the pilot to take his Nyx elsewhere, which he did.  Later the same evening, an Archon undocked and redocked from Jita several times and spent quite a while minding its own business below the undock.  High-sec capital ships are extremely rare, but they do exist for a variety of reasons...

You might ask how dangerous it was.  The short answer: if you were smart, not very.  I had intended to get on a number of kill-mails myself, and pre-positioned a number of ships in Jita for that purpose.  And yeah, I did a bit of that with two of my alts.  But in the end, I had a lot more fun stealing stuff from non-blue wrecks and getting away with it.  ;-)  This practice got me shot at any number of times, and I ended up losing one hauler to some badly-timed theft.  But I profited to the tune of several hundred million ISK in guns, ammo, and assorted loot scooped from killed gank ships, freighters, and haulers.  So overall, I came out way ahead.

But I was flying fairly risky.  There were long stretches where I hung out in a destroyer or frigate or hauler, and on three occasions, I had people GCC to try to kill my ship (none successfully).  And I spent a couple of hours at the undock watching Noctises and destroyers without number scooping blue wrecks and salvaging them apparently without getting shot at at all.

All in all, I'd say as long as you were flying smart, you were in very little actual danger.  In terms of preventing Jita's business, I don't think 65 freighter kills went too far.  I'll have to do a bit of research into the haulers and transports that were killed and see if there's anything interesting among them.  So call this part of Burn Jita a partial success.

One other interesting thing: CCP responded really well to Burn Jita overall.  When the festivities first kicked off on Friday, 2000 people in Jita brought the system nearly to its knees with 10-15% Time Dilation.  By the end of the event, there were 2200+ people flying around Sunday with little or no TiDi.  Either CCP spent the weekend learning how to balance their servers under heavy load, or Jita got the benefit of every reinforced node they had.  Watching people trying to use safe undocks during high TiDi was quite entertaining!  I saw several ships try to warp to "instant" undocks, only to realize that under 10% TiDi, a half-second warp-away time becomes five seconds.  That was often enough time for people to get in a lucky scram or simply alpha the "insta-warping" ship before he could get away...

So overall, I found Burn Jita to be an entertaining and educational event.  We'll see if it becomes a tradition.


  1. I was in the fleet that hit those two freighters carrying 10 Hulks/1 Orca each - they're real. Two alts of the same dude.

    Funny mad dash to grab the Hulks after we all popped.

    1. Hm, interesting! I'd love to see them API verified.

    2. Yeah, not sure why they aren't. I do know that the person who got the second KM (the one I got top damage on) failed to put it up for at least a couple of days, so it might just be eve-kill mishandling the delay. Who knows.

    3. Also, there can't have been a mad dash to grab Hulks, since no Hulks dropped.

    4. Doh, you're right. Orca dude. It's been a blur of ganks...

    5. I was there as well, dunno if they'll end up API verified on EVE-Kill since I doubt the people who got the killing blows care too much. Looked very similar to the insane freighters Vily got on the last day that added up to 35 bil, the pair was basically traveling together and came in right after each other, so was almost certainly the same person controlling both. A number of the tornado losses are probably API verified with the standard collection of killmail whores on them though. I was on the Hsigo kill ( http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13202828&nolimit ) and my tornado loss is verified ( http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13202896 ), while the kill itself is API verified on the Goon KB ( https://killboard.goonfleet.com/km/654408 ). The Nesa kill ( http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13204070&nolimit ) isn't API verified on the Goon board, but the final blow was from EXE and is API verified on their KB ( http://www.executive-outcomes.net/edk/index.php/kill_detail/288132/ ). I know the Goon board isn't compatible with much of anything, dunno what the EXE killboard is or why it wouldn't be sharing API verification with stuff like EVE-Kill.

  2. I had 3 destroyers ganked by goon tornados so 'little actual danger' is an overbid. But then, I'm me. I suppose if you're a nobody, you'd have been in 'little actual danger'.

    1. Yes, if I'd seen you in system, I would have ganked you.

  3. "I was there..."

    Man I love this game. =]

  4. How could you tell they were trying to do insta-undocks if they died before they warpped?

    1. Guy started bitching about his gank in Local.

    2. I'm not sure if I buy that. Since in TiDi it takes the more time to lock someone as well. More than likely his 'insta undock' wasn't 'insta' and the TiDi just gave them enough time to react.

    3. TiDi gives you more time to react to things. It's like playing EVE in slow motion. In a way, it's kinda cool. But in another, it's a bit OP.

    4. Once a lot of us made it under -5, sec status and load times screwed us. Folks who didn't participate in the Gallente ice interdiction didn't know what to do, and even those two did... well, you try undocking from 4-4 at -10 under even the best, least laggy circumstances.

      I lost two Thrashers because my overview didn't even load before I became targetable.

    5. (of course, this was by Sunday, when TiDi was no longer in evidence except during mass Goon/CFC undocks. Just good old fashioned interface lag.)

  5. The highlight for me was the Nyx undock. I laughed and laughed, and the live feed got passed around to many places while that was happening.

    If you had a super carrier docked in Jita, that was definitely the time to undock it.

  6. Yeah, there was very little risk, unless you were in a freighter or something shiny. There were not nearly enough Goons to gank everyone who showed up to play. I setup a BM about 200km from 4-4 and just warped in/out to player wrecks for a couple of hours.

    And, I don't think the Goons actually managed to "burn Jita to the ground".

    Helicity is doing more overall damage with Hulkageddon, which is probably why Mittens chose to "whore" himself to Helicity's successful event this year.

    So, sorry, Mittens, but you'll never get the gold medal for high sec evil as long as Helicity is still around. Nor the silver medal, since the MLYT folks and other ninjas have you and the Goons beat hands down for gallons of carebear tears collected.

    1. The big challenge in leading the Goons is keeping them busy. Left alone, they quickly prey upon their own. This event was about having fun shooting stuff and making ISK doing it. From Goons standpoint, it was wildly successful. The members are happy and excited over the results. They can buy all the gold medals they want with the billions of ISK they will make from this "whore."

    2. "Wildly successful"? I think not.

      This event had a much better turnout than the silly Ice Interdiction (which was a total fail), but the majority of the Goons did not participate. Many feel that the high sec hijinks are just a waste of time/resources, for self-promoting Mittens, who is using the Goons to work his own personal agenda.

      As one long-time Goon put it: "If we wanted to gank stupid carebears - who have no clue as to how to fit a ship for PVP, nor how to FC a fleet - we would be a ninja corp. We're in null sec 'cause we don't want to be in high sec, shooting Winnie the Pooh and grinding ISK."

  7. As far as high sec caps go, this makes me laugh. Not part of the jita burn, but a nice troll mail.


  8. Just as a baseline, there were 18 pages of KM's in those seven systems during the same 3-day period last year. This year (for Burn Jita) there were 234 pages. So a 13x increase in overall activity. Sorry I don't feel like counting specific ship types!

    1. Yawn. All this proves conclusively is that it requires no skill whatsoever to gank ships in high sec. Warp in, press F1, done.

      Years ago, the first high sec ganks were amusing and interesting. Today, not so much.

      Wake me up when someone tries something new and original.


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