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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fit of the Week: Skirmish Tempest

Let's go with a blast from the past.

[Tempest, Skirmisher]
Damage Control II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Tracking Enhancer II
Tracking Enhancer II

Prototype 100MN MicroWarpdrive I
Large Shield Extender II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Heavy Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 800
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L
800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I
800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L
800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L
Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I
800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L
800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet EMP L

Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Large Core Defense Field Extender I
Large Polycarbon Engine Housing I

Warrior II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Hobgoblin II x5

This used to be one of my favorite ships to fly.  In the age of tier 3 battle cruisers, though, it is in danger of becoming a relic of the past.  That makes me really sad, because it's a ton of fun.  And even in the age of tier 3s, the skirmishing Tempest has a lot of advantages that is smaller brethren lack.  It's a fun enough ship that it was featured prominently in last year's Overheating Guide.

What this ship does really really well is act as an anchor for skirmishing fleets.  That's what the Nanofiber and the Polycarbon rig are about: increasing speed and agility so that this beast can keep up reasonably well with like-minded skirmish battle cruisers.  The "Pest" will only align a second or two slower, and it will be able to keep up on MWD with all similar ships except full-on nano-fit skirmish Hurricanes.  Variations on this fit might use another Polycarbon or another Nanofiber to further increase speed and reduce align time.  Weapon range is similarly extended with Tracking Enhancers, giving this ship solid punch out to about 45km or so.  The TEs also make the Pest a solid threat to enemy cruisers.  Skirmish Pests often fly with 650mm Arty Hurricanes.  The 800 ACs will actually track better than the Canes if that's the case in your fleet.

Where the skirmish Pests really earn their keep, though, are in the heavy neuts they can bring to bear against enemy tackle and enemy Recon ships that stray into their ranges.  A single heavy neut will leave any interceptor in the game dead in the water, and used in groups, heavy neuts can snap an enemy Logistics cap chain or break cap stability on Scimis or Onis.  A mid-size group of five such Pests, bringing ten heavy neuts, for instance, can instantly snap a three Guardian cap chain or put serious pressure on a number of Scimis equal to their numbers, effectively taking enemy Logi out of a fight.  FCs that see massed Pests (or their similar counter-parts, neut Typhoons) will immediately recognize the danger the Pests pose.

Damage is solid but not spectacular at 700 DPS or so, but with the heavy neuts acting as heat sinks, overheating the guns in groups is actually both easier and more common than other battleships, resulting in higher effective DPS.  This is why I featured this ship so prominently in the Overheating Guide: it's good at it.  ;-)  Resists and tank are similarly solid but unspectacular, but also benefit greatly from overheating of one or both Invuls, particularly if they're arranged as shown.  The Cap Booster's job is to keep the MWD running and the neuts neuting.  Tackle should be provided by friendly long-point Arazus or Lachs, or by interceptors.  The Pests, meanwhile, will keep enemy inties from doing the same to your skirmish group, as stated above.

For the current generation Pest, one flight each of Warriors and ECM drones is preferred, with an additional 25m3 slated for either a second set of Warriors or perhaps a set of Hobs.  However, when web drones come into the picture, the Pest will be a perfect platform to deploy a full flight of small web drones to further its anti-tackle/anti-Recon mission.

MukkBarovian, one of the best FCs I ever flew with, used a ship fit very similar to this for scouting of all things.  The Pest would fly ahead of the main group (made up of shield BCs) and draw fire, holding tank long enough for the fleet to come in and save him.  In this role, Mukk would fit a long point, of course.  ;-)  The role of the rest of the ship was the same, though, and you could rest assured that whatever he tackled stayed tackled thanks to those heavy neuts.  Bit tough to run away without capacitor...

These days in 0.0, Tornadoes and shield Taloses perform many of the same roles of this Tempest, and have a far greater chance of being able to run away if things don't go their way.  As I said, it makes me kind of sad.  You do still see Tempests out and about occasionally, though.  Rote ran into a fleet that included five of them just the other night, and our FC had to reconsider his plans in the face of those ten heavy neuts.

But where the ship has the most value these days, I suspect, would be as an anchor ship for badly inexperienced PvPers in high-sec war-decs.  Get your Drakes to orbit the anchor Tempest at 2500 or so while in combat and the Pest can lead these inexperienced pilots to their proper positions during a fight.  While doing so, it can neut out tacklers headed for them and act as a target caller.  Other than that, though, if you're rolling heavy in a skirmish fleet with lots of Drakes, you might find a place for this beast, particularly if you have a few friends brave enough to fly one of these with you.

Skirmish heavy!

All Fits of the Week are intended as general guidelines only.  You may not have the skills needed for this exact fit.  If you do not, feel free to adjust the fit to suit to meet your skills, including using meta 3 guns and "best named" defenses and e-war.  Ships can also be adjusted to use faction or dead-space modules depending on the budget of the pilot flying it.  Each FOTW is intended as a general guide to introduce you to concepts that will help you fit and to fly that particular type of ship more aggressively and well.


  1. Ya know I never would've imagined using a BS as a scout/skirmish ship. Hilarity would def ensue. Too bad today's inflexible min/max mindset rules all, and if it ain't optimal, it goes bai-bai.

    I've flown with Mukk a few times -- he is a good leader and a great tactician.
    I may or may not have a man-crush. lol

  2. Wouldn't a Meta 4 cap booster be better? In your own words:

    "Tech 2 Capacitor Booster. The meta4 version is cheap, hugely plentiful, overheats better, is easier to fit, and has nearly identical stats. If you're using a tech 2 Capacitor Booster, you're doing it wrong."


    1. This is one case where "nearly identical" is important. The T2 version holds five Cap Booster 800 charges where the meta version only holds four. It makes a big difference for this ship.

  3. Why not take one of the invulns off for a shield booster? The fit has a lot of cap.


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