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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goons will be Goons

So thanks to a "leak" to EN24 today, we've got a lot more details on what's going on with Burn Jita on Friday.  Let's start with the basics:

Everybody dies.

If you jump into Jita when Burn Jita begins, you're going to be shot at.  It's as simple as that.  Nobody cares if you're war-dec'ed.  Nobody cares if you're in a pod, frigate, battle cruiser, cloaky hauler, or freighter.  You're going to be shot at, and you're probably going to explode.  So my prediction last month on what I thought "burn Jita to the ground" meant turns out to be dead-on.  Let's go to the exact quotes:
TORNADO FLEETS: These will be ganking freighters which are full of goods, not just any freighter. Cargo scan them, find the biggest targets, and pop them.

THRASHER FLEETS: It takes 220 Thrashers to kill a freighter. We are not using Thrashers as anti-freighter targets; we are using them to sow completely random terror. Two Thrashers can alpha most T2 frigates. Ten or more can pop industrials of almost any kind with ease. While the Tornado fleets interdict freighters, Thrasher gangs of almost any size – from one angry goon podding anyone dumb enough to expose a pod in Jita, to 30+ taking out Noctii – will run through Jita ensuring that everyone gets to feel the love.
The "standard" Tornado fleet looks like it's going to be 25 ships, according to the leak.  Rest assured that that's sufficient to pop any freighter in a single volley regardless of fleet boosts.  So CONCORD is irrelevant and you shouldn't count on them.  You may -- and I emphasize that, may -- be safe if you jump an empty freighter into Jita, but that's it.  And you're only safe in that instance because there's only going to be enough Tornadoes to do a hundred or so freighters total.  And if someone forgets to cargo scan you, you might not be safe even then.  ;-)

I was right -- well, mostly right, anyway -- about one other thing as well:
We told everyone that we'll be attacking Saturday, April 28th; this is a lie.  We actually attack one day early, on Friday, when the producers scramble to try to re-stock their supply at the last moment while it is still 'safe'.  ...  The Sack lasts from Friday to Sunday.  The goal is indiscriminate terror leading to profitable chaos on the markets.  Immediately after the Sack, Hulkageddon – sponsored in large part by our Tech isk – begins.
So anyone who was hoping for one day or a few hours of chaos might want to rethink.  In particular, the leak mentions that there are 14000 Thrashers on stand-by.  That many Thrashers can do a lot of damage, and presumably, there will still be other null-sec organizations joining in the "Sack" as well.  Two step commented on my blog that he didn't think Jita would get too crowded with wrecks and lost drones because people would busily salvage them and scoop the drones.  I wryly pointed out that anyone who does that is only likely to make themselves a victim in the process.  So if you do choose to go in with looting on your mind, best be quick and agile about it.

The funny part about all of this is that I'm still convinced that this is going to come as a huge shock to most EVE players.  As I've said before, if you're reading this, you are well-read, well-informed... and in the minority.

If you're curious what role I'm going to play in all of this, the unfortunate answer is "not much of one."  I learned about a family situation last night that will probably send me out of town this weekend, so I might miss most or all of the fun.

While Burn Jita will be amusing, the most interesting thing of all in the leak has nothing to do with Jita:
OTEC – the Organization of Technetium Exporting Corporations – is here to regulate galactic technetium supply and ensure stable pricing so everyone in the market can benefit. Just like with the real world's OPEC, 'Everyone' in this case means 'us' and 'benefit' means 'ahahaha fuck you scrubs'. With discussion of 'ring mining' being a method of nerfing tech income, most of the organizations in nullsec that have tech moons are interested in jacking the prices as high as the market will bear, with twin benefits: making us (CFC/NCdot/Ev0ke/PL) comically wealthy at the expense of literally everyone else in the game, and making literally everyone else in the game howl in a rage about it.
I covered technetium and what it's used for at length a couple of months ago.  But the topic of a technetium cartel is something that should be examined in the light of the bigger picture, so watch for another post about that in a day or two.

Finally, I found the last part of the leak extremely entertaining and enlightening.  GSF is creating an internal group specifically with the intent of hunting down and killing "enemies of Carlotta":
The purpose of the Death Squad is to hunt down and punish every bleating pubbie who has felt that they could hide behind Concord and speak out against us without fear. In nullsec we have fought wars of extermination over seemingly innocuous offenses (such as Tetsujin's sig)‚ yet human garbage like Jade Constantine and Issler Dainze reside securely, squatting in their empire shitholes, squawking about Goonswarm with no risk. No more.
If anything in the leak shows off what Goons might be capable of now that their leader is unshackled from the CSM, this is it.  Say something nasty about Goons?  Prepare to lose a ship and most likely a clone as well.  I'm honestly surprised GSF didn't have something like this before.

So, a rather fun-filled little leak!  Fly safe out there, kids.  ;-)


  1. You are now playing Goons Online. Thanks to their efforts, your game will eventually be nerfed to hell and back.

    1. I'm sure you're being sarcastic, but I really doubt CCP will do anything about this and if they do then it wouldn't be called "Goons Online" it would be called "Noobs Online".

    2. Goons = Noobs, as far as high sec is concerned.

      Mittens always makes big claims about destroying high sec and crashing the market, but he utterly fails. If it weren't for his self-promoting efforts, most high sec dwellers would not even know he exists. He just doesn't get how insignificant he and the Goons are, relative to high sec.

    3. Days until Goon relevance in high sec: 4... 3... 2...

    4. Not sure how to define "fail". Isn't this all about the drama and the fun around such drama ?

    5. "He just doesn't get how insignificant he and the Goons are, relative to high sec."

      I suspect the howls and tears this weekend will say otherwise...

    6. Goons were already relevant in high-sec, the moment they interdicted blue ice. I'm surprised that more people don't see that.

      But Burn Jita, Hulkageddon, the Technetium cartel, and Death Squad make it clear they intend to be an on-going, continuing presence in high-sec. Make no mistake: we've been getting a "kinder, gentler" version of Goons in EVE. Laugh if you want, but it's true: the percentage of EVE's players affected by GSF has been fairly negligible.

      They're looking to change all that.

    7. @Jester - the blue ice interdiction was a joke. It didn't even rate a blip on the Eve market or high sec, in general. Most high sec players didn't even know it happened, except for reading about it after the fact.

      Sorry, but that's the unvarnished truth.

      I actually watched it all in great detail, from day one until Mittens said "we're done" (mostly because I wanted to see what the Goons were all about). This included hanging around the ice systems, talking to Goons and miners, alike. I watched the markets (and actually made a tidy 10B profit from the Goons buying up my oxytope stock at inflated prices) and talked to industrialists, who owned Gallente POSes. I even fitted out an ice miner alt, and did a bit of ice mining during the interdiction (talk about boring... yawn).

      Oxytope prices went up, but not nearly as much as Mittens had hoped. Their market strategies were amateuristic, at best, and they could not force the price higher, esp. since demand had dropped. And, they woefully underestimated the POS stockpiles maintained by the industrialists, who are used to planning in terms of months ahead (heck, I have 6 months worth of fuel for my POS, and I'm just a small-time industrialist). The interdiction did not even last long enough to tweak secondary prices - ie. prices of items which are invented or manufactured using POSes, such as T2 BPCs.

      Further more, only a relatively small number of Goons were actively ganking miners, and, by the second week of the interdiction, several bot fleets were back in action, working around the Goons. The gaps in the 24/7 net were pretty large, esp. on the weekdays. I left my alt mining, semi-AFK, for about 4 hours before anyone showed up, and even then I had plenty of time to warp back to station. One hour later, and I was back mining again, without further interruption, for another 3 hours, before downtime. Repeated the experiment regularly during the interdiction (just to get my money's worth from the mining alt), but never got popped.

      The Goons did rack up an impressive number of kills. Some of those guys are pretty darn good at ganking. But, after talking to the full-time ice miners, I discovered that they were recovering the losses so quickly from the Goons buying up blue ice at inflated prices that losing a few Macks and Hulks didn't affect their long-term profits at all. Too bad, 'cause I really hate bot fleets....

      So, go figure. Just because the Goons and Mittens claim it was a "victory" does not make it so.

    8. Er, the blue ice interdiction was a high-sec blip OTHER than the fact that a quarter of high-sec couldn't be ice-mined in and it ultimately resulted in Mittens's removal from the CSM, you mean.

    9. Actually Jester, my own observations at the time back up Anon's take on the 'interdiction'. Anyone can set up and interdiction. An effective interdiction is another matter. Gallente ice was being mined throughout the interdiction. So the notion that 1/4 of highsec couldn't be ice mined is incorrect; a triumph of the perceived over the actual.

      The idea that the goons were able to shut down ice production in Gallente highsec is a bit of goon propaganda.

      So. Why are you actively selling said propaganda? You're usually better informed. Sucking a bit too much from the goon kool-aid teat?

  2. The Goons, and the mentality that they bring, is a substantial threat to EVE and CCP.

    The goals of Goonfleet are diametrically opposed to the long term well being of EVE as a game and CCP as a company.

    I think that a time will come (if it has not already) where CCP's policy about leaving the sandbox alone will come into conflict with what is best for them as a business.

    As we escalate down this path are we going to get to a point where the best business decision CCP could make would be to get rid of the Goons ?

    1. The Goons will force CCP to change the linear transformation of numbers into power. Fixing the N+1 problem will be a good thing for the game but CCP will only fix it after the violent, debauched excesses of Mittens and Company.

    2. I can't see the argument that player generated content is "diametrically opposed" to the well-being of EVE.

      People don't sign up for EVE because they've heard its WoW in space. They sign up because they read about Guiding Hand Social Club, the fall of BoB, or the idiot who lost hundreds of real life dollars because he undocked his Kestrel full of PLEX. I don't see any way that burning Jita won't draw more players to the game than it alienates, because it is representative of exactly what makes EVE different to every other MMO out there.

    3. Don't be silly and overly melodramatic.

      The Goons will *never* do anything that would "threaten" CCP.

      Mittens is only one more stupid mistake from a permaban, and he isn't going to go anywhere near that line, let alone cross it. Ultimately, he talks big in his in-game persona, but pisses in his pants about the mere thought of getting permanently banned from the game. What would become of his life then? He might have to go out and make some RL friends.

      Don't believe me? Then read his FanFest "apology" again - what a pussy. I guess it really is no coincidence that "Mittens" rhymes with "Kittens".

    4. I noticed you are anonymous ....

    5. I think the assessment that most Eve players started because of the nefarious activities that are constantly harped on is incorrect.

      I think most people play Eve because it's a unique space based game with a lot of depth.

      Look at the last quarterly report and the population densities. If so many people played the game because they can be evil then why is the vast majority of the population base in high sec?

      Low sec has serious population problems, null sec isn't much farther behind. Yet post after post points to the betrayals, the pirating, the ability to grief others as the biggest pull to Eve. The numbers don't support the theory.

      Hell, look at the number of people that played the game and have left. Why did they leave? I bet for most it was the fact that playing Eve can be very frustrating because a small portion of the population can disrupt a lot of other's people fun quite easily. Most players like a challenge but on their own terms. That's why most games have PVP areas and the PVE servers are filled up long before the PVP servers.

      The future of Eve lies in changing the dynamic to appeal to the masses. Allowing the minority to abuse other players will only result in the minority maintaining their subscriptions. In the end the population decline will be such that the remaining players won't have enough targets to grief and will eventually leave.

    6. Utter bullshit.
      Without people like Mittens Eve would be totally boring and just another MMO.
      The day that playstyle is no longer possible is the day Eve died. Eve is the only game out there with a persistent, player driven universe. So it is the only game that has the chance to stay interesting for a very very long time. Maybe forever ;)

    7. Interesting first response up there.

      @Jester, can't you blog about the "n+1 situation" in EVE ?

    8. @Ben

      "They sign up because they read about Guiding Hand Social Club, the fall of BoB, or the idiot who lost hundreds of real life dollars because he undocked his Kestrel full of PLEX."

      You know, that's something I hear more and more, but it's not true for everyone. Some people come to Eve for completely other reasons. I signed up for no particular reason at all, it just looked interesting.

    9. @Hendrik: I'd have a hard time coming up with something to say about N+1 that hasn't been said, at length.

      I dunno. I'll add it to the "proposed posts" list and see if something bubbles to the surface.

    10. Dradius CalvantiaApril 25, 2012 at 3:11 PM

      "Look at the last quarterly report and the population densities. If so many people played the game because they can be evil then why is the vast majority of the population base in high sec?"

      Because thanks to the game design high sec is the best place in the game to do research, manufacturing, and other isk making activities.

      According to the latest numbers, only 71% of the character population resides in high sec at any given time. WH space and low sec only account for a few percentage points, so that leaves about 25% in NPC or SOV null.

      The average eve player has something around 2.5 accounts, but this number is higher among Null Sec players (and null players are much more likely to have multiple characters per account.) Guess what? We mostly keep these alts in high sec. I personally have one character that lives in NPC null and 5 (across two accounts) that live in or frequent high sec. These characters are used for trading, data core mining, industry, pretty much any activity that you can actually make isk doing.

      Since these characters are used for isk making, they also spend a significantly larger amount of time actually logged in to high sec systems compared to a null sec character.

      I would be absolutely shocked if more than 20% of the characters in high sec were not tied to a player who lives in or spends a significant amount of time in null, low sec, or worm holes. This of course is not including high sec merc and war dec corps.

      High Sec Character Pop Density != High Sec Only Players

  3. Goons and associates sure make life in the Sandbox very interesting, i don't think most other MMO's could match this kind of stuff or let alone script it for a NPC event. Only in EVE can literally anything happen.

    We are entering most interesting times in EVE history.

    1. Interesting perhaps, but on the other hand it's all about them, in an ever increasing manner. And I'm getting a bit tired of 'goons online' tbh.

  4. A more troubling thought: If the that entire post is not a troll, there is now an alliance in the game that thinks it can regularly field and lose 200-man Tengu fleets. And however stupid the average Goon may or may not be, Goonswarm's leaders are more than competent enough to read a balance sheet.

    I am less worried about Technetium. CCP has shown that it is more than capable of ramming through changes to the core game economy on relatively short notice. The removal of drone alloys is one such example.

    1. Short notice? Drone Regions have been a problem since they came out, and Tech has been imbalanced since it was changed years ago.

      CCP is anything but quick with economic changes.

    2. Yep, it would not take much effort on CCP's part to move those Tech moons to low sec.

      Just imagine the Goon tears... lol....

    3. @Stevie: The idea of removing drone alloys was seriously floated by CCP Greyscale only a few months ago. The final changes were rolled out on CCP's internal test servers about a month ago. Unless there is something very badly wrong with CCP's implementation of loot and bounty tables, I doubt it took CCP much time or effort to remove alloys and add bounties. Point is that once CCP recognizes an issue, it can act fairly quickly, even if its changes are not fully developed.

    4. Heh, Goon tears... You realize they'd just take those over too even if they were in low sec. If one of their Tech POS's came under attack, just bridge in 500 sub caps and 50 supers. Or heck, they'd just create a division whose sole purpose is to protect their Tech supply.

    5. Imagine the tears of every small gang or one man corporation owning poses in lonetrek as the entire low sec region was burned to the ground by drake/tengu fleets on their way to and from JITA. Name one instance of anyone harvesting tears from the Goon organization.

    6. Why do we talk about these losers. Your love affair with them is revolting Jester.

    7. Anon: you are aware that ALOT of tech in lowsec already resides in the hands of powerblocks?
      And moving more moons to lowsec will just cause the blob to come to lowsec to defend/hit them, and seeing as lowsec is already broken, both in terms of gameplay and lag.
      I doubt any lowsec dweller worth anything would want to see that.

      On another note. Calling the price spike in tech, and the price spike in oxygen isotopes due to goons interacting with the market insignificant.
      I guess you could do that, but then who would actually be the noob in this case?
      Cause and effect, its that simple!

    8. They'd just move to low sec and kick out the current population.

      The amount of tears that the "Jitahulkageddon campaign" and Death Squad threat are producing on Eve-o are rapidly filling up Goonswarms salt water receptacles, all I have to say is "more power to them" content is content and Goonswarm excel at producing content as well as headlines

    9. Hate to break it to you, but there are Tech Moons in losec. And the goons probably have some of them. That wouldn't change much. You think some losec alliance can overcome a few Goonswarm Alpha fleets and Drakefleets?

    10. Just imagine the low-sec tears when the Goons move in...

    11. So, Jester,

      How much griefing is allowed under the EULA? Is there any potential breach should the Goons hunt down Jade and Issler until they are unable to undock without dying?

    12. Or just allow a very low level of moon goo to be produced in highsec or wormhole space.

      I'm not worried about this at all. I'll just sit here and much popcorn while listening to the screams while logged onto my nearly un-used station trader/gofer alt.

    13. @mordis: The impression that I get is that they won't harass people that attack them. They'll just hunt them down and suicide gank them once, then let the emotional nature of such people take its course.

      In a very Zen-like way, I think Goons can grief people like Issler by not trying to grief them.

  5. Personally, I took enjoyment in these lines: "I have announced OTEC before it actually exists just to see if I could spook the tech markets by tweeting; [ ... ]. Turns out I can (the price rocketed almost to 200k) and now we’re playing catch up to actually make OTEC a reality."

    This may be have been a post-facto troll, but considering the mentality of market PVPers, I don't think it was.

  6. This looks to be an entertaining weekend!

    Go goons! Moar havoc!

  7. "Say something nasty about Goons? Prepare to lose a ship and most likely a clone as well."

    And the fall of GSW begins.

  8. As I said elsewhere and I will say here, griefing is one thing, go too far and the masses will bury you. It would indeed be an interesting piece of irony if the Goonswarm managed to grief so hard and so much that they managed to grief griefing out of existence. No matter if it is CCP putting the breaks on, Sony puppeteering the breaks or something really destructive like a civil backlash causing legal action or laws to protect the sheep, there is a line somewhere and damn if Goonswarm and Mittens are running at it at breakneck speed.

  9. You really make it sound like Jita is only going to be filled with (a) Goons and (b) non-combatants, aka Goon targets.

    Keep in mind that those Thrashers and Tornados are tissue paper thin, with no tank to speak of. It isn't going to take much to insta-pop them, esp. since the Goons will either be flashy red from the start, or shortly after a few ganking runs.

    The Goons are also pretty much restricted to a single strategy - and, while ganking work great against unsuspecting targets, it is not so good when your opponents know exactly what to expect, where you are going to attack, and are not similarly restricted to using only gank fits. Thus, the Goons are just as likely to end up becoming targets themselves, and on the receiving end of quite a bit of DPS.

    Here's a sample of how I see things possibly going:

    Step 1 - Freighter jumps into Jita.

    Step 2 - 25 Goon Tornadoes jump on freighter.

    Step 3 - 125+ assorted frigs, dessies, cruisers, BCs, BSs, HACs, CSs, and T3s - supported by logi's ofc - jump on the Goons.

    Step 4 - Goon fleet get off 1-2 salvos, before getting obliterated.

    Step 5 - Concord shows up, but has nothing to do.

    1. Freighter is already dead idiot. One shotted. Then off to wait off GCC and then wait for target warp in, pop.

  10. No reason to have moon goo lose its value. It should perhaps be worth more but have it deplete and move. A huge alliance sits in one spot and has very little need to move other than to find fights. Fights that are paid for with moons. Sov. as it is now is a NAP fest (pun intended.) Why not have space become worthless and force movement/conflict. Maybe a couple dozen or so constellations randomly have a surge in tech. They keep it for a several months then it goes elsewhere depending on how fast its mined but it still goes after so many months mined or not. Give it a shelf life say cosmic rays deplete it. Split it into different regions. CCP likes new ships, perhaps a moon miner. Could become that not only do you hate us but we have all the tech in the game for the next six months too, or oh crap all this Tech appeared PL is on the way lol.

  11. So, what exactly prevents a group of folks from escorting freighters in noob frigs, suicidally using an ECM Burst to disrupt a Goon attack, and perhaps even whore a few KMs?

    25 Tornados lost to 1 noob frig - sounds pretty good to me.

    And, using even just one Thrasher to gank any T1 frig, let alone a noob frig, isn't going to be a win for the Goons.

  12. I think the events that are going to unfold could have much more lasting impact then the Goons realize.

    It's all good fun and maybe a few high sec dwellers get pissed and cancel. Yay, more tears and fewer noobs playing OUR game is the kind of attitude that Eve is founded on.

    The problem I see is the shift in the economy coupled with increased threats in what's thought of as "safe" areas mixed with a downturn in revenue will end up resulting in the middle class players in Eve getting less for more.

    More time spent trying to gain profit, more time spent going through the hassle of avoiding high sec conflict, more time spent saving up for the next reward, and less fun being had overall.

    When all of the dust settles Eve could be a game left with only a small minority of hardcore players and the bulk of the moderates departing because they've finally had enough.

    The perception of Eve is enough that it could easily swamp the reality and the 80% or so of the population that spends their time in high sec could quickly become disenfranchised if it seems the game is catering to the minority in Null sec at the cost of those in high.

    When the frustration builds up enough there may not be enough patience leftover to wait for CCP to finally realize they are making a mistake and step in to change things.

    Eve is really two games with a majority of players playing on the PVE server (high sec) and the vocal minority in Low/null PVP server. The dev's love the idea of everyone in the gaming playing on the PVP server but they run the risk of losing their bread and butter if they cater too much to the squeaky wheel.

  13. Either i have missed somethign or everyone else did.
    Wasn't mitani hired by ccp right after the fanfest?
    If so could some of this stuff not be atleast partially "controlled" by ccp ?

    1. No, he got a 30 day ban right after fan fest. Still ccp IS partial in control.
      They got enough warnings to make sure the servers can handle it, which is good.

    2. Yeah, actually Goonswarm had to notify CCP that they plan to swarm Jita. It is an EULA violation to do anything that might swamp the servers, without letting CCP know about it ahead of time.

  14. Really, all they have to do is start griefing a few people out of the game (AS PROMISED in the EULA violating threat) and it's pretty much all over after that...............the mittani's legacy will be forcing CCP's hand to radically alter our game. Good. I hope they move on pissed to Hell.

  15. I wonder what would Garth think about all this blowing up Jita thing ?

    1. I assure you Garth is 100% in favor of this endeavor. But Garth is a terrible person.

  16. Have Goons grow so paranoid of their opponents that they must go to any level to ensure their views are suppressed?

    "Don't post on the forums pubbie while we fill every thread with drivel! You know we'll come for you if you do!"

    Death squads, terror tactics and the suppression of all opposition and contrary opinion.

    Sounds familiar, do you get you jackboots on joining the CFC or are they reserved only for true Goonswarm party members.

    Seems to me that the Goons are taking this game far more seriously than they used to, for them or at least those in charge it looks like "EvE is Real" has become a truth rather than a catchline.

  17. I started to play because the game developers allow things like goonswarm.

    The second they would take the freedom away, I would go as well.
    You are not supposed to like them, you are supposed to acknowledge that they test the borders of the freedom you have in a game.

  18. "Starting in June 2003, about one month after the release of EVE Online, m0o started heavy pirate operations in southern Lonetrek. With only a handful of ships, one of the biggest chokepoints in empire space, Mara, became almost completely closed off. Destroying over 200 ships on the first day, and thousands in the weeks to follow, the players of EVE were just beginning to see the havoc m0o would cause. "
    "The effects of m0o corporation today can be felt in several gameplay aspects. They attributed greatly to the large balance fixes to turrets, hardeners and damage modifiers in 2004, as well as the adding of sentry guns, gate NPC's and the increased presence/beefing up of CONCORD in empire space." ~EveWiki

    eve didn't die then, did it? Everyone who plays eve knows about (a) Jita being the main market hub (b) that ships with valuables usually get suicide ganked if it's easy to do so. If you don't know about the latter you probably aren't experienced enough to differentiate between getting ganked by NPCs in missions repeatedly vs PVP - both are equally disheartening to poor n00bs. So i figure the only ones really going to be excited are the forum trolls and i'm confident this won't spark another "day of rage"

    I'm curious as to Goons intended methodology. are they going to be able to continue killing in jita after hitting -10 sec status? how quickly will someone at +5 sink to -10? How much concord spam is possible on a grid? I assume concord on grid engage aggressors instantly?

    1. Quote from your average high sec player:

      "What is 'mOo'? Never heard of them."

      Ha, ha... it will be the same for the Goons, too.

  19. Why are we talking about these losers. Your love affair with them is disturbing Jester.

    1. Love affair? Heh. There's been times that I suspect I've been on the Enemies of Carlotta list myself, so it's funny you think this.

      That said, this is clearly an important topic both in the smaller context of the next month, and in terms of EVE's future. See my reply to the first comment regarding GSF's expanding influence into high-sec. Hell, that reply alone probably merits expansion into a full blog post this week sometime.

  20. All this butt hurt and I haven't ganked anything yet. I have 30 fit Tornados for this and 50 Thrashers. If I run out of ships, then I'll buy off the contracts.

    This is going to be violent, and alot of shit is going to die. Then on to Hulkageddon

  21. Thats alot of butt hurt in one leak. My oh my.

  22. I'm constantly surprised by how many people whinge and whine about Goonswarm and expect CCP to take care of them for them. That's (IMHO) the opposite of what the sandbox is about.

    When an actively despotic fascist force arises in real life, we shouldn't sit back and except the state (in this case CCP) to 'take care of it', but actually do something about it ourselves.

    To quote Einstein, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

    How effective Goonswarm is will say more about how much (or how little) people in high-sec are willing to do (other than whine in forums) than about Goonswarm itself.

    I know I'll be helping Concord fight this pirate incursion. How about you?

    1. Albeit a commendable sentiment, what you´re missing here is that these "Mafia" methods (really wondering what took them so long) will be mostly done under the "protection" of Concord. So mostly by suicide ganks. At least that´s my guess.

      An actual wardec would just enable the victims to fight back effectively. Especially with the coming allied mercs system.

      We´ll see if the high-sec bears will actually manage to rise up and organize. Or rise up to keep their mouths shut. ;)

  23. All of this is missing the central point: Who's on the Goon enemies list? Am I? 'Cause, that would be totally cool.

    I'd be all, "Hey baby, I'm a marked man. Ol' Mittens is so scared of my l33t word-smithing he's ordered his death squad into highsec to kill me. Yeah, you heard me right - ol' Mittens just can't take me calling him names. Drives him craaaaazy.

    C'mon Mittens. Come get some, bitch.


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