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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm a bad, bad man

Trebor Daehdoow pointed me at the announcement of the CSM7 officers this morning.  Go have a look.

The process went more or less the way I predicted it would, though CCP Xhagen seems to have interpreted "representatives" to mean all 13 members of CSM7.  That's certainly interesting.  Still, the results would have been the same with the top 7 (or 9) voting, so it doesn't matter except as a precedent.

Congratulations to Seleene and the other officers of CSM7!  You have your work cut out for you.  ;-)

Anyway, I was teasing Trebor this morning about having cemented his McGonagall legacy when it occurred to me...

The Mittani did in fact Obliviate himself.

Yeah, I went there.  I'm a bad man.


  1. "CCP Xhagen seems to have interpreted "representatives" to mean all 13 members"

    I was expecting that, because it was stated very clearly in the last term that there would be no more differences between reps and alts.

  2. OH dear, cringe-worthy...

    Keep it up :D

  3. Spring seems to have turned you into a mischievous lad Jester :D
    And congratulations to Trebor "cinder block" Daehdoow ;)

  4. Very nice. Hahaha.

  5. Considering the depth of coverage you've given to pretty much every twist and turn of the CSM7 election up until now, which have truly been some of your most courageous, intuitive and articulate blogs, I can't help but feel somewhat troubled by what appears to be a decision on your part not to weigh in on the final, and perhaps even most controversial installment of this narrative with equal temerity.

    But for a few, yet noteworthy, dissenting voices in relative obscurity at Jita Park Speakers Corner, the guts of what's just happened; the story within the story, would seem to be being buried in a chorus of hail to the thief.

    A very defining, and almost lone (the new chairman has either gone immediately awol or isn't approving further comments) assassination by Vile Rat (CSM6) stands on Seleene's own blog "The Chair":

    "You guys pulled some shit here Mark. You brutalized the spirit of the election by hiding behind the letter of the law."

    Whether one agrees with this or not, it doesn't take much reading between the lines of some of Two Step's own (diplomatic) comments about the process in the threads at JPSC to be left with an unsettling feeling about this whole thing. Now I hope I'm mistaken, but the fact that it's seemingly passed absent of scrutiny from any high profile commentators smacks of a whitewash at the [insert]house.

    1. I understand Vile Rat's concern, but CCP couldn't just drop the Chair in Two step's hands. That would have sent a vaguely Orwellian "There was never a Mittani. Mittani never ran for CSM7." message.

      They're going to be hearing "10058" all year as it is.

      Where are Two step's posts? Can you provide a link?

  6. Yeah. I don't believe the story here is that they held an internal 'election', but rather the result of it - perhaps quite succintly summed up here (minus the bad RMT jibe):


    and here:


    Some of Two Steps very tightly worded replies can be found here:



    1. Huh, interesting! Yeah, that's a perspective I hadn't considered. And the people in that thread already dismissing Seleene as "Chairman from an RMT alliance"... ouch!

      I stick by my position that CCP couldn't just drop the Chairmanship in Two step's hands without the internal election, for the reasons above.

      Still, you're right that the CSM might have made a mistake in choosing the 7th-place candidate to replace him. The real irony here is that the CSM could get together and issue a statement explaining why they voted the way they did... but it'd be Two step's job as secretary to communicate that.

  7. ...which makes his "I think you 'really need' to be asking them why they voted the way they did" all the more interesting.


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