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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kill of the Week: April Fool

There were lots of people taking advantage of April Fool's Day in their loss mails, but for my money, this one is best:

The jokes, in order:
Small neuts on a Vagabond.  This one goes back to when Rixx Javix and his corp at that time was in Rote Kapelle.  There was a long back-and-forth troll session about a pilot in his corp that lost a Vaga with a small neut instead of a medium neut fit.  It's since become quite the little meme in Rote.  These days, the short-hand in Rote for getting a fit almost right is "I kind of fit a small neut to a Vagabond on that one..."

Warp scram on a Vaga.  This one speaks primarily to Vaga/Cynabal piloting skill and doctrine.  Both ships are best used fighting just outside of point range and using either a faction or overheated (or faction overheated) point themselves.  There's an alliance in Syndicate that prides themselves on using NOS/scram-fit Cynabals for everything.  Rote likes to make fun of them.

Multispectral jammer on a PvP ship.  This is a Stokar reference, though for maximum points, it should have been an ECM Burst.  And of course the jammer is Tech 2.  Never use Tech 2 jammers.  They are more expensive, more cap hungry, less overheat-friendly, and harder to fit than meta4 jammers.  Always always use meta4 jammers.

Tech 2 Capacitor Booster.  The meta4 version is cheap, hugely plentiful, overheats better, is easier to fit, and has nearly identical stats.  If you're using a tech 2 Capacitor Booster, you're doing it wrong.

Meta 0 MicroWarpdrive.  This is a triple reference.  First, it's a reference to fitting skills, particularly for older characters.  A lot of early PvP fits have that meta 0 MWD fitted, particularly if the ships have been in storage for a long time.  Since the meta MWD drop change in 2010, meta MWDs are also cheap and hugely plentiful, especially 10MN models.  They're also essentially superior to Tech 2 MWDs in pretty much every way, making it a mistake to ever fit a Tech 2 MWD, either.  I immediately sell every Tech 2 MWD I loot, and don't use them on anything.

The mixed tank joke is obvious.  Less obvious is the sense in a lot of alliances that Tech 2 Adaptive Nano Platings go on frigates and destroyers only.  If you're in a more expensive ship, particularly a T2 ship, there's no good reason not to go ahead and go with the dead-space C-Type ANP.  They're pretty cheap compared to the hull cost.  This is going to become even more important as ships get to be more expensive.  I myself buy them in bulk every time I see someone selling a group of them cheap.  Tank the ship you have, and do it properly.

Much more useful mods in cargo than what's fit.  You see this all the time, hee.

I didn't load the fit into EFT, but I'll bet it leaves all kinds of grid, CPU, or both on the table.  If you're not maxed out on one or the other or both when fitting a ship, you've probably missed something and you may be fitting that ship wrong.

The drones may have been launched, or may have just been missing.  If I were doing this joke, I would have had a single web drone in the drone bay.  But that might be less of a joke here in a few weeks.  ;-)

And of course, no ammo, no paste, and no boosters in cargo.  Any dead PvP ship without at least paste in the cargo hold is doing it wrong, wrong, wrong.

The broadest joke of all is armor tanking a Vagabond.  Some ships are natural armor tankers, some are natural shield tankers.  Learn what's what.

So, quite a multi-layered joke.  And there are probably a couple of elements to it that I missed.  So, +1 internet to Meridith Akesia for doing it wrong in all the right ways!


  1. I think he forgot the t2 1600mm plate. Otherwise epic joke, kudos to him.

    1. Indeed, no armor loltank is complete without a t2 plate.

    2. you're trolling about the cap booster bit though right?

    3. I agree to trolling on the cap booster. Some of them are better (imo) because if you use the navy booster, can fit more in, reducing how often you need to reload them.

      I dont use cap booster though, so w/e...

  2. I rather like this one. Gotta love the goonies :) http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=12972304

  3. Check this one-I think you mentioned something about epic failfits-a mate got this idiot-I dried laughing!


  4. http://entropraetorians.co.uk/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=1390

    So full of epic fail one doesn't know where to start!

  5. he he. he got punished :)


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