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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make a point in 140 characters

Guys, advice for and for life: you beat competition by being better, not by whining that you're being competed with.


  1. That should be in the EVE marketing campaign and Hulkageddon :L :)

  2. "Brotha" are you just too lazy to say "Brother"

  3. my sensei took me aside one day, because I was getting obviously frustrated that I wasn't as good as some of the other guys. He drew a pair of chalk lines on the floor, pointed at the shorter one, and told me that was mine. He asked me how I could make the other guy's shorter. Well, I came up with several different things, like cutting the line, or erasing it. My sensei took the chalk and drew mine a little longer, and said 'you can't shorten anyone else's line. never assume you can negate their advantage. The only way to make their line shorter, is to make yours longer. Get better at what you do. Use the techniques that you know, learn them, and make them YOUR advantage.'

    You want to beat your competition? stop trying to cut their line, and make your own longer.

  4. Many times in Eve-O Forums you find the discussion killing argument of "if it's not broken, don't fix it" ...

    "Even if it's not broken, it can be improved" <<-- far less than 140

    If someone is simply better than my I honer his capabilities of being good. But doing something to annoy me with a mechanic you can't seriously fight back is not a competition.

    1. I completely agree.

      being pointed outside my range and nuked because I brought a knife to a gun fight...fine.

      being locked into a 'unable to warp/unable to fight/unable to dock' trap because someone's exploiting broken mechanics? not so much

  5. I swear that in quick scan mode, I read it as:

    You win by being bitter, not by winning when you're being competed with.

    Go me.



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