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Monday, April 2, 2012

Quote of the Week: Heads

I have two quotes of the week this week, both of them coming off the Alliance Panel debacle.  Really, that's all anyone was talking about last week, so I don't have much choice.  And that in and of itself is a shame; we really should have been spending last week talking about all the game-related stuff that came out of CCP at Fanfest, not this.

I myself will get back to that topic on Wednesday.  But there's a few final things I want to say about this topic before moving on.  There really are layers and layers at work here.

Let's get to the first quote of the week, this one from The Mittani himself.  As I said on Saturday, he, Two step, Trebor Daehdoow, and Seleene from CSM7, and Brendan "Nyphur" Drain from Massively all appeared on EVE Radio Friday evening, all talking about this topic.  When the host of the proceedings asked Mittens directly, "Do you think the 30-day ban was deserved?", Mittens responded:
I'm happy to accept it.

In my own job, I excel at saying "no" while not appearing to do so.  As a matter of fact, I sometimes joke that "I have 683 ways of saying 'no' without consecutively using the letters 'N' or 'O'".  Within that rule, Mittens's response will serve admirably.  Hell, aside from some angry rhetoric in the State of the Goonion immediately after being informed of CCP's decisions, the way Mittens has responded to the ban and his removal from the CSM has actually been pretty low-key.  It's certainly more restrained than my own response probably would have been.

Don't be fooled: it's the stillness of the air 36 hours before the hurricane hits shore.  I'll have more to say about that tomorrow.

In the State of the Goonion, Mittens said he felt he "fell on my sword... twice... then twisted it around... and then CCP still nailed me to a cross."  That's some pretty firm language right there.  Similarly, CCP's initial ban to which Mittens was responding used some pretty harsh language as well: calling someone's actions "morally reprehensible" is also taking a pretty firm line.  We also don't know what Mittens was told over e-mail or Skype by CCP, but we can infer that the language used was also pretty direct.

Since the initial heat of that moment, though, Mittens has been stepping a lot more gingerly around CCP and CCP has returned the favor.  CCP Xhagen's explanatory post on the EVE-O forums about Mittens's ban and removal opens with some of the most convoluted logic that I've ever seen.  In it, Xhagen states that because Mittens resigned from the Chair position before CCP got around to banning him, even though they banned Mittens for 30 days because of a violation of the EULA/TOS, Mittens will still somehow retain the right to run for a CSM slot in the future should he so desire.

Sounds like a lovely display of bending the rules to justify the end you wish to arrive at, but hey, what do I know.  I'm not the lawyer here.  ;-)

So -- for now -- everyone involved is playing nice.  Well, almost everyone.  More on that in my next post.


  1. There's no way his wife will let him run again and to be honest I don't think he wants to run again.

    The way this entire thing has been handled has been abysmal. Culminating with the not-apology from Massively.

    Granted, Mittens said a dumb thing. But it wasn't something deserving of defamtion.

  2. I agree. I actually have far more respect for Mittens after this whole mess than I did before. I was quite impressed that he took responsibility for what he did, and not just say "My bad, but it was the alcohol talking".

    The fact that people are calling for him to be banned from the CSM entirely is a frankly stupid knee-jerk reaction. People make mistakes.

  3. He had no choice on how to act. There was only one path that didn't make him look like an even bigger tool and that was the one he took. I don't think we learned anything about anything.

    1. and since when has a Goon worried about looking a tool or not?

      The choice was his to make, he made it, despite what I would expect to be the majority of EVE players suspecting he wouldn't.... It takes a boy to make a mistake, and a man to step up and apologise.

      I still hate Goons, but I do accept that out of game some of them can be almost human :-)

    2. He retired, he wasn't disbarred. Did you think he would stand up on his soap box and tell everyone to suck his dick? That would get him nothing. Profusely apologizing was the only option that would allow him to salvage the situation. Are we really going to praise him for doing exactly what was in his self interest?

  4. I've pointed this out elsewhere, but CCP already has set precedent for telling someone kicked from the CSM they can run again next year, and then changing their mind when next year rolls around. So who knows if Mittens will even get the opportunity to run again. And if he does, will CCP reverse their decision on Larkonis as well?

  5. What's interesting is how he managed to bounce back using his apology. I've just re-read it and it's so well written that you feel sorry for him. I won't go through it in details, but if you read Jester's post "Community" (http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/2012/02/community.html), you'll see how good Alex G. is at verbal judo :)


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