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Monday, April 23, 2012

Quote of the Week: Knee Jerk

So, here we are at the beginning of the most important week for EVE so far in 2012.  And as promised, let's open it with a quote from CCP Guard:
We're not preparing any knee-jerk reactions.  We know that people probably are going to lose their ships, and I mean that's harsh and all that, but that's what the game is all about.  There are ways to protect yourself.
As I said, it's an important week for New Eden.  It's going to begin with the release of Escalation to Inferno tomorrow night.  That will remove all drone alloy minerals from the game, and the bulk of missioning minerals too.  It ends with "Burn Jita" on the 28th (probably extending into the 29th) and then, Hulkageddon V.  The quote is Guard talking about this week's "Burn Jita" event to Lost in EVE.

But honestly, he could be talking about EVE Online in general, couldn't he?

Those of you who were worried that CCP would take some kind of hasty action can relax.  Those of you who were worried that CCP might even move to try to prevent Burn Jita can relax even more.  But those of you who have been agitating for CCP to do something to prevent it... sorry, no.  Ain't gonna happen.  CCP Guard was asked and didn't know what CCP's plans would be if 5000 people try to jump into Jita this weekend.  Certainly Time Dilation will get its greatest test.  But he seemed fairly confident that the right people within CCP were aware of what was coming and would be prepared for it.

CCP isn't the only one getting preparations ready for Burn Jita, of course.  There have been (possibly trolly) rumors that Moar Tears and Noir. might jump into Jita on the "kill all the Goons" side.  Certainly, there are alliances contemplating a war dec against Goonswarm Federation so they can get a lot of cheap kills come the weekend.  Look for these war-decs to start hitting later in the week.  And as those war-decs hit and potential counter war-decs are set up in return, we could all be in for an exciting weekend.  ;-)

The Singularity test server has a number of "Free For All" areas devoted to various ship classes.  One is an open FFA area where anything can warp in and almost any tactics can be used.  And on a busy day on Sisi, that area can quickly become swamped with wrecks and the abandoned drones of the fallen or warped off.  It's a good bet that Jita's going to look a lot like a Sisi FFA in a few days...

In the meantime, we've got the Escalation to Inferno and its associated reworking of incursion sites, the loss of half or more of the game's sources of minerals, CCP has to respond to the "EVE is Easy" situation (more about that tomorrow, most likely), and... oh yeah... there's supposed to be more access to DUST 514 at some point in the next seven days.

So... yeah.  It promises to be a busy week.  It'll be interesting to see which of these events the gaming press chooses to focus on.


  1. "... let's open it with a quote from CCP Guard:
    We're not preparing any knee-jerk reactions..."

    We know CCP likes to "play the cards close", so I always try to read between their lines.
    This one was pretty easy. They haven't, and don't _need_ to prepare a knee-jerk reaction -- they already have a rational [from their POV] and well-thought-out solution ready to go.
    What exactly that is, well, nobody knows cause :pokerface: ... but I'm guessing it'll be something surprising, probably causing a LOT or raeg! one way or the other. ;-)

  2. The wardecs from The 0rphanage and Moar Tears are already in place, along with a few other "elite pvp" empire wardec corps.

    Fucks given = zero.

    1. A war dec from Moar Tears? My word! *monocle drops*

  3. And, let's not forget that at least one 0.0 alliance is planning a friendly visit to Goon space, should The Mittani and too many of the senior Goons become overly distracted in Jita.

  4. "...remove all drone alloys minerals from the game..."

    Drone alloys won't drop any more but they are not removing existing alloys from the game....? I'll be sad if the stock pile I've built up goes poof!

    1. There have been at least 2 separate dev comments on the forums to the effect that existing drone alloys will be left alone.

  5. I listened to Alexseyev Karrde on one of the podcasts (probably the Noir one) saying about opposing Goons. I don't think it's a troll, their reputation is too valuable to them for them to put themselves in the position where people to say they wimped out of fighting Goons.

  6. What I'm most curious about is how the drone poop nerf is going to affect the cost of ships in the short term and long term and how it is going to affect the meta.

    With 70% of the minerals in Eve coming from drone poop I would think that the prices of ships are going to go up quite a bit in the short term and then maybe come down a little once more people start mining to make money, that is assuming minerals will be high enough in highsec to make mining worth it. As far as the meta, I'm curious to see if people will start to use smaller ships more often than larger ones to save money. Thoughts?

  7. Actually Jester, ever since CCP decided they couldn't be bothered to police Sisi *every* beacon in the arena system is a FFA where anything(usually titans) can warp in and any tactics(namely blapping) can be used.

  8. Realistically, there is a gorilla in the room.

    While CCP is indeed quite open when it comes to most mechanics, has any event like this ever taken place?

    How do we not know there isn't some old 'CONCORD escalation' code put into the system from old days?

    While I understand that players are the content and the game is a sandbox, doesn't it feel kind of...stupid? If ships begin to get destroyed en-masse by a faction, shouldn't CONCORD declare war? If they are actually the police force of the game, it wouldn't make sense to act normal. One player offs another? Fine, blow up his ship. But if a whole faction were moving in?

    Personally, I'd love to see the discovery of such an ancient mechanic, along with a nice screen shot of CONCORD on a war-declare screen. CONCORD has never been subtle, while I don't expect anything pre-emptive, I do expect that they react accordingly to their reputation.

    1. While this would be extremely entertaining, I suspect that most players would see this as CCP over-reaching rather than an in-game reaction.

    2. Krixtal IcefluxorApril 24, 2012 at 6:51 AM

      "CONCORD has never been subtle."


      Hilarious. Thanks for making my morning !

    3. Oh, it would definately be viewed as over-reaching, but when you are talking about an event that, to my knoweldge, hasn't been done to this extreme. Programming a game is, well, tricky.

      To make an example, how does CONCORD kill you? Is it a switch that explodes your ship, or is it a damaging attack? If it were a damaging attack, then what happens when your ship has enough health and resists to survive that attack? What happens when a CONCORD ship fails to blow up your ship? What if there is a limit to the amount of CONCORD ships that can be pulled in? Is there a global limit to the amount of active CONCORD calls?

      That's where the tricks come in. What if, by some odd fate, an old programmer of the original CONCORD response code understood that there would be a limit of ships, and coded in that if the amount of CONCORD calls to a grid were, say, 10+, a large CONCORD ship would spawn and begin to react instantly to hostile actions. Perfectly feasible for a programmer to add in purely to keep down server lag from too many requests.

      Basically, I'm thinking we are maybe going to see code-skeletons come out of the closet, and who knows who's side they'll be on. Imagine if there is a limit to CONCORD requests per grid, and the goons learn it. Imagine a carebear world with finite CONCORD resources?

    4. ....if only CONCORD were a playable faction...

      Or the "NPC" Pirate factions for that matter...

      But that would be :effort: to code, and result in more of that PvP stuff that seems to be bad for business. :-/

    5. As a programmer, you assume a lot. It's far more likely the actual NPC faction is not in the faction system at all except in name. Much like how CONCORD has LP's in name only, and other similar things. If you've ever worked in a database, you know it's infinitely easier to just add a line then to delete anything. Deleting anything, or modifying old code is a scary prospect, especially on anything more than a few hundred thousand lines of code.

      Think of games less like a fast car with easy mod-able parts, and think of it more like a massive oil tanker that takes months to empty and get in a dry dock just to change a few hull plates. If we're talking an MMO database, think of the titanic instead.

    6. "CONCORD has never been subtle."

      In fact, this is not correct.

      The game was launched without Concord, which was added ~very soon~ after.

      Up until some years ago it was possible to fight Concord.

  9. I wish it was still possible to fight concord...

  10. I doubt Jita will look like a Sisi FFA beacon, I'm sure there will be plenty of people around salvaging/looting wrecks and grabbing drones.

    1. You're assuming these folk don't instantly become the next victims. ;-)

    2. Pretty easy to build a brick tanked salvager that would take far, far too many Thrashers to gank.


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