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Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote of the Week: We are GO

Couldn't really pick anything else this week:
New post: We are GO! Hulkageddon 5 is in effect! http://hulkageddon5.machine9.net/?p=53 #tweetfleet #eveonline
That's Helicity Boson, of course, advertising the start of Hulkageddon.  Within seconds of that announcement, Corelin of Mad Haberdashers fame announced that he was "in warp".  "In warp" meant that his Catalyst was in warp to a (presumably pre-scouted) untanked Mackinaw, which became the first kill of Hulkageddon V.  Before the first hour was up, Corelin and Co. had killed four Exhumers and stolen two Orcas that were being used as "mobile jetcans" by gank victims.  Whoops.

Helicity's response:
go forth and BRING JUSTICE FOR THE VELDSPAR (and earn money!) #tweetfleet #eveonline
Not much more to say about this one.  So I'll just say congrats to my fellow blogger and good luck to both sides!


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  2. i find it absolutely fascinating noone's posting comments here about hulkageddon. maybe they're all over at the forums drinking carebear tears?

    Hulkageddon made me quit
    "Wow, 12 pages? Jeebus.
    Okay, here's the deal, since the conversation seems to be flying off in 23829572 directions as usual, and not even the OP seems to know what exactly happened :
    1) We are not recycle-an-alts
    2) The nearby lowsecs were dead for a while so we decided to gank the guy for something to do, we don't even participate in hulkageddon
    3) I am still laughing about this thread way more than the actual kill
    GOOD DAY SIR/MADAMS" ~A Lunchbox

    What is amazing is that i have yet to see a decent tank killmail.

    I'm flabbergasted at the trollish griefer HTFU comments including such gems as "fit ECM next time!" (uh huh. and how long would a carebear need to target a dessie? couple volleys?)

    I'm killing myself laughing at the boneheaded posts by forum carebear trolls linking killmails that are either obvious wardecced targets or rat inflated damage inflicted notes. (and all the orcas linked lacked damage control units)

    Anyways, while researching this emo's ragequit fit i can't help notice that's not pvp fit but pve fit for 0.5 security system. And the system? Torvi...you gotta be kidding me! it's right next door to:
    1) a 16 asteroid belt 0.7 sec system (same kind of ores)
    2) a pair of 0.4 low sec system deadenders

    So i head over there to check out why he could have possibly thought Torvi was a good idea. The mineral index right now in Everyshore totally blows for omber and plagioclase. The guy's 8 man corp has it's HQ at torvi's only station. both stargates are at the same planet beyond Dscan range. Most of the belts are off Dscan from the gates too; The top belts look picked clean on a regular basis, with giant cans like cockroaches.
    I'm going to guess the guy was mining away like a total AFK idiot at planet X (guess where the stargates are located?)
    I looked at all the moons and didn't find a pos owned by this corp; The station agents are all distribution.

    *** my main questions are: will pilots avoid ganking properly fit hulks? How big is the difference between Concord response times for security ratings of systems? How often do griefers whelp their ships against a proper tanked miner? oh, and why was their a couple of labs at an offline pos planet 7 moon 6?

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  4. and spoke again too soon. he sure likes planet 8. lots of labs and misc. assembly arrays at an online tower.

    oh my oh my what have we here at planet 8 moon 5 but an offline tower and FIVE LABS (yup, his corp. go figure)

  5. i'm watching the unholy union's leaderboards and i'm becoming very embarrassed about peoples' fits. I'm going to assume, kind of, that hulkageddon folks are using ship scanners...at the same time i'm starting to wonder if carebears give a shit.

    and WTF is with ice products?!?!

  6. of course, the utter rubbish being trolled on the forums by 'griefers' about hulkageddon highlights the constant refrain used, "your tank = useless since it garners more attention", to be utterly false. I've looked for days on end to find just one...just one properly tanked ship. So, yeah, rest assured the impression i'm getting is lazy tards running around ganking easy targets with risk aversion principles in high gear (aka griefers)

    so, yeah, kinda disappointed in both carebears continuing to be untanked ignorantly and griefers continuing to lie through their teeth.

    Fascinating stuff


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